Chrome for Android beta updated, brings bookmark support and 31 new languages


  • Brendon

    Finally I can play embeded youtube videos in the youtube app.
    They really need to fix that embeded player.

    • Wayne Simmonds

      Will this be available for the blackberry as well?

    • roman129

      I defaulted back to stock Browser for that reason. Glad they fixed it.

  • Jordan Hill

    blackberry is more dead than windows phone

  • Tyler

    available for BB? this is barely available for android! at least until more handsets start seeing ICS

  • Dalex

    I’ve been using as my main browser on my CM9 SGS2 on Android 4.0.4. It runs really well, but I hate getting the “you are missing the necessary plugin to display this page” message. I really wish it would have flash like the stock browser. 90% of the internet still uses flash and not having it is dumb.

  • ELNY

    I don’t get what the real advantage between this and the stock ICS browser is??

    • monsterduc1000

      Elny, it is a bit faster than the stock browser I find, but lacking flash is big detriment to it even though flash is on the way out. So many sites still use it and it is nice to have.

      I have found that I am always defaulting to Dolphin Browser HD. It has some issues after I upgraded to CM9, but the latest update fixed it and now I am back uses it as my main browser.

  • WP74life

    I heard it’ll have all the functionnality of IE on Windows Phone 7 once it’ll be final. Too bad it’s running on Android.

    • monsterduc1000

      I heard it will have much of the functionality of Chrome on a desktop and be part of a mobile operating that has more than 1% of the market…

  • zed

    Best thing I love about Chrome is syncing between desktop version and mobile version. Love having my bookmarks, both the list and start page thumbs available. That being said, I’m not much of a phone net browsing person (I use apps for news entertainment), so I can’t really comment on other functionalities.

  • Deli

    Chrome is good. But waiting until it goes ‘official’.

    Quick ICS Browswer is what I prefer these days. Chrome crashes too often for me as much as I want to stay with it. =(

  • Pook

    Chrome has a big flaw beside the lasck of Flash support. It doesn’t reformat the page when you zoom in or out (which double tapping achieves in the other browsers). How then is one supposed to read anything on their mobile phone???