Trend Micro calls BlackBerry 7 the most secure OS for the enterprise, iOS close behind


  • Darryl

    Again. Proof of RIMM’s niche market!

    • Tim Henderson

      RIM is back on top and #1!

      All you naysayers need to eat crow now!

  • SAM


    • iamkennypowers

      you use the note??? hahahah nice baking tray. get a blackberry a real phone!

  • Hjdhjdje

    Blackberries are the best for corporate environments. You can’t really use an iphone or an android to send email, its so much harder on a touchscreen.

    Even though theres a trend for touchscreens, I still believe QWERTY devices are a necessity.

    • Rio

      Touch screens and QWERT is a personal preference and has nothing to do with the ability to send e-mails.

      Just because a touch screen is harder for you to use doesn’t mean the rest of the world thinks the same way. For me a mini querty keyboard is a lot more harder to type on

  • Glen And Ted

    Rim is back in a monster way android sucks

  • Mike Neufeld

    How is it harder on a touchscreen. Lol that is one of the most noob things i have ever heard . Im still laughing..

  • Mike Neufeld

    So if blackberry is using mostly touchscreens incorperated devices on class of phone, y you say it doesn’t work?

  • jellmoo

    The findings shouldn’t come as a surprise. The OS designed for security is at the top, followed by the closed and walled off ones, with the most open and unguarded OS posing the biggest enterprise risk. It’s pretty much what everyone should have expected.

  • PkaTka2

    Obsly android is going to be less secure since its source code is posted online lol. Did they need to do a research to finds this out? Next time just give me your research grant and I’ll draw the same conclusions in 2 secs.

  • SpikedLemon

    Probably because the iphone users never put down their phone for anyone to physically take it.

  • koko

    “…RIM’s BlackBerry 7 is the most enterprise-friendly…”

    And the least user-friendly of anything available on the market…

    • koko

      Thumb me down as much as you like… but the bitter reality is that RIM is in a downward spiral because they didn’t keep up with the changing smartphone landscape.

      Our nostalgia and patriotism may not want us to think of RIM in a negative light.. but the reality is not that hidden… we can ignore it at our own peril… like some current and former executives at this company.

  • Sub-Joker

    If I’m a corporate owner, I wouldn’t get my employees anything other than a blackberry. it’s solid (I don’t want to see employees breaking that touch screen) and it’s the best when it comes to messaging and security. PLUS, I prefer my employees to stay focused on work, rather than installing apps and playing games on their phones.

    personal use is a different story though

  • HTC-one

    Yes this is the truth, they are not running viruses but they do not running anything else either 🙂

  • HO

    …Trendmicro….rt, nough said…on the other hand, touch screens hard to use is a lame excuze, is like saying that using a touch pad is more difficult than a mouse.

  • Francis Drake

    “iOS close behind”…?
    Doesn’t the article give BB, iOS, WP and Ginger a score of 2.89, 1.7, 1.61, 1.37 respectively? I wouldn’t call that close.
    Also, it’s strange not to mention WP in article when you say it was part of the comparison. (Which was actually the reason I clicked the link and noticed the 1.19 (average) score discrepancy, BTW.)

    • KC

      I agree, calling Apple close behind RIM is a bit misleading. Windows phone at this point in the game is hardly worth mentioning though as it’s struggling to gain traction anywhere and hasn’t yet really taken off in the consumer or enterprise markets. I think this time next year it will be more interesting to see where Windows Phone stands as well as RIM for that matter. If BB 10 fials then RIM will likely exit the hardware business and become a service company.

    • Sub-Joker

      coz it’s Daniel who’s writing the article….. he’s an iFan

      does this explain the way the article is written??!!

  • stylinred

    Considering Symbian has always edged Blackberry out for being the enterprise choice of OS (globally) wonder why Trend Micro didn’t test it and tested Windows Phone instead wth oO

  • Dewey

    lolwut? Trend Micro decides Windows Phone has enough users but ICS doesn’t to be considered? Biased bullcrap from a garbage “security” company.

  • Ilca

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