Image: iPad 3 display goes under the microscope, reveals 2048×1536 Retina Display


  • bummy

    what a waste of time…
    could be any screen for all we know.

    • bobert

      The clay iPad is definitely better than this one

    • Chong Fung Al Abdi


    • Nick

      Not only that, it’s a higher resolution than almost any full-sized HD monitor around. 1080p is common, 1200p is rare, 1440 exists… 1536p? Seriously? That’s insane.

  • MikeW

    I tried to get confirmation on this with a secret contact I know that works at Foxconn. Unfortunately he “fell” out a window last night.

    • Janko

      Oh you mean that secret contact that was responsible for manufacturing your Samsung Galaxy S2. It’s such a shame…

      It’s sad that the average Canadian falls right into the b/s the media tells them. Sure blame Apple dont forget Sony, Samsung, GE, Panasonic, any virtually any other company that exists.

      Don’t like it? Then throw of your gadgets away.

  • Jeeverz

    Hey MikeW that’s not funny.

  • ant6n

    That resolution is much closer to paper than any e-reader or tablet pc. Bundle a screen like this with a wacom stylus, and we’ll finally have a good electronic approximation of paper.

  • Kid.Canada

    The real question is, who will care enough about retina display when the current iPad screens are good?…besides super tech nerds..Its not like the average user will look at both screens through a microscope..

    • Pacoup

      My mom and my dad do. Both said they found it much easier to read on my phone’s display than their computer’s, even though they didn’t know the technical reasons behind the increased clarity.

    • aka

      Kinda like when 3GS was replaced with iPhone4 Retinal screen? who cares? ask the millions of people that bought iPhone 4’s.

    • Rio

      Are you kidding me? Take a look at a 3GS and 4 screen. Even the dullest of people can tell the difference

  • Awkward Turtle

    ant6n, the screen will still hurt your eyes. if you want to read an ebook, best use an ereader. you can read for hours without the battery dying or getting a headache.

    • ant6n

      @Awkward Turtle
      It’s not about reading, it’s about writing, drawing, taking notes.
      I used to have a tablet pc with wacom, with a 105ppi screen, and it’s just completely inadequate to act as a paper replacement for writing. The current ipad has 132ppi, so not much better. This new display will be much better.
      (If they would bundle e-paper at that resolution with wacom, I’d worry about the latency when writing. Plus there’s been no e-ink screen with that sort of resolution afaik)

  • deltatux

    Higher resolution panels tend to have really bad yield and they also drain battery faster since there’s a lot more pixels to power. So not sure how Apple’s going to handle this issue. To be honest 1280×800 screen on my TF201 is good enough for me.

  • Stuntman

    How can they call it a Retina display when the pixel density is below 300dpi?

    • ruddias

      They do what they do best, lie.

  • mark

    If it’s true thenSl maybe we can expect Apple to Release an iPad nano with a 7″ retina screen that has the same resolution as the old iPad. Anyway I won’t buy it lol

  • Kid.Canada

    @Pacoup – then ur parents must have some impressive vision, I mean above 20/20 vision lol…

  • jon_d0e

    sooo… where are the quadrant scores? Only way to know if device is worth it.

  • rokie

    Well , time to get in Queue.. Leave the getting laid behind to androld users ..

    • David

      @rokie: Leave the getting laid to android users, FTFY

  • ruddias

    Wouldn’t that be funny if the iPad 3 screen picture turned out to be a napkin?

  • Rich

    Good thing about an iPad 3 release is that you know the general specs for the next iPhone.

  • cloakster

    Why do we even need that kind of resolution in that small of a screen. Imagine a 10″ netbook with a 2048 x 1536, would not look good imo.

  • J

    It’s probably blasphemous, but I’m officially worn down by all the Apple news. They can put out anything and people just eat it up so why does it even matter? The “blogosphere” always gets set ablaze every time there’s the most random or obscure detail about Apple.

    The 4s reveal, “What a dissapointment.”
    – every blog

    Everyone buys a 4s, “What an amazing phone.”
    – every blog

  • NEO

    All developed by Samsung. lol

  • Jesse

    I’ll have to see it perform in real life before I make any brash decisions. The iPad 2 screen is good enough for me, albeit a few times when I’m reading smaller than average text.

  • funkmaster

    Wow… Good news! The iPad 3 will look and feel just like the iPad 2 but sharper! I can’t WAIT to hand over large amounts of money for this and stand in front of an Apple store to get it. So. Excited.


  • Someguy

    This is the only site that the readers continue to bash apple no matter the headline. The polls suggest your under 25 and come from low income families. Are you guys joking this screen is going to be sick and be the market leader!! I own a asus transformer and had a iPad and will 100% be going back to apple for the screen alone.

    • Dimitri.k

      Then i suggest you read more websites as there is tons of others websites in which users bash Apple. Going back to Apple because they added a new screen is pretty pathetic IMO. Apple is just brainwashing you tools in which you guys max out your credit cards & use all the cash you have to pay bill but instead you buy a itool product. Yes they do sell in great amounts but its nothing important to have in life.
      Looking at your post makes you sound like a Apple ifan anyways.
      Where does the poll show this? I guess ifans have nothing better to do then bash anyone they see if someone is talking trash about Apple. mighty god you guys are brainwashed to the max..

      Also best screen? LMAOOO wait until Samsung / Blackberry / LG /Asus & the others in a few months come out with a better screen & tablet. What are you going to say then? The Retina display is getting old anyways.

  • Rio

    It is very funny you say that on a site that focuses on phones and tablets. And if you ask me
    Android fans are a lot more obnoxious , they are the ones constantly bashing on apple post when Apple fans barely bash android on their post.

    And a retina display screen is a very valid reason to switch over. Have you seen the difference?
    Also a couple months? Retina display has been here for 2 years, and no one has matched it. Yeah you have super hi res phones but the difference is, those phones with high resolutions simple provide more screen restate where as the iPhone makes use of the higher resolution by providing richer images

  • Z

    Hell, for all we know they just zoomed out a bit for the 4×4 picture.

  • Someguy

    Hey dimitri.k what kiosk do you work at…he hah!!!

    • Dimitri.k

      I actually work in a company that sells food. Nice try tho.

  • Mad B

    But does it Blend???

  • chris2

    FYI: 2048×1536 is actually quadruple 1024×768 , not double as the article indicates.