Upcoming Nokia Lumia 800 software update boasts much improved battery life

Though the paint on the Canadian release of the Lumia 800 is barely dry, others have been enjoying the Windows Phone-powered device since November, and what they had to say about battery life was not so good. While we haven’t had the same kind of misfortune (as you’ll see in the review, it’s not hard to get a day or more), but there is definite evidence that idle power usage is very high. When leaving the Lumia alone overnight, for example, it will lose 60-75% of its regular charge.

The TELUS version of the 800 comes with Windows Phone version 8107.11501, while an update that should be rolling out later this month brings it up to 12070. Along with drastically improving idle power usage, there are several additions to the camera software that we can expect to enjoy, such as Smart Group Shot, Action Shot, Panorama and Self Timer.

We’ll let you know when this update is available for Canadian users, but in the meantime go enjoy your new phone!

Source: XDA-Developers
Via: WPCentral