Mobilicity decided to release the Galaxy Nexus today


  • Sean

    Pretty sweet. Glad to see everyone having the Nexus =D

    • Steve

      Not everyone has it. Koodo still hasn’t announced anything yet. I’d prefer to get one on the tab, but I’m giving them 2 more weeks before I buy one from another carrier and bring it to them.

  • gggggreat

    Great phone.

    • cheenachatze

      Very bad battery life, according to the reviews.

  • Mo

    The wonders of competition 😀

  • hoo dat

    This is getting rather silly. What does it matter if one carrier has it 2 or 3 days before another? The Mobilicity fanboys will still wait for Mobilicity to carry it, and the same can be said for Wind fanboys. What ever extra they pick up will soon balance out but could well be negated if distribution is not fulfilled. Seems like Mobi’s rushing this one to market at the expense of carrier wide inventory, big mistake.

    • hoo dat

      Called around a few stores in Toronto and Mississauga today to see if any had arrived and not one store said they had got it or were even expecting it this week. Seems like it’s an on-line launch only. I already know some Wind stores have the phone in today, just not on display. I think I can wait until tomorrow to check it out. Shame it couldn’t have been at a Mobilicity store.

  • Alex Perrier

    i’d like to hear some Mobi versus WIND valid points here. Does one have better speeds? Better network reception? And so on…

    Those who want a subsidized device will have no option other than WIND if they want truly unlimited plans.

    • cheenachatze

      I have one account with Wind and one with Mobilicity. No problems with either one in Toronto.

    • Mo

      I think it really matters which part of the country you live in. Some parts WIND has better speed/coverage and some parts has Mobilicity with better speed/coverage. I didn’t try Mobilicty but wind’s speed and coverage in Calgary is good. Obviously not great but still very serviceable.

    • jonny

      It will totally depend on your location.

      All carriers, even Rogers, have crappy spots.

      In general, Mobi has the clearest sound quality of all companies. Wind’s sound quality is like the big 3 – typical. Wind has faster internet from my experience. Wind also has a much larger coverage zone, and are expanding.

      I tried both Wind and Mobi, and had problems with both. More problems with Mobi than Wind, so I went back to Wind for good. Most of Wind’s problems have been fixed. I would say their service is now comparable to Bell.

  • MARS

    @Alex How is it truly unlimited when you get a warning at 3-4gb??

    From my experience and from people I know, Wind coverage seems to be better.

    • Alex Perrier

      Truly unlimited as opposed to Rogers “unlimited” which only includes local calling Saturday, Sunday and 18h to 23h59 and 0h to 7h the other days; unlimited texts; and only certain sites unlimited.

  • MARS

    Anyone know if this phone has a LED notification light? Or are those things a thing of the past?

    • daguy


      Yes it does. There is a multi-colour LED that is used for notifications.

      @Alex Perrier

      I’m on Wind with a GNex and have a close friend on Mobilicity with one and the networks here aren’t much different. Wind data speeds are slightly better though.

  • Vindee

    @MARS it is unlimited with a 5 gb cap they wont stop your service they’ll slow it down, and why would you use that much on a mobile device to begin with anything more than that you should probably get fiber, and it does come with the LED notification light

  • Vineet

    I would say Mobilicity has better reception and data speed than WIND (I used both in Toronto, NXOne on Mobi and HTC Amaze on WIND)though WIND has better coverage area.

  • lukeiphone

    sickkk phone with s**t service!

  • Sam

    Gr8 Phone but battery Sucks…. lasts 10 hrs

    • Michael

      Friend of mine has the Bell one. His phone lasts ~35 hours between charges with ~1hr of talking, ~1hr web surfing, constant email checking

    • clk64

      try turning off your sync in accounts & sync in settings. you can leave your bluetooth and wifi on if you use them alot but if you dont you can leave them off. Your nexus is constantly accessing the web with this setting on and uses alot of power doin so. Also try downloading a battery management app like juice defender ( the base app is free ) which manages and puts your cores to ‘sleep’ when not in use on certain functions. doing these 2 things will make a huge difference in your battery life. i was averaging 6-8 hrs a day in battery life before i did this. now im easily getting 24-26 hrs on a single charge.

  • Sub-Joker

    I just got this phone and I really love it. however, one thing is bugging me about it. The auto-brightness sensor seems a bit slow to respond, and it seems like there are only 3 brightness settings (low, medium and high) even if it’s put on auto-brightness.
    For example, sometimes when I go to the sun light, I first don’t see a thing, then all of a sudden it’s the screen is all bright and nice. then when i go back home, all of a sudden it becomes dark a bit. it’s not like other phones where you get a gradual decrease and increase in brightness. also, in many occasions, I feel the screen brightness low so I go to adjust it manually to over come this.

    is the unit i’m using defective or is it a normal thing with the Galaxy Nexus??

  • AC

    Wind’s network is far superior than Mobilicity. The speeds are much better and the voice quality has improved. Wind is expanding rapidly while showing a lot of committment to staying in Canada even though it has been a bumpy ride. Mobilicity on the other hand have already set themselves up for what looks to be like the company to be sold in the upcoming months.

    • 0defaced


      no…..just no.

  • bluenote73

    Service with Mobilicity is not that great, I hope the company is bought and the network improves.

  • Radar

    Just go to Wind and Mobi websites and compare their coverage areas – Wind is way better in all the cities and it is expanding. Mobi is a downtown solution only.

  • Slype

    I’m in Ottawa and I found that Wind is better than Mobi but I’ve heard that Mobi is better in TO (from what I’ve been reading).

    Data speeds are decent as well and I find myself never connecting to my home wifi because I don’t have to worry about data anymore. Love not having to worry about long distance either.

    Great phone – I regularly get 20-24 hours out of my phone as well. I installed the free version of JuiceDefender and let it run plus I set my brightness to the medium level and never notice it lacking. Very Very happy with this purchase. I also picked up NFCLauncher (along with Tasker) and bought some NFC tags so I got those by my bedside and by the front door.

    One downside I do find with the phone is that I get some Jello happening with the video (never had that with my Captivate). Not sure if it’s the CMOS sensor or if it’s software. I’m running 4.0.1 so I’m hoping that it is resolved. Aside from that one little issue, everything else about the phone is simply fantastic. Haven’t been this pleased with a phone since the Treo 270 (another phone that let you do anything you wanted to without restrictions).

    • pasuljko

      Mobilicity is nowhere near WIND in terms of coverage, I don’t think they added a new tower in Toronto since initial launch. I was with Mobilicity for 6 month and what a dissapointing experience.
      They put a minimum number of towers in some markets so not to lose the license and now waiting for a payout.

  • Hank

    Both Wind and Mobilicity are trash. I think Mobilicity will fail first.

  • rich

    If anyone picked it up, what baseband version is it running?

  • GF

    who in their right mind would pay $600 for a mobile phone

  • Rossa P

    GF – would you rather buy a $450 phone from a shady Pakistani in Mississauga who advertises new but sells you refurbished from Asia?