Android apps being submitted to BlackBerry App World without developer permission?


  • Betty Koyle

    Good old RIM messing up again, RIP…

    • briggs

      There’s a possibility that it was an automated process, and that RIM hasn’t had a chance to look over it yet. Or that a RIM employee simply didn’t know that Dolphin was developed by someone else. In any event, I’ll wait or RIM to explain themselves before declaring their death.

    • sp

      biggest troll of them all.

      please stop posting such comments. you make no sense and have no proof on anything you post.

      its like saying Betty Koyle messed up because all she does is post trollish comments against rim. Only difference is I have proof that this is true.

      Thank you…Good Night….Come Again

  • Will

    Handster notified all developers who have published their apps on Handster that they would be submitted to App World, Dolphin Browser just didn’t read the email and opt-out! This isn’t RIM messing up, its developers not paying attention.

    RIM has allowed Publishers to publish apps to App World on behalf of developers, and maintains a policy that if a developer submits the app themselves (after a publisher has already submitted it) the developers direct submission will replace the publishers. This program is just getting apps more exposure, and letting developers control how their app is distributed (they can opt-out of App World with the publisher such as Handster).

  • Kid.Canada

    Every small thing RIM does wrong = RIP? Great logic ur using there sir…

  • MidnightWatcher

    Betty, what makes you think this was RIM’s fault? For all we know, maybe you had a, well, Handster in it.

  • deltatux

    Hope RIM would quickly tighten up their App World, it’s kind of embarrassing for them to approve an app that is being published by an unauthorized third-party.

    Also, the Android Player isn’t much an emulator seeing how it’s just a variant of Java and Java is meant to run anywhere with the correct interpreter it needs. It’s just the Dalvik VM being integrated into Blackberry Tablet OS 2.0 than the traditional sense of an emulator.

  • Hub

    There can’t be anything good coming out of this.

    Android Player, the worst thing that could happen to the Blackberry Playbook apps: why should one write for this when they can just run Android apps (even if they need to resubmit)?

  • LeafsFan77

    @Betty Koyle, how is this RIM’s fault? Please explain?
    Handster submitted the applications not RIM.

    Read the Handster developer T&C’s, section 1.3, you will see Handster can distribute submitted apps where they want to.

    1.3 …In addition, Publisher [Handster], at its sole discretion and at any time, reserves the right to choose which distribution methods, if any, will be used to distribute the Software.

  • EvanKr

    Because RIM failing will definitely stimulate the Canadian economy…

  • Geoff

    No!! I use the Dolphin browser because I can’t get the Blackberry browser to save usernames and passwords (yes, I did make sure private browsing was turned off).