TELUS cuts international roaming rates again, data pay-per-use drops to $5/MB


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  • excessdan

    I paid 4 dollars on ebay for an unlock code for my telus phone then I get a pay as you go plan from a compatible carrier over there and use my phone like normal without paying $100 dollars to check my email once.

    • TNSF

      Thats fine, but you’re not roaming, you’re buying local service. Sometimes people need to roam.

    • tom


      If you are talking about a phone call, I understand, but data is data. The only difference you’ll notice about roaming data, is your wallet is getting lighter everytime you click a button.

  • sod

    $5 per Megabyte? You’ve got to be kidding. So it would cost you about $10-15 to download the equivalent of about one mp3 song while on a cruise ship. How is this cost justified? Bend over, we’re Canadian!

    • anthony

      why would you download an mp3 on a cruise ship?

    • Stan

      Hey anthony, read more carefully….”equivalent of about one mp3 song”. I think any intelligent person can see the point being made here. Work for TELUS do we?

    • Canadaboy

      Whooooo! $10,000/GB! Whooooo!
      Roll in the good times baby!

  • Vasyl

    What a relief! Thank you, Telus… not.

  • Alex Perrier

    Everbody PARTY! This is way cheaper than Virgin’s $50/MB, WIND’s $20/MB (except EU), or even Mobilicity’s $15/MB!

    … it just shows how roaming rates can be really crazy. Even $5/MB is a lot, but any drop in price is a welcome change. Not that anyone should pay these prices to begin with. Why not extend this to ALL carriers, however? There is no reason for roaming rates to be this high, let alone OVER $5/MB.

  • canamrotax

    $5000/GB…seems ligit…

  • Frank

    I hope that this will lower the competitor’s roaming rate (Bell and Rogers).

  • Android4Life

    …And Rogers’ hears this and laughs. They figure i***t Canadians will continue to pay their obscene roaming rates and think Telus is just leaving money on the table. Sadly, they are probably right.

    • Stan

      Yes. I pay $10 for the 1st 100mb, then $5 for each 100mb after that (even that is quite expensive). Don’t be fooled.

  • PeopleAreNeverHappy

    i read some of the comments and i’m like…are theses people complete r*****s ; honnestly , i work for Rogers and we charge 30$/MB , and now this 5$/MB is out this is amazing, and people still find ways to rant, what’s wrong with you asses, don’t you know how companies and agrements with work other companies .

    • Stan

      5$/MB is amazing? You must be in sales. Call me when it’s $5/100MB.

    • Jadondre

      I don’t even think pay per use data is $5/100mb within Canada lol.

  • notsureifsrs

    y’all jealous you don’t own a significant part of Telus,rogers or bell stock. humans are never happy. I want these companies to suck canadians dry till the bone. More money for me through dividends and earnings.

    Proof that ppl r never happy.

    existence of companies like koodo, virgin and WIND, yet theres still a significant amount of people who stick with the big 3.

    You’ve got ppl complaining that there never rich, always working, never have any money left to do anything, YET at the same time, there contempt with having 100$ plans, thinking there balling with there iPhones, iPads, galaxy nexus, etc.

    Theres a reason that the majority of ppl are not rich, because the majority of ppl are stupid/lazy and don’t do there research about anything.

    • Jadondre

      It’s true. May as well invest in them if you’re getting robbed by them. As long as the current regulatory system is in place these guys will be raking it in. If the sector becomes open to foreign investment they’ll get taken-over and that’ll give a nice premium to existing shareholders – win win situation. That being said, I still don’t like the high prices

    • Rply4thesakeofreplying

      That’s a gangsta comment if I’ve ever read one, that’s straight outta compton. So what’s the roaming rates like in the hood?

  • Zod

    Thats insane. I went over to Europe last summer. I unlocked my s2 and bought a British Sim. When I was in the UK I could surf the internet for up to 25megs/day for 25p. Plenty to be able to use my google maps and what not. I think if I went over it would charge 5p/meg. So 8 cents/meg, not $5.

    I was able to call Canada from the UK for 7p/minute! It was actually cheaper then making UK to UK calls.

    Even when I was roaming on the UK Sim (Ireland,France etc) the data was 50p/meg (expensive but not horrible in a pinch). All calls were 25p/minute to Europe/North America.

    Who is doing the gouging on Canadian Cellphons. Are the foriegn phone companies gouging the Canadian ones, or are the Canadian ones just marking it up alot.

    If I’m not swapping the SIM (say a short trip to the US) I basically end up turning my off as not to incur crazy roaming charges.

  • vn33

    *meh* … must be really slow in the Monday afternoon news department. Anyone with minimal math skills would even find this interesting ?

    • J. Johnson

      You apparently found it interesting enough to click on the article and then comment on it. Nice try, but you’re not the smartass you think you are.

  • Chris

    Virgin Mobile has a $10 feature that gives you access to $1/MB roaming data. Whenever I travel, I call them and ask them to apply that feature for the time I’m gone and take it away when I get back. It’s pro-rated, so if you’re gone a week they only charge you $2.50. A lot better than the deal in the article if you think ahead a little.

  • faizo

    anyone ever realize that the size of Canada is much larger compared to Europe?

    I expect plans to be much cheaper in Europle seeing how the area is much smaller to build the infrastructure on, not to mention the larger population per capita.

    $5 is a welcome addition, and hopefully it’s only cheaper from now on.

    • Canadaboy

      (1) The whole Canada is Sooooo Big arguement has been debunked a billion times – for in-Country pricing
      (2) This is a conversation about Roaming MB pricing. Thanks Troll!

  • Jebus

    I agree it is still expensive but atleast this is a great step in the right direction. Remember most of the roaming fees go to the other providers that you are roaming on, not the carrier you are with in Canada.

  • Telus Rep

    You’re the same people who were crying that $25/MB was a lot 1 year ago.

  • InfinitiGuy

    I went to Europe last summer and paid 15 euros for 750MB on a pre-paid plan. $5/MB is just robbery!

    • Canadaboy

      I find your response completely un-Patriotic! You should never be giving a non-Canadian company $30 when you could support our national corporations for $3750 for the service you quoted. Shame on you!

  • Rylan

    $5/MB is the cheapest option of all the telecoms in Canada. You can’t get this rate if you are a US citizen and roaming up into Canada.

    Some of you people would not be happy if it is a free service..Dont forget this is a business not a god given right to have a phone. There are bigger and better things in life to complain about.

  • Daniel AJ

    Anyone who needs data service in many countries, but doesn’t want to get local SIMs, ask you favourite search engine for abroadband.

    0.59 Euro/Mbyte, tax already included. No monthly fees.

    • Crue

      I want data, voice and sms though, not just data. Or do I have to switch my SIM every time I want to use data?

      Compared to the others, $5 is the best. As previous folks said, this is going in the right direction whereas Rogers and Bell are staying put with their $25/MB.

  • Daniel AJ

    PS: You need a delivery address in one of many European countries to get going, but you can change it your Canadian address later on. Or you buy it on a flight with Niki or an international flight with Austrian.