iPad 2 with Wi-Fi & 3G price dropped by $150


  • iTards

    LOL dropped @ 499.. this offer is disrespectful ! but hey..Apple customers love being disrespected and love to stay inlines for months 🙂

    • SAM


  • sp

    still wouldnt pay that much for this. im happy with my playbook.

    thank you.

  • bob

    So the 3g models are now cheaper than the wifi only models?
    The wifi only models are back to regular price

  • ActivesiN

    meh, ill wait for the new 7″ asus tablet

  • Boojay

    Why would I pay $500 when I can get garbage for free?

  • vanguy

    How many Apple sheep will be lining up for the new gadget?? Guess not much else to do as they still live in parents basement and never have had a date, so they need to focus their affection on whatever Apple releases.

  • MrMastodonFarm

    Still way overpriced.

  • Ryan

    Oh, I misread the title. I thought it dropped *to* $150. Even then I wasn’t completely sold.

  • mac

    playbook better

  • Betty Koyle

    THE PLAYBOOKS AT $199 is a deal compared to this. Soon it will have 3G and it will be the worlds best tablet. Cannot wait for BBX10. RIM WILL TURN ITSELF AROUND. JUST WAIT. LOTS OF FUTURE INNOVATION

  • Justin

    At first I thought it said dropped TO $150…then after reality set in, I decided to read it again, and of course it’s $150 off.

  • Mystic09

    Drop the wi-fi only version down by 150$ and we’ll talk. >_>

    • Netguru

      Last week Apple signed a contract to sell up to 18,000 iPad 2 32GB WI-FI version to the U.S. Air Force at $520 each. So I doubt that they will cut the price of the WI-FI only models by $150. There is probably some price protection clause in the contract which would force Apple to issue a rebate to the military. So I’m guessing that the price of the WI-FI models will stay high.

  • John Drake

    This is the best news i heard yet. Now i can buy another one for my son. I was always waiting for a sale and now that this sale has come i can make my purchase!!

  • Jordan Hill

    Gonna be hilarious to hear about the line ups next friday to buy the same device but with a better screen

  • jon_d0e

    i rather get a made in china branded android tablet because its more open.

  • sickens

    Just so y’all know… the .95 price indicator with Future Shop means ‘Gone when Gone’ and stock won’t be replenished.

    Looks like the 3G models will disappear all together leaving WiFi only iPad 2’s.

  • Poulet

    None of you had economy classes in high-school or what? Prices are set by the demand, not the manufacter being nice or not, or disrespecful (what?). When your tablets drops to $200, its easy to know why!

  • Eric Huang

    I love how its 20$ cheaper than the wifi only models

  • Maestro Trigga

    Something is fishy about this deal, It’s RARE to see major price drops for Apple products at that price point, $50 is usually the norm, and it would sell out at that price.

    I’m guessing Robellus are about to announce a subsidized iPad HD or 3 or whatever on a 3 year contract, so Future Shop gotta clear up their inventory before they get the burn.

    From what I understand, Apple products have razor thin margins for the non-apple retailer, as low as 10%.

  • tdee

    it’s a good thing for current ipad owners. the value of what they have doesn’t drop drastically. that’s the thing that i like about apple products..you can sell your used product after a year and not loose so much.

  • Nobka

    Haters gonna be hatin’

    Simple. Dont like the price, dont buy it. But don’t call it garbage. If you do, I’d like to take some of your garbage off you.

    Why must every successful product be hated on?

  • Jason V.

    Still cheaper than the USA apple online store. Their refurbished 16GB wifi +3g goes for $549.

  • Where’s the pad?

    Do what ya gotta do Apple – cut your prices, sue sue sue sue!!!

  • deltatux

    Maybe my parents would be interest with the iPad, but Android’s a lot better. I wouldn’t trade my ASUS Transformer Pad Prime for an iPad.

    It’s a lot better. Heck, I’d rather get my parents a PlayBook than an iPad.

  • Peter

    Does someone put rocks in all of you Fandroids’ cereal each and every morning?

    Or, do you collectively all have pickles shoved up your asses that makes you in such a crabby mood all the time?

    Or is it something simpler: jealousy perhaps?

    My mother was always right when she said “bullies always pick on people they are threatened by”.

    Suck it Fandroids–Apple is the biggest company in the world and you can only dream to be. Sleep on that bullies!!!

    • iTards

      Actually Apple is the biggest bully that bullies their customers 🙂 now we know who got the PICKLES PETER lol

    • MrMastodonFarm

      lol @Apple is the biggest company in the WORLD.

  • koko

    Fuc*!.. what about the WiFi only model.. who the hell buys a 3G iPad anyways?..*maybe that’s the reason for the price drop!

  • vn33

    Still think I get a better deal with my $99 TouchPad. I use it as a web Pad while patiently waiting for a CM9 official release ! Didn’t have to wait hours in line nor dropping half a monthly mortgage payment for it !

  • Jonny

    Well it’s only a 23% discount. This price would have been awesome if Apple sent out “Preferred Customer” invitation at the launch of iPad 2. It’s the least Apple could do for people who stand in line for hours trying to pick up one of there popular devices.

  • TJ

    I can still get almost 3 Black Berry playbooks for the same price. Playbook is equally good and plays Flash . They did screw up initially but with the recent upgrade like native mail etc I would rather go for a much cheaper PB than Ipad.

  • Emperuman V

    Price went up to $549.99 for 16GB Wifi + 3G