Rogers announces NextBox 2.0 with Rogers Live TV tablet app


  • Vegeta

    1st ??!!!

  • Ryan

    No love for the west =(

    • David

      Rogers never offered Cable out west that’s why you won’t see any of these services out there. Similarly, Telus Optik TV app doesn’t work out east either.

  • TheTigerTek

    No Love for the PlayBook which holds 15% of the Canadian tablet market. Thanks for nothing Rogers.

  • Terry

    It should be noted that the $181/month plan is only that price for 6 months, then it jumps to $225.53/month for the rest of the contract.
    Oh and all these prices require a 2 year contract.

    Oh and I’m assuming if these data streams range from 360MB to 540MB, unless you have the maximum plan (250GB cap), you’d be hitting your data cap pretty quickly, especially if the home is a family.

    I also refuse to believe that they won’t stream it over 3G because of licensing issues. More then likely it’s due to Rogers eventually setting up a Bell style mobile TV service where you pay MORE to get stuff you already pay for.

    • ELNY

      What they need to do is allow completely free usage of the tablet app when you are streaming. Of course, they would never do that but it is frustrating and hard to excited for something that will consume up to 540MB/hr, when a lot of us use Netflix (2GB+/hr), download, play games, etc. What may have been sufficient for 1-2 people (Express package w/ 60gb cap) is now way too small; forcing you to upgrade your tier (what they want).

      Better yet, just increase the cap of all the tiers by 20-40gb. Aside from that, the app is actually great and the long awaited UI upgrade for the boxes is perfect. I’m an employee and wish they would tweak little things to make it better for everyone else. I don’t know why they never listen to their 9.3 million customers.

  • Nic

    pffft Rogers ignore at all costs!

  • JSKershaw

    My Slingbox does all this and more! I get every single channel I subscribe too, I get my channel guide and I also get all my recorded content. Best of all it works on my Android tablet and smartphone over Wifi/3G/4G!

    If you want to watch your tv all the time from anywhere get a Slingbox!

  • Doug Page

    Keeps telling me it’s unavailable right now even though I have a My Rogers account and a High Speed Net plan with Rogers.. I don’t know if this is a error or I can’t get it because I have just the Net and not the Net & TV package. Acer Iconia A500 Tab 3.2.1

    • David

      The mobilesyrup article is not accurate. It does not work on all android tablets. It ONLY works on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. If you read the app description on the android market it clearly states that.

    • Clockwork


      App works just fine on my Asus Prime.
      I have a Rogers Cable and Internet.

  • Binku

    Does it offer Closed Captions on Tablets too? 😮

  • AndroidForLife

    Given the shows are streamed over the internet to your tablet, exactly WTF does this have to do with the “NextBox 2.0”? It isn’t like the shows stream from your box to your tablet.

    • Allan

      It doesn’t. Rogers just decided to launch the Nextbox 2.0 at the same time it revamps the Rogers-on-Demand website.

  • Allan

    Is the Nextbox 2.0 available for installation if I ordered today, or is it coming soon?

    • David

      Yes, it’s available today.

  • Kid.Canada

    So the app is only available to Rogers Cable and Internet customers not to mention that it’s only available in a few provinces? Way to throw your Wireless customers under the bus Rogers. Garbage at its best…

    • WirelessBoy

      Maybe you should learn to read…the app is available for Rogers Cable/Internet customers, they only have Cable/Internet in Ontario/New Brunswick and Newfoundland so if you live outside of their Cable footprint how do you expect them to offer you service on this app?

  • Dimitri.k

    Netbox is the same exact HD PVR 8642 Box. They just changed the name to make it look better.

    I got my new update for my HD PVR & called to get a tech over on tuesday to install the Whole home PVR.

  • Hmm

    Why is she wearing a bra /over/ her shirt?

  • akm

    Nextbox 2.0! I have the updated box and as a “Cable Box with PVR” it sucks

    its slow, deletes recorded programs and no longer allows you to watch a show not-live while its recording

  • Jim Terrabyte

    Cancel Rogers cable. Download all your tv shows for free via torrent sites. Buy a $99 Media Player and a 2 TB Hard drive. Wirelessly stream all that data including all your free shows and movies from the media player to your laptop anywhere in the house. Or, spend $225 a month with rogers for this service, constantly go over your alloweable data per month, pay more money to Rogers!

    • Kim Lyons

      Couldnt agree more! I hardly watch live tv anymore. I would also recommend going with Tech Savvy as your ISP. They offer unlimited data per month with higher speeds and most importantly they DONT THROTTLE!!!!!

  • Barry Lemoine

    I have rogers cable for my t.v. what does this mean for my system.?

  • Ross

    What a waste of time contacting Rogers about my account. It seems like you get the run around and a different story each time you call. The billing rep indicated I could just upgrade to the new Netbox HD PVR from my current Rogers HD PVR with no additional charge, then I double check after seeing it’s only free for six months with a 2 year contract. This other Rogers rep tells me it’s only for those that have a digital box on more than one TV, and they need to send a technician to your place to set it up. The first rep told me I was good to go and just had to exchange my current HD PVR for the new model.

    I want to be able to stream movies to my digital box, and thought the new UI on the Netbox would be great now that you only see the channels your subscribed for on the guide, not everything your not as well.

    It’s time to say bye, bye Rogers….what a mess!

  • Rojo

    This is a huge mess as others have said. The new system is a huge step back. While in theory it sounds great, it is just a disaster. The guide is so slow and erratic it is unusable. Changing channels take forever, scrolling through the guide often appears to not work then all of a sudden, it skips past what you were trying to select. My cable bill has gone way up – I’m just so pi$$ed that I did this. I am going to try and give it a month for them to work the bugs out then I’m gone.

  • vyrguy

    I am just stupified that more people are not calling Rogers out this so called upgrade/service. I am a long time Rogers user and currently use their entire range of services do I’m not just trying to trash Rogers but this is ridiculous. Nobody is bringing up the 300 pound gorilla in the room so let me be the first to point out…It Doesn’t Work! Their whole pitch of being able to pause in one room and then continue in another room is a bald face lie!!! Consider that for a moment. They shot an ad depicting that very thing and it’s a lie! If you pause a show and then go to another room to play it you don’t get to play it from where you pause it. It’s not even in the menu!!! The only option is ‘Play from Start’! Talk about false advertising. And speaking of menu, what a f*cking disaster! The most glitchy, bug-infested piece of programming that I have ever used and I’ve used a lot! This is nothing short of shameful and I really am leaning strongly towards canceling my cable subscription altogether!! If you haven’t already got it then I recommend avoiding it like the plague. It’s really THAT bad!

  • Alison

    Does the rogers netbox 2.0 allow you to watch cable from your tv anywhere in the house? like wireless cable?

    • Satender

      , that’s our phone connection also, via VOIP. Plus we don’t have jobs to go to, so we can’t be oinlne elsewhere. In essence, cable rules our lives.Have you ever been solicited to move to Israel? Oh no. I’m not involved in any Jewish community or organizations, so I don’t know where they’d find me. Interesting story.

  • Dave

    Sorry but you’re wrong. You said

    “If you are a current Rogers TV (basic cable) or Internet customer (Express or higher))…”

    I’m a Rogers TV subscriber but because I won’t pay for internet with outrageously low internet I’m through a different ISP(still runs through Rogers lines), I cannot stream to my android tablet. You must be a Rogers TV AND Internet customer.