RIM: Carriers who offer integrated billing on BlackBerry App World see 120% increase in app downloads


  • shaggyskunk


  • gogakhan

    Maybe all the people on the corporate BB plans have been downloading apps like crazy.. 😛

  • Platinum

    Imagine if they had more than 60,000 apps – C’mon RIM, release the PB Android apps you’re still reviewing already!!!

  • Eluder

    So it goes from 5 apps sold a month to 30? 🙂

  • TheTigerTek

    There is carrier billing with BlackBerry App World on Fido as well.

  • doc noahbody

    BB doesnt care to save themseleves..I sent them 3 emails on how to be th enumber one cell company in world they would even beat out IPad anything…but did they humour me..nope!..good thing I didnt give them info on how to do it..bunch or morons…lmao @ BB


  • Ben Chin

    I used to mock BB for their clunky phones til I got the Playbook (cuz of the price drop) — discovered I like it more than iPad — bought another one for my daughter, and now I’m sure my next phone will be BB10. Most of the “RIM-is-dead” folks forget how quickly these companies can go up and down — not that long ago Apple was in the doldrums and fired Steve Jobs! Glad he went out on a high note this time. I’m hoping RIM does well and I think they will get on the right path.

  • whocares

    RIM sucks.

    • shedoestoo

      Your m0m does too lol

  • Canucks4Life

    This is a good option for people who don’t want or have a credit card or paypal. You don’t get forced 2 register a credit card when even trying to download even a FREE app like another popular app store…

  • nik

    lol how do these i****s come out with these numbers. they have shitty apps…if i wanted a app i would use my cc but since im on android i dont have too pay for s**t!

    • scotiaguy

      Come on tell the truth you are to cheap to pay for any application no matter who it is from. 75 million people think you are a joke 🙂

    • nik

      yeah 75 million…u r an i***t. why pay for something that you can get for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  • Stuntman

    I’m waiting for this to be available for Android on Bell.

  • HO

    …MWC…every single company comes out with amazing stuff, exept mApple cause they normally wait to copy the rest and try to catch up…and then RIM comes out with….WTF…PR propaganda???…so not only they manage to show how silly they are by pushing stupid cartoon characters and then “DJ’s” on tv explaining how their “not toys” are good for twitter, messaging and email, like a common beeper, but if that wasn’t enough, they have to present the lack of “anything” during the most important week for Mobile communications??????….I’m proud for all the Canadians who still believe on RIM and buy their products, I just c no reason why to overpay for old stuff and to get the same services I get for free on other providers/companies, that requires a lot of commitment and sacrifice, besides I value my $$$