RIM loses top position in Canadian smartphone market share, report suggests


  • Susan Wong

    This is not good for RIM… but with BB10 and a new Playbook coming, there is still hope for this company to excel and reach the top again. It just takes innovation and awesome new products 🙂 can’t wait!!!

    • TyroneLT

      By the time BB10 arrives, the iPhone 5 and all the high-end Android phones including the Galaxy S3 will already be out wiping out any chance of RIM truly competing. The most they can hope for is current BlackBerry users staying.

    • Wayne

      Omigosh BB10!!!!!!!!!!

      Same os as failbook which was as the name suggests a complete failure. Where are these magical bb10 devices of which you speak? Samsung galaxy s3 out in a few weeks and iPhone 5 in the queue before this new bb magic lol.

      Rot in hell rim, rot in hell baby!

    • Paulie

      Be old, smell like mold, be left out in the cold, have no wife to hold, but always be bold.


    • Poppie and Dido

      All those 3-year contracts are coming to an end and people are buying real phones like Androids and iPhones. No one wants to carry around a boring and dusty calculator/typewriter. It’s embarrassing to be seen with a bb. It means you are a cubicle slave. Booring!!!!


      There’s no mention of Google’s Android or where Samsung is positioned*****

      its sounds like every one is against Android they don’t want to say how much they are better than RIM and APPLE

    • BotommlessRIM

      RIMM might have lost the top position, but now that the NEW BB models come with a BBM-button things will change

    • BotommlessRIM

      At my store the only people that buy Blackberries is the people that had one already and want to upgrade or replace the old one. Nobody else considers it.

    • Zombie Ted Rogers

      RIM can only hope to continue filling the niche for keyboard equipped phones and large corporate bulk orders.

      Joe Consumer has long since moved on to bigger and brighter.

  • Unr8ted

    I think the problem of RIM is the obligation to take blackberry package with the carrier. Example you can have an Android phone with 100mb for 10$ a month, but with RIM that start to 15$

    Correct me if i’m wrong

    • bob

      You are right. Blackberry services are huge rip-off. But it’s not the carriers’ fault, RIM is mandating this.

  • BBerryGirl

    I have had bberry for years and now have a Google Android phone (HTC Raider). I don’t even compare the 2, to me the android /iphones are more for fun, Bberry still wins for productivity and ruggedness. I will be unlocking my Torch to use on my new network 😛 RIM doesn’t need to compete, they just need to be stable and reliable in my humble opinion.

  • bob

    Because of 3 years contracts, Canada only lags behind the rest of the world.

  • BBerryGirl

    Unr8ted, I am a cellular salesperson as well, our BBerry plans are not more expensive.

  • ron

    I have 2 phones: Bold 9900 and Android Sony Ericsson Arc. When I need maps, games and web I turn to the Android. The Bold is strictly used for BBM, email and texts. Even with the Android, texting is not as smooth than with a physical keyboard. Btw, I had an iPhone 3GS before the Android… just doesn’t cut it to message.

    • bob

      There are a few Android phones with hardware keyboard. The XT860 is still better than any Blackberry.

  • Terry

    Well since we’re so close to the US, it’s hard for many people not to fall for the shallow hype that is the iPhone.

    Considering the US consumer market has gets giddy over anything Apple, people up here will obviously fall for it too.

    • ile2010

      While I’m not a fan of Apple and would never buy the hyped-up Mac (a premium PC running Win7 or Linux is just as good) or an iPad (excellent tablet, but hard to be productive on the road when you can’t transfer files to USB or SD card), the iPhone is truly an excellent phone. It’s built well, looks amazing, and provides an excellent user experience.

      But, I chose to save on my monthly bill and switched to Wind. I had a G2x which is a higher-end Android phone and the experience is just brutal, no matter which ROM I’ve used. It’s either very unstable (any ICS ROM) or laggy as hell – and this is a dual-core phone. I still have this phone with hope that a proper ICS update or custom ROM will make it work well. But, in the meantime, the Lumia 710 blows any Android out of the water in terms of stability and fluidity (and this is a $250 entry-level Windows phone).

      I really want to support RIM or Android, but I just can’t. Not with their current offerings.

    • Zomby

      @ile2010 If you want a good experience with Android, first rule is to stay away from LG phones. Samsung and HTC will provide you with a much better experience.

  • EvanKr

    It’s too bad, I really want RIM to succeed as a Canadian company, but it looks like that it could be too late. Hopefully they can keep their market share overseas in Asia and their BB10 devices cause a stir. Of course, we can only hope.

  • JT in AB

    I actually don’t mind the Playbook OS. It works quite well. But RIM has had too many misses the past few years for people to be forgiving anymore.

    RIM’s new phone release in October had better have a quadcore processor and LTE as that is what their competition will be sporting. The software had better work from day one as well. Anything short of this and it’s pretty much game over.

  • Megahertz

    I work at a Best Buy mobile store and I honestly can not remember the last time we sold a new Blackberry that was not a hardware upgrade.

    I see more NEW activations for Windows phones then BB.

  • Spikedlemon

    I live ~20 mins from RIM’s HQ.
    I looked at a BB. No thanks.
    I’m happy with my Android. Thanks.

    I think they need to get their heads out of the sand.
    The Curve is competing against mid-grade Android phones that kick it’s arse everywhere. Faster, cheaper, apps, touch screens, etc…
    The Bold is good for work email. Full-stop.
    Their touch-screen phones are overpriced and under-featured.

  • Dan J

    They HAD the top position? Wow, I thought that would have been gone a couple of years ago.

  • Dylan K

    I still see Blackberrys sold at my store, but the number from a few years ago has dwindled. Lots of loyal users, very few newcomers.

    Not surprised to see them lose the top spot, their offerings can’t compete with Android/iPhone/WP7 because they are still see as BBM machines with lousy app support. We will just have to see if BB10 is as revolutionary as they are making it out to be.

    I, for one, would hate to see a Canadian company go down. Make us eat our words, RIM.

  • Uranus

    whether a phone is Canadian or not is irrelevant. Performance and apps are everything.

  • BBMan

    Wanna hear a joke?


  • Tomatoes

    I had no idea that they were actually in the lead. Lol it is actually quite impressive that they managed to hang on to the lead here for that long. I have no interest in their products anymore.

  • Garret Wilkinson

    Demand for the BB7 devices have slid drastically, however, I know of many people coming into my retail locations inquiring about the BB10 devices. There is hype, and many people I know that are hardcore iphone and android users are intrigued by this OS. From the screenshots, and the overall functionality that currently is offered from tablet OS2, I have faith the company will have the chops to compete. Unfortunately, it is whether or not the blackberry name is tarnished too much for consumer acceptance. In my mind, I feel a rebranding of the blackberry name would go a long way. Ditch the name blackberry, and come out with something catchy and cutting edge. It may just be what they need to cast away the shadow that looms.

  • Sanju

    Bottom line BB is best.Games etc need to kids not to business professional & serious phone users.Anroid phones are worse.My second choice is IPHONE.