Android Market apps expand from 50MB to 4GB in maximum size


  • Rogers Dealer Rep.

    Bring on Civilization 4 bts to android. :p

  • dinesh

    why would u warn user of cellular charges if the Wifi is enabled ?

    • Milpool

      Because just because Wifi is enabled (in terms of the checkbox setting) does not mean the user is currently on Wifi.

  • chall2k5

    maybe allow users to download the file(s) to their PC and transfer to the media card, would genereally be quicker as wifi can be significantly slower than wired connections (yes even with regular DSL or Cable broadband)

  • Megahertz

    Don’t think I would download an app to my phone the same size as a game on my 360.

  • Anonymous

    Well you guys have to realize, that most dev’s probably won’t be taking full advantage of this for atleast a year (probably more), phone storage just simply isn’t good enough yet. A lot of those features are just things to make everything go smoothly. So people don’t have to QQ because they’re dumb anymore.

    64GB is on average, the msot you can get, 32gb being a standard size for “a fair bit” and 16 just being entry level highend. Anything below just needs a micro SD, bad.
    64GB would be alright, mind you it’s still expensive for this much space and even so, 64/4 = only 16.

    So they’re upgrading the market in preperation for phones(/tablets) to go mega crazy in technilogical advances/performance.

    Imagine playing vanilla WoW on your phone (or a game of similar stature).

  • Brendan M

    MobileSyrup complaining about unhelpful and inane comments on the Android Market?
    Pot, i’d like you to meet Kettle.
    the comments on this site are beyond ridiculous.
    if every woe-is-me complainer on this site spend their time making money instead of bawwwwwwwwwwing every moment of the day they could afford a real phone on a real carrier.