Upcoming Windows Phone 8 details leak

Windows Phone 7 devices in Canada are rare. After a 14-month absence, it’s only now we’re seeing a new wave of handsets (Nokia Lumia 710, plus the upcoming Lumia 800 and HTC Radar). So the enthusiasm is building and from reading over a report from PocketNow the next big OS update, codenamed “Apollo”, will be incredibly impressive. In a leaked video Microsoft SVP and Windows Phone manager Joe Belfiore showcased upcoming details of Windows Phone 8. Here’s a rundown of some of the key points:

Windows Phone 8 will see much needed changes, especially to compete with other manufacturers. Highlighted was support for multi-core processors, a total of 4 new unknown screen resolutions, microSD card storage and NFC support that will help built what Belfiore called the “Wallet experience”. The upgrade will also make it easier for developers to “reuse – by far – most of their code” when making their app available from a desktop, tablet or phone.

Other very notable info is the data management features. WP8 will automatically search/connect to available Wi-Fi hotspots; Zune desktop integration will be history and possibly be replaced with “richer version of ActiveSync”; there’ll be a greater Skydrive integration. Microsoft is aiming to have over 100,000 Windows Phone 7.5-compatible apps when WP8 is officially released (rumoured to be in Q4). In addition, you can expect to see some sort of deeper Skype integration, possibly built right into the OS, making Microsoft’s acquisition fully embedded into their mobile plans.

Pretty exciting future for Windows Phone… read the entire post here at PocketNow