doubleTwist Alarm for Android brings beauty to waking up

doubleTwist has always focused on aesthetics, first with its music player and subsequent AirSync add-on, and now with its quizzical yet totally-obvious Alarm Clock app for Android.

For 99c (going up to $1.99 after 10,000 downloads) you get two types of alarms, one analog and one digital, which look great on the high-resolution display of the Galaxy Nexus. You can plug into your Doubletwist library to choose a song to wake up to, at either the behest of the app or by programming your own wake-up time.

Doubletwist insists that it can help you wake up more refreshed by dialling into “the brain’s sleep cycles,” and though I’ve yet to try it there is science behind the magic. Other apps such as Gentle Alarm and Sleep with an Droid mimic the typical sleep cycle of an adult to ensure you don’t wake up in the middle of a cycle and be tired and irritable as a result.

The app is fairly bare-bones, but what is does it does very well. The two clocks are gorgeous on an AMOLED display, but should look great on any screen WVGA resolution or higher.

The app settings are limited: you have choice of setting Snooze duration and ensure notifications are on, so even if the app is not open you’ll see it in your notification bar.

For 99c doubleTwist has created a simple and beautiful solution to a basic problem. We need more apps like this on Android, which appeal not only to the eye but to the wallet.

Pick up Doubletwist Alarm in Google Play.