Sony Tablet S receiving Android 4.0.3 update in April with improved photography features


  • Nade

    The only Honeycomb tablet worth writing home about. ICS I hope would make it that much better.

  • IAK

    These update news are getting tiresome, companies should really stop putting vague dates and time period promises. It’s almost as bad as “coming soon” on Telus website, it means anything from next week to next month or two.

  • Sub-Joker

    do you guys really like the interface of this tab??

    I mean you can’t even make an alphabetical sorted grid for the apps in the app drawer!!! apps downloaded are randomly thrown at the bottom of the apps list, which I really dislike. and the only option to get alphabetical order app list is by making an alphabetical list (not a grid).
    this along with LG, and samsung i9100 (not the LTE nor the GSIIX) are the worst android productss when it comes to the app drawer options and organization.
    alos, that white background is not nice (for my taste) and I am not a great fan of having jiggly apps or widgets when moving them (long pressing and moving htem around).
    I donno, I tried the tab and I really didn’t like it. but I guess each have his/her own taste.

  • SonyP

    HAAHAH Nice product photo. Maybe you could take a half a second to wipe the thing off…

  • Carlos

    I’ve updated my Sony Tablet S to ICS 4.03 and I’ve lost 3G connection, it is impossible to log in.
    On the contrary, GPS is now more sensitive and works fine, unluckily, the lack of 3G makes Maps useless unless you load offline locations thru WiFi.