MTS launches their “Wireless Protection Program”


  • expensivetroll

    only an iPhone will finish like this.
    Just sayin’.

    • SAM


  • clitcommander

    Get your eyes checked troll that’s not an IPhone so mute point.

    Just Sayin’

    • Adam

      PRobably true. With an iphone all you need to do is hold it too hard and it will break. For a droid, you have to run it over with a car in order to break the screen… which is what appears happened here.

  • PraiseBeToLordJobs

    An iPhone would never break. It is a quality product, unlike stolen Android garbage.

    • WP74Life

      Haha, yeah yeah.
      Go on buddy, fart apps and “forever alone” siri might be the coolest features around here.
      Just Sayin’

    • Pfff

      Are you being sarcastic??

      …you can’t be THAT misinformed. :S

  • Scott

    I don’t see why anyone would opt for the $7/month Complete Program when the $5/month Enhanced would provide essentially the same benefit. If the phone malfunctions after the warranty, all you do is drop it in the toilet, run over it with the car or have it succumb to some other “accidental” damage.

  • The REAL Joe

    Who cares, MTS doesn’t have any phones worth protecting. Their selection is pathetic.

  • Nack

    Is that a picture of the Samsung Galaxy S2?

    • Jimbo

      Not it can’t be the s2. The s2 is so garbage that it isn’t worth dropping it on the ground. If you have samshit you drop it down the toilet and flush it

  • NT Rogers2

    What a rip off….

    If your phone break… then just go and buy an unlocked phone. Simple.

  • Tweak

    Looks more like a Desire hd to can see parts of the capacitive buttons on the right side and the left looks kinda like speaker grill on the dhd.

  • Mr. Reliable

    Worth mentionning that only Rogers offers this program FREE OF CHARGE. Yeah, free, a Rogers First. 😉

    • Lynn

      Rogers might be free, but all you get is a cheap replacement phone and you have to extend your contract by a year. At least MTS will give you a brand new phone and not expect you to extend your contract. Classic case of you get what you pay for!

  • Cwinder

    For everyone asking, its an evo 4g from sprint in the picture.

  • HAnderson

    With Rogers protection plan, it’s not even guaranteed like for like. You get what they send you, if you have an iPhone they can send you a Motorola Krzr to use for the length of your extended contract. they all will not change your calling plan based on the replacement hardware so you’re stuck paying for a plan you can’t use. With the protection plan with MTS you get like for like. Smart phone for Smartphone etc etc