Asus Transformer Prime bootloader unlock tool released


  • Nate

    not worth it, iPad all the way

    • Dimitri.k

      & you think your iPad is worth it? Do you love being blocked from doing fun stuff on your iPad? Hell even jaibreaking it is hard enough. Also fun stuff means adding themes, Boot logos, Different software, Games that Apple does not let you have & same goes with the apps.

      So having fun with a locked product?

  • Poulet

    Adding themes?
    I’m not 13, as long as I can start my app from my interface and everything is smooth, I’m happy… I don’t need a huge clock or to be able to know that its sunny outside.

    Boot logo?
    You have to boot your tablet? Sucks to be you…

    Games that Apple does not let me have?
    You mean pirated game?

    • bob

      Not only pirated games. A lot of stuff isn’t accepted by apple so it’s not in the app store.

  • zzZZzz

    @poulet, don’t be ignorant.

    There’s always a booting sequence with a boot logo. In the case of your tablet it’s an apple.

    As for widgets, it’s easy to say you don’t need them when you never actually used them. But isn’t that true also about the ipad, before it was released… who needed a tablet? Certainly not all the people who own one now. So having features is never a bad thing.

    Lastly, as it was pointed above, there are plenty of apps or games which are not approved by Apple for one reason or another. Dimitri was talking about choice. If you don’t want it, that’s fine, but don’t have on others for wanting and having it.

    • Ashlkee

      @zzZZzz are you talking about Dmitiri.K the biggest troll of all times? I liked what you were saying until he mentioned his name. Get lost zzZZzz. Stupid troll supporter.

  • JR

    I will never understand the inability for iProduct users and Android users to accept the fact that neither will ever agree with the other on which product is superior. The simple fact is, if you want a product that works right out of the box with no effort, then you grab and iPhone/iPad. If you are the type that enjoys customization, hacking the device and deciding how you want your device to operate, then you go with an Android device.

    The simple truth of the matter is that they are so similar in terms of hardware. Both sides have good phones/tablets. It all comes down to how you want to use it. Fighting about it is never going to convince an Apple user that Android is better nor the other way around. So, love what you want, but stop hating on others for enjoying their product. My two cents.

  • Slype


    I love your open-mindedness and I agree with you 100%. I just find it frustrating to talk to zealots who will never ben convinced that their product is not the ultimate device. It’s as you said, both of the major brands service service different needs but in terms of actual hardware offerings, each has their advantages/disadvantages.

    IMO, Android users are more technically inclined and keep abreast of technology while iPhone users less so. Not to say that all users on both sides are like that but I find that the majority fall into those camps.

    That being said, I think because iPhone users are less inclined to read about technology, they are unaware that Android has caught up to iPhone and surpassed it in several areas. And I think this is the crux of it all.

    Android users are frustrated by the lack of technology awareness of iPhone users and thus feel like they must constantly explain to them that their phone is not the best of breed anymore (despite what Apple tells them). No phone is. I also find that Android users are not big brand followers. Thus they will not buy everything that Google puts out, unlike the consumers who buy Apple. Very different consumer segments.

  • Jacquio


    Well said.

  • 0obaho0

    agreed with slype and JR