Video: A trio of Supermodels help launch the Samsung Galaxy Note in Canada




    • notlol

      Collect them all!

    • SAM


    • SAM


  • bigboner

    Good god………

    That is a big phone.

    • JSKershaw

      Is there a phone in these pictures??? Sorry I’m too distracted…

  • Dave

    “This phone is wider than my waist!”

  • ELNY

    The main one in blue is beyond beautiful

  • HHero

    Enjoying the S pen … THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID !

  • Dorbit

    Smart move. This enormous phone might work well for the ladies. They can stuff it in their purse instead of a pocket.

  • Peter

    I’ll take the one in black…I mean a phone in black.

    Photographer should get a new camera, all blurry.

    • LeDerp

      He cant stop shaking from the excitement

  • Nick

    Nice phone too. I would love to try this for a week and see if I could get used to the size. My GS2 is feeling dated…

  • Stephie

    Lol what an excellent way to sell something on its size and thinness, by pairing it with equally tall and thin human beings. Brilliant Samsung!

  • shaggyskunk

    Blackberry….. you paying attention! I’ll raise you three Samsung Supers to an army of yours.

  • Non

    If you look carefully you can see Samsung Note on these pictures

  • Mikey

    Great googly moogly that Note is sexy!

  • shaggyskunk

    What was Samsung introducing?

  • Colin

    Seriously that phone is ridiculous, they look just silly holding it. It’s not a phone anymore, thats a tablet.

  • vn33

    Nice! … Guess that’s as close as one can get to a supermodel these days !!

  • Mark

    Nooo!!!! Wife just saw the pics and said, “You are not getting a one!!, It’s a chick magnet!!”

    I asked, If I could get the Note instead though??

    Valentines Day Couch awaiting!! 🙂

    • AndroidForLife

      And of course you explained to her that no, it is not a chick magnet, it is made for chicks.

    • Mark

      listen buster!! Don’t give my man any ideas, he is already banished to the couch you want me to make it, the car or better yet his parents place? He is not getting a “Note” unless I get one as well that has George Clooney’s stylus!! MEN!!

    • Mark

      Hey AndroidForLife, thanks man you got me sent to the car and she mentioned that she is going to pack a small bag for me to take to my parents. I’m not even going there anytime soon!! This NOTE is giving me a headache!! 🙁

      Oh and she said something about George Clooney and getting a Stylus!!

  • Zombie Ted Rogers

    Sonova…I knew I should have gone to the mall for lunch today.

  • Zeake


  • TestMe

    Way tooo much plastic. And the phone looks good too.

  • Rob

    Did Samsung pay them that much that they skipped out on walking in New York Fashion Week?

  • Bobby

    I understand the blondes, but what is that other girl doing with the supermodels??

    • prufrock

      Time to call the optometrist. Chanel Iman is breath-taking.

  • Jay

    Supermodels… Bleh… Those girls need to put on a little bit of dimension and the Note needs to loose a bit. That’s just my two cents.

  • M1LK

    They just need to say one thing and the Phone will sell.

    “It’s so Big ;)”

  • LeDerp

    For those saying its a huge phone, well…its not a phone.
    Its a Notepad.

    Its like those crossover vehicules, its not a wagon, but its not an SUV.

  • TheFire

    They can play with my pen any day.

  • Al

    So do buying a Note result in a picture with them? If so…

    as koreans say: ” GEEE GEEE”

  • Jem

    Brillant. That’s sexy advertising and marketing! <3
    Way to go Samsung!

  • nexusftw

    I like big screens and i cannot lie but you other brotgers cant deny when a girl walk in with an itty bitty waist and thst huge phone in her face, its too big.

  • lengend

    The one in the blue holding the phone to her ear, pretty much covered her whole face!

    • AndroidForLife

      Exactly right. People laughed when they saw people holding the Streak to their heads and this thing is even bigger (not much, but still). Seriously, who is interested in looking like a total d*****s holding something like that to their head? There is no way to do that and not lose your dignity.

  • sp

    Chanel Iman….you just sold me…

    take my money…..

  • ActivesiN

    what are they selling? , it doesnt matter im buying

  • Lonely Islands

    Jizz in my pants

  • Allan

    It’s about time companies in North America use sexy models to launch electronic products. It’s been going on for so long in Asia.

  • Givanchy

    Still doesn’t make me want to buy a note. Unless they come with the models.

  • AndroidForLife

    Nice. At least Samsung is being straight forward with who this tablet is aimed at, that being women. No man would really want to face the constant discomfort of having their nuts squashed and severed by sitting down with a Note in their pocket. This is purely a devices for woman, or men with man-purses. This is not a device for anyone with a p***s and/or testicles (unless they have a purse).

  • crimsona

    They should just do this for every launch

  • tien

    We need more events like this when new phone launch in Toronto. More pictures please

  • vin

    but the competition should up the ante.. go for swim suit models … in swim suits!

  • Sub-Joker

    wow…. they are so slimmer and taller than I thought…. I mean the guy looks really short beside them.

  • Nick

    Imagine they were playing with the phone and it nippled out of their hands…. I mean slipped out of their hands. Definitely a great campaign by samsung… this phone is the breast…. I mean the chest… I mean the best.

    …. Boobs.

  • Dalex

    What’s with all these comments about it being too big to make a call with??? Do you realize that there are bluetooth headsets available or you know… headphones. It doesn’t even look half bad on the chick, imagine a normal sized person.

    It’s a great phone and an alternative to carrying a tablet and phone around. Its amazingly snappy (less so with this qualcomm powered one, but its not bad) and has great battery life (again this LTE one a little less). It’s an amazing device and they have already sold over a million in Europe with it not even being available in NA yet.

    I mean how dare Samsung release something different… We should all have 3.5 inch screened phones with fruit logos and the world would be a better place right? Stop posting nonsense.

  • Tomatoes

    I think people fail to realize that you do not have to hold it to your face. You can use a headset. Of course people thought Bluetooth headsets looked stupid before too but it works for a lot of people.

    I’d rather carry a note + bluetooth headset then say my S2 + playbook. Of course some people are fine with just the S2 but different folks, different strokes right?

    • schultzter

      Anyone would rather carry a Note than a Playbook – that’s not saying much!

    • sp

      I beg to differ with you schultzter.

      I actually do carry around my S2 and my Playbook every where I go.

      Dont generalize everyone.

      Your opinion is your opinion.

      Im more than happy with my Playbook as it is.

  • shaggyskunk

    Hey Bobby, care to elaborate on your comments?

  • TBV

    …it’s a phablet…not a phone…

  • Avi

    which mall is this?

  • rvictorg

    Pretty sure these ladies can easily handle more than 5.3 inches…just saying.

  • Bob

    Photos are a little soft and blurry. Mobilesyrup needs to upgrade their camera.

  • khk

    Well, this phone is so ugly, it needs supermodel beauty to absorb some of its hideousness….

  • EmperumanV

    My comment for this – sexy phone with sexy models 😛

  • Dillon

    Hm, what phone were you talking about again?

  • B.W.

    I think I overheard one of the models say:

    Is that a Galaxy Note in your pocket or are you just happy to see us? Oh, it is a Galaxy Note? That’s too bad, we were about to invite you to the after party.

  • Brian J

    good thing some one turned the phones on for the supermodels 🙂

  • jr67

    You know those models, and any woman really, would take one look at any man using one of them and laugh their @$S off at how ridiculous they look using them. Also, they would know that any man that can fit one in their pocket has waayyy too much room in their pants. You might as well wear a sign bragging about your tiny balls and 2 inches of manhood.

  • exchange

    can I trade in my samsung note for the blonde model in blue?

  • rikin

    super hot lol I couldn’t find the phone in those pics for several minutes.

  • scotiaguy

    I guess for super models and Samsung “size really does matter” 🙂

  • John

    This phone looks so useless…too big to be a useful phone, too small to be a useful tablet. It’s like an all season tire…crappy all around.

    The girls, on the other hand…