Apple to release a 7.85-inch iPad, says unknown Samsung exec


  • Sandra

    This Samsung exec is not unknown, its the legendary Ryan Bidan – who invented both the playbook and RIM itself.

    He was correct, in that 7-inch tablets are the future. Just look at the success the playbook has enjoyed.

  • Joshua

    Sandra, are you on something? Ryan Bidan didn’t invent RIM nor PlayBook…


    Sue them Samsung!!

    Steve Jobs Says 7-Inch Tablets Are ‘Dead on Arrival’

    • Someguy

      Still trolling eh.


      @Someguy, you lost the last bettle, wanna lose this as well?


      love you Apple how you make lies !!

  • Terry

    $250 for an Apple tablet? Why do I doubt that and expect $350-400.

    • Matt

      Completely agree. I expect it to price well above 300. They may want to compete with the Fire, but they’re not going to price near it.

  • Jordan Hill

    I could see apple charging even higher for a smaller iPad. If this ipad were to have “premium” hardware why would anyone be surprised if Apple were to sell it at $600+? i****s would still line up outside the apple store to buy it.

    • Brandon

      There not stupid, there aren’t going to do that, iPod Nano is cheaper than an iPod touch.

  • Plazmic

    I would buy an iPad on day one at that price, which is why I believe it will not happen.

  • Cell Hell

    I don’t think they’ll try to win on price.

    I do see them making a smaller tablet available. It’sa logical and useful form factor.

  • MARS

    Funny how many Samsung parts are in Apple’s products but there still the main target of their lawsuits.

  • shaggyskunk

    The Light Days version of the iPad..

  • d3v14n7

    Incoming Apple lawsuit for leaking this information in 3… 2… 1…

  • MB

    Anyone heard of the EMATIC 4GB eGlide Pro II 7″ Android Tablet with ARM Cortex-A9 Chip for 150$ US…micro sd card and hdmi output, awesome features but not sure about the quality. So tired to wait on the best next thing.

  • mango_juice

    Personally I think a 7 inch display would be ideal especially for the portability aspect. If they released this I would consider it.

  • Justin

    Hopefully they will reduce the size of the bezel as well… i’d buy one if the iPad was a little more portable.

  • AppleLover

    but.. but.. the Messiah told us that it would never happen. These words, even if just rumour are blasphemy – Steve Jobs is never wrong and a pox on all those who think otherwise.

    Please Apple, release another product. I don’t care what it is, I am starting to become less popular with my friends and my entire self worth is tied to the number of apple products I own and am able to show off. Just put out an iPhone 4sx or something. Do what you did last year and just shove a couple of new things into the same old shell and I’ll buy it. I’ll buy anything you put out. Just please oh please do it because my pathetic life is starting to become apparent to those around me.

  • ovi08

    I wonder how badly Apple wanted to introduce a smaller ipad. Steve Jobs criticized the Playbook by saying that a 7 inch tablet would never work, which basically handcuffed Apple from ever releasing a smaller ipad. Now look at Apple following in the steps of RIM. Personally, I think that the Playbook is the best tablet in the market. Now RIM might want to consider releasing a 10 inch playbook. Looking at what they fitted into a 7 inch tablet, I think RIM can do an amazing job with a larger form factor tablet.

    Let the iLosers start the bashing. RIM FOR THE WIN.

  • Minsanis

    The newest iPad screen technology is by Sharp, not Samsung. Apple will not release a smaller iPad. They value user experience more than market penetration. That’s not to say they don’t want a bigger market share but it is very unlike them to want to release products for every single market segment. More often than not, they create the demands instead of meeting existing ones.

  • Som

    If this is true then Steve Jobs words and legacy will take a bit of a hit. He said the current iPad size is perfect. They even had a researcher confirmed that the iPad is the perfect size tablet. If it’s true then Apple post Jobs is about making more money.

  • David Evans

    I can’t get enough of pictures like the one above.

    “Gather round family, I’m going to play on MY iPad.” Boasted the father as he started up the iPad.

    “But daddy, we’re hungry!” Squealed the youngest child, knowing that daddy would play on the device again for at least an hour before his fascination would fade enough to realize he too was also starving.

    • A. Carmine

      OMG… I laughed so effing hard!! Please write a short story, lol

  • James

    Apple’e true purpose is to destroy android and keep the company as number one. Apple is very hungry just like whaat microsoft did in the 90’s.

    • d3v14n7

      And yet, they’ve failed at both… Android is still going strong with a 50.9% worldwide smartphone market share in Q4 and have knocked Apple down a few pegs in the worldwide tablet market share from 74% to 57%. Seems we’re seeing Android do the same in the tablet market as they did in the smartphone market before they completely dominated Apple.

  • alex

    Variety and competition are good.
    Apple marketing makes me sick.

  • anonymous

    lol “unknown samsung exec?” saying that apple is launching an iPad? Maybe samsung is trying to kill ipad3 sales?