Asus Transformer Prime bootloader unlock tool released

They promised it and they delivered. Asus said they had reasons for releasing the WiFi-only Transformer Prime with a locked bootloader — ensuring DRM video works and such — but that did little to appease the hoards of excitable Android users eager to start rooting, hacking and overclocking their quad-core devices.

Asus has released the bootloader unlocking tool and though that is only the first step on the road to custom ROMs but it is the most important.

The unlocking tool is simply an .apk file that you side load onto the device, install and follow instructions. Couldn’t be easier. But, according to Asus, “You also acknowledge ASUS does not guarantee service satisfaction to any Revised Product.” In other words, don’t count on them repairing or replacing your tablet should something go awry down the road.

Head on over to Asus’ site and download the file. It is in the Utilities section. Just be aware you must be on the new Ice Cream Sandwich update for the file to work.

Via: Android Central