New Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 coming soon to The Source, we go hands-on (Video)


  • pats


  • zed

    yeah, I don’t think I’d fly it that close to the water level…

  • marc

    can this drone fly outside or only inside

    • BigC_13

      Well let’s see it ships with two hulls, one being an indoor hull… and has video of it being flown outside…… must be indoor only

  • Aiden

    $329? But it looks like its made of foam.

    • Thai

      Foam is strong and lightweight. Very common for many RC airplanes to be made of foam and still be in that price range. Personally I won’t buy this, I just don’t trust controlling it via wifi. Would rather be able to control via a traditional RC Transmitter.

  • Alex Davies

    Without the Wi-Fi and mobile device integration you wouldn’t be able to play the AR games though, which is what really sets the AR.Drone apart from other ‘copters

  • Tom

    This looks great and I think I will get one.

    “To facilitate this, the AR.Drone game API is open-sourced, and part of their Open Development Platform”

    Sorry to be picky, but code can be ‘open-sourced’ but API’s can’t. I think you should write that they have made an API available so developers can create 3rd party apps.

    I guess that would make it an ‘open’ ecosystem, but that’s the only way it is open.

    • Alex Davies

      I changed the wording a bit – thanks for pointing this out

  • wewewi

    Games are only for iOS? WTF?

  • HotDoggable

    looks like fun but I recommend a hobby grade multi rotor. They are light years better than this toys. That’s if you have the time,money and the know how. DJI Naza is a great hobby grade machine

  • Dandroid

    welcome new guy.

  • Steve Dion

    Why only at The Source. I think they only sell overpriced crap.

  • clmlo

    My question are, when I fly outside… what happen to the Drone when it is out of WiFi range of your iPhone or Android Phone??? I read up on the AR Drone Forum; number of user reported at less to the old AR Drone…. the craft have a FLYAWAY problem! Some reported that it will fly straight up and disappear into the sky! I aren’t wanted to pay $320 to see it goes up in the air and disappear…..

  • clmlo

    For more info on this flyaway problem… Google AR Drone Flyaway. There are couple of YouTube Video as well… I will hold off for couple of months and see what happen before I throw $320 + Tax away…

  • Jason

    this posting is in response to the “Thai” posting. The AR Drone “CAN” be operated via a traditional RC type controller. Check out
    another great website that showcases the versatility of the AR Drone and using the non traditional setup of having to use a smartphone or a tablet is

  • Jason

    also by using a RC type controller the flight range would be about 800 feet as opposed to only 165 feet going the smartphone/tablet wifi route.

  • Dalimar

    This model comes with a setting to set a ceiling – if you set 50 feet as example it can only travel 50 feet. Also, if it loses wi-fi it is programmed to land.

  • zeke

    I would u choose me ,I want something that is original ,come on ,I wanted that thing badly

  • zeke

    I would u choose me ,I want something that is original ,