TELUS users reporting OS 4.0.2 update for the Galaxy Nexus


  • TyroneLT

    Nothing for me as yet :o(

  • Fatz

    Nothing for me either

  • Michael

    Still waiting for Ice Cream for my Nexus S!

    • monsterduc1000

      @Michael and my fellow nexus s owners. I would suggest heading over to xda developers, downloading Doomlords easy root program, root your nexus s, install rom manager and flash clockwork mod recovery from rom manager, then install whichever ics custom rom you prefer. I am now running CM9 and it is simply Sublime!

  • Avrus

    When I saw the update message I was hoping for 4.0.3 or 4.0.4 but I guess beggars can’t be choosers.

  • MU10

    Hmm.. When will I see my GS2X updated to ICS? Summer? Fall? Soon I hope!

    • Zomby

      Bell already promised an update for the GS2 (wich is exactly the same hardware as the international version) in april. (Samsung has confirmed a march/april timeframe for the international update.) I’m guessing variants like the GS2X should see their update coming in soon after that.

  • Phyxius

    no updates here. last updated at 3pm today

  • Omega

    What about the Note and S2?

    • Zomby

      International GS2 : march/april (according to Samsung)
      Bell GS2 : april (according to Bell)
      Other GS2 variants / Note : haven’t seen anything about those yet

  • Jason Elias

    Still waiting for this update on Bell…. The updates on android are also becoming fragmented *sighs*


    Any news when the GALAXY NOTE WILL BE UPDATED?????

  • Preacher

    Nothing yet for me 🙁

  • Danny

    I got it, In Toronto BTW

  • GiO

    Hmmm…Im already carryin a 4.0.3/4.0.4 IML74K ICS on my Gnex. Hopefully, they release these updates fast enough for everyone.

  • Ja Rule

    Nothing here. What does this update bring?

  • jd

    Bell for me but nothing yet. Hopefully this fixes the random crashes.

  • sean

    Doesnt Google release these not Telus? Isnt the Galaxy Nexus like the other nexus phones? If i have to wait on Rogers than im very pissed that i bought the GNex.

    • Avrus

      No, the Canadian GSM phones were released with a different version that is upgraded from Samsung not Google. Some people have flashed the Google version on their phones, but it’s important to be aware that it voids your warranty if you do. Undoubtedly many people have avoided doing it for that reason.

    • TyroneLT

      Unfortunately, the updates for the Telus and Rogers versions of the Nexus are by the carriers.

    • Mark

      No, you’re wrong Tyrone. The carriers have nothing to do with Nexus updates. I feel like a broken record saying this but it is a myth that just won’t die. All Nexus devices in Canada are unbranded, there is no difference between the Telus/Rogers/Bell versions. They are identical, they are pure Google with regional radio changes by Samsung, and they come directly from Google’s servers.

  • dubs

    Nothing for me yet!

  • MrMarvelous

    Heh I already flashed 4.0.2 yakju to my phone awhile ago. This title I hope is either wrong or misleading. It suggests that Telus is the one updating the devices as apposed to Samsung or Google. With the long wait I too was Hoping it would be 4.0.4. Oh well.

  • P-Dub

    Seriously guys, like someone else mentioned, just head over to xda-developers and learn how to manually upgrade. I’m on 4.0.4 and running smooth. Not to mention you’ll learn to install better kernels and basebands that will make you LOVE your phone.

    • Cancuckle215

      Agreed. Since I’ve started flashing my SGS…everything is way better.

  • justITguy

    Hey guys, I’m on Rogers and I’ve just received this update last night as well around 4pm EST. Was hoping for 4.0.5 but yeah I had high hopes. So anybody on Rogers upgraded besides me?

  • Ankush

    I have a Google Nexus bought from Rogers, If I put a Telus chip in it, I can upgrade to 4.0.2???

  • Ankush

    I have a Google Nexus bought from Rogers, If I put a Telus chip in it, I can upgrade to 4.0.2???

    How does it work???

    • Majid


  • rim

    no ROM is as stable as the stock ROMS (I9100 M)… no kernel, baseband of any sort can beat the default one… so don’t start with that Shit.

    • P-Dub

      Yes, that may be the case, but one of the big draws of this phone is the unlocked bootloader and the ability of developers to work on custom roms, kernels, themes etc…. So if people choose to wait on Google to roll out there “stable” version than thats fine. I’m merely suggesting there are options….

      Oh, and one funny thing about your argument: “no kernel, baseband of any sort can beat the default one”…. well if that’s the case then we would never have to worry about updates then would we??

    • LeDerp

      well then we have to see what better means for him!
      if my phone is less stable (say, makes it bug once every 2 days), but i get a lot better battery life + faster processing, im down for the “better rom and kernel”

      Just like cars, aftermarket upgrades doesnt always mean more stable, but probably more performance or i should say, better customized for your needs as a consumer!

  • phatmisiek

    I am on Telus and waiting for ICS update on my Note… nothing in sight so far…:-(

  • Dan

    My Asus Transformer has 4.0.3 and my “Google phone”, the Galaxy Nexus is still sporting 4.0.1… Nice :-\

  • Avrus

    A follow up: After updating to 4.0.2 Market now crashes when opening details of any application (including those already installed).

    Clearing data, cache, force stopping market as well as rebooting does not resolve issue.

  • JohnB

    I also purchased the Rogers version, unlocked it and using it on WIND. For someone like me, will I also get an OTA notice, or am I forced to unlock, root and flash it myself?

    • Ankush

      What do you mean by unlock, All nexus devices are carrier free by default.

      If you buy from Rogers it will work with Wind or any other carrier out of the box.!!!

    • LeDerp

      hes talking about android OS unlock, no unlocking between carriers.

      in other news, my g-nex is with telus, checked updates, and says its up to date on 4.0.1…
      in the meantime the rest of the world gets bug fixes

  • Cell Hell

    My Mobilicity Nexus just got it yesterday.

    • Mark

      Cell Hell,

      Do you also have the market crash issue? Trying to determine if this is a systematic problem or just an isolated issue…

    • Cell Hell

      Yes, my update happened and yes android market crashes every time.


  • C2H6O

    Backing up data and doing factory reset worked like a charm for me. My market would crash as soon as I would try look at app details.

  • Mystic09

    Nope 🙁

  • Evan

    still nothing on mine Telus Galaxy Nexus in Nova Scotia

  • Kiku

    Don’t be tied to your telco; install the official Google Galaxy Nexus images on your GNex and get the updates as soon as Google pushes them, rather than when your Telco feels like letting you have them.


  • Mystic09

    I can’t afford to void the warranty on my device.

    • Dimitri.k

      Funny because i thought the same thing & once i installed another ROM on my phone & then reistalled the original software the phone came from i still had warranty & gave it back to Rogers. Did the same thing with Telus as well. ITs the same thing as if you jailbreak your iPhone for example. The only way they will see you changed the software is if you send the device back with the software you added.

  • Nitin

    All nexus devices have always received updates like this but nobody ever realized it before. Mobilesyrup should correct that it is not only telus receiving the update. This update will be rolled out to everyone. Comments have even shown that some Rogers and moblicity users have received the update. The updates are pushed out by the carriers but all they basically do is make it available for your device. They do not do anything else.

    • Mark

      No, the carrier’s are not evening pushing them out. The carriers have nothing to do with the Nexus and these updates are being pushed out from google’s servers by google. Go to xda and check the update urls.

  • EmperumanV

    Ugh this defeats the purpose of having a pure Google phone. Regardless of carrier, updates should be universal as with BB OS and iOS. Its the CRTC who’s to be blamed and the carriers ugh.

    • TyroneLT

      I agree. Whether’s its carriers or Google, it doesn’t matter. If an update comes out, it should be everywhere at relatively the same time. Not months later. The CRTC always has a way of slowing things down! :@

  • Adriel Michaud

    Nothing yet for Virgin Mobile GNex on Rogers.

  • Jenna

    Middle of the prairies here and nothing yet.

  • kimber86

    andorid market no longer works when trying to download any apps. I guess we need 4.0.3 asap

  • GNexUser

    Still on 4.0.1 on my Galaxy Nexus with Rogers (Ontario)

  • Jcanada

    Since I updated my galaxy nexus to 4.0.2 on bell i havent been able to use the app market, constant force closes

  • GS

    I got my GNex from Rogers. I’ve received the 4.0.2 update, around 12:30 PM PST. then at 3:30 PM it rebooted while sitting on my desk. Nothing has been fixed with this update!!

  • Ted

    this is bullcr@p mobilesyrup posted an article on February 6th saying that all Galaxy nexus will be getting update 4.0.5 by march, its now march but why only update 4.0.2 being released. Is mobilesyrup lying by posting articles that aren’t true or what?? is this new update 4.0.2 or 4.0.5 being released? isn’t it suppose to be 4.0.5 that fixes all bug issues so why release 4.0.2 would be a waste of time releases another update that has bug issues. just go straight to 4.0.5 and fix the darn bug issues already…lol

  • k

    I have a Nexus Galaxy with Android 4.01 with Telus and no dice.

  • Ted

    my Telus Galaxy Nexus still says “Your system is currently up to date” last checked for update at 6:50pm

  • Marc

    I’m on Rogers and tonight around 6 after seeing this post I went to check updates and it says that there was an update. I went to update, it rebooted and then the Android logo with the red exclamation mark showed up. Had todo a battery pull and now can’t run the update again. I think I might just root my phone and do a manual install or wait till 4.0.5 is out.

  • roman129

    This is messed up, carriers should not have any say in software updates. Especially not on Nexus devices. I’ve flashed mine to official Google yukju 4.0.2 a few weeks ago, and my updates should be rolled out directly by Google from now on.

    • Mark

      Uhh, you didn’t need to flash yukju, The carriers have NO say in Nexus updates and they are rolled out directly from Google’s servers regardless of the build. You’ve been listening to rumours and conspiracy theories.

  • Q

    I have 4.0.3 on my Nexus S Since December

  • Majid

    I am with chatt-r using rogers, no update yet. Do you know if I should take the chat-r sim and then retry for updates?

  • Steven

    On top of market crashing, it looks like nfc option was removed after the update to 4.0.2 for me.

    I think its time to root and put the yakju image on….

  • Roger

    12:16am my Telus Galaxy Nexus still says “Your system is currently up to date” still 4.0.1

  • Matt

    Bell GN still running 4.0.1. I don’t understand why this update has been rolled out months ago in the U.S. and not here. Bell was the first to get this phone how the heck is Telus getting updates before it? I wish mobile syrup does a better job on explaining this stuff. Who is to blame Samsung, Google, the carriers or CRTC?

  • Geoff

    Woke up today, and my Rogers Galaxy Nexus (have had it for a month now) prompted me for an update. I am at 4.0.2 now.

  • billy

    I just bought my galaxy note from rogers outright. I also have my captivate that was my old phone. I want to learn the first steps into rooting or flashing or whatever it is to make it better. I’m a pretty techy guy but I admit these firstbaby steps to customize android is scary. I’d like ICS on both phones. Any links or good suggestions would be great. One other thing…can I use my old captivate on wifi once its rooted? As of now its useless with no rogers similar card?


  • Al

    Received update today. Now NFC is gone and Market is crashing. Why would they push this garbage to our devices? They had 2 months to test it (since 4.0.2 was available).

  • frc

    got update on my wind nexus; market crashes everytime 🙁

  • Iyengar

    I hope that it addresses the restart issues I’ve been having with my (second) GN.

  • TyroneLT

    Almost two days and still no update. Silly in my eyes because all this update was meant to do was to fix the 2g radio issues that affected European users when the phone first came out back in November. They should just go straight to 4.03. Carriers, Google or Samsung, it.doesn’t matter because they are flopping big time right now!

  • RSL

    They have pulled the update. I kept getting the pop up yesterday but did not update as I kept reading about the issues. Now it’s not popping up to update so I’m assuming they’ve pulled it until they address the issues.

  • Brando

    Still 4.0.1 for galaxy nexus. Telus ontario..

  • Akelon00

    I’m on telus and I have a nexus s and I’m still sitting at 2.3.6 I got the phone last year sometime.

    Anybody on have the same thing?

  • Shiril

    If you are going to buy a Sensation the XE is the one to get. Higher Res screen, Dual Core and memroy expandable via micro SD. Makes the XL looks crippled.They are plugging the bollocks out of the XL, all because of the Beats headphones.I’d also bet that the XE is more likely to actually see ICS because of the dual-core.