HTC Radar “Coming Soon” to SaskTel


  • Alex Perrier

    So this means they’re making one with Big 3 PCS spectrum support?


    Hopefully this turns out like the HTC Amaze, which most of us thought was TELUS-exclusive, but then Vidéotron/WIND/Mobilicity all release this wonderful device. Does anyone know if there are any differences between the TELUS Amaze and the WIND/etc. Amaze?

  • Brett

    I am switching to Telus. Well, I already switched but my wife still has a Sasktel phone. Of all the WP7 devices out there, this one is low end at best. HTC has the Titan, Titan II, and Samsung has two great models, plus Nokia…

    When WP7 first launched, Sasktel got the LG Optimus Quantum – an ugly phone, with a slide out keyboard. Now Sasktel is getting yet another low end phone (although I do like the Radar). This needs to be one phone in a line-up. Not the only choice. Come on Sasktel you dumped all this money into a 3G network. Let us use some good phones on it!

  • RJay29

    WP7 are not popular phones, even the lumina series. I love them but why invest in a phone that really wont sell.

  • David


    The Radar has a front facing camera, gyroscope, Internet Sharing, etc.

    The Nokia’s don’t have those, and even if they did, they are exclusive to other carriers. The Samsung doesn’t have those features either.

    The Titan II isn’t out yet. The Titan never made it to Canada.

    • Brett

      Until now, the Radar never made it to Canada either, so I don’t think that is a reason.

      I actually really like the Radar. I would have bought one if it had been available a few months ago. Now I am going to get the Lumia 800 because of the nice AMOLED display, very nice body, and awesome apps like Nokia Drive. Honestly I don’t need a front facing camera, though I know it is one of those checkbox items that people expect.

      I guess I am being overly harsh on Sasktel. At least they are getting A new Windows Phone. I just want to see them with some options! The HTC Radar is HTC’s low end WP7. Sure would be nice if they had it paired with the Titan. They set the bar pretty low on the last go around. Hopefully it is a sign of good things to come.

  • freestaterocker

    Apart from the smaller screen, the Radar checks off everything on my list from the current batch of WP7. I don’t care about storage (still have 11gb free on my HD7). It has great battery life, ffc, high build quality, and most importantly, mango!