Upcoming Windows Phone 8 details leak


  • Jesse

    I’m pretty sure all of the “legacy” devices will be supported as well….time will tell but I’m sure this will be the case due to Microsoft’s philosophy with WP7.

    • TheCyberKnight

      Since your comment exhibits a lack of knowledge, here is something for you:
      Windows Phone does run incredibly smooth with single core processors. Does it need multi-core, no. But multi-core processors also have a power advantage in many cases and supporting them is a plus for the platform.
      Now, look, you just got smarter!

    • gggggreat

      You’re probably not as smart as you think you are.

  • gggggreat

    But wait…they don’t need multi-core, Windows Phone 7 runs soooo smoothly…it’s coded soooo efficiently…all the WP7 fanboys say so. /sarcasm

    • Nick

      That it does. But to be able to get more developers to start making games and such, it would be wise to have more processing power to handle the games.

    • bob

      Haha so true. I always laughed at those who said that the code was so efficient when they didn’t see it (and probably couldn’t tell anyway)

  • Jesse

    That’s because it is coded properly. Android should maybe take a couple notes…

  • crunch204

    dual core isnt required by the OS but definatly a good idea for games, especially Xbox Live games

  • shaggyskunk

    I briefly tried a Wphone …for 3 days before I sent it back! It was a Samsung Focus, what blew me away was that my Motorola V9x communicated better with my Win7 PC.than the focus!! It would be great if another O/S pushed the competition.

  • Tom

    OS integration of Skype and Skydrive sounds like a bad idea.

    For VoIP I need a service that supports Canadian phone numbers and for storage I use dropbox.

    I’m sure these solutions will be supported, but they will likely be second class citizens compared to the integrated solutions.

    • jellmoo

      To be fair, just because they aren’t the solutions you are personally looking for doesn’t make them a bad idea. Skype has the widest user base by far, and Skydrive ties into Live Office incredibly well. Microsoft is leveraging the properties they own and can fully control. Hardly a bad idea.

  • De

    @gggggreat & bob:

    Multiple cores are there because second core (& 3rd & 4th) can be dynamically disabled when not needed, thus reducing average power consumption.

    Yes, Win Phone run really well on just one core at 1 GHz. When more power is needed extra cores can be turned on, just while extra juice is needed, etc.

  • Blah blah blah

    Just an abstract though, but I wonder if windows phones could end up taking a chunk out of RIM’s fleeting market share… They may not be too popular with the masses compared to androids and iPhones , but the few people who actually use them seem to love it and it just seems like a windows device would be highly compatible with the business sector (rims biggest buyers) that relies so heavily on pc’s.

  • B

    Oh goodness. WP7 fans are starting to sound like Apple fanboys.. they don’t need a feature until it’s offered on their platform! And I even like WP7…

    WP7 Fan Yesterday:
    Dual core phones are for Android because it’s laggy and sucks and isn’t coded properly. (Casually leave out that the iPhone is also dual core) We don’t need things like 1080p video recording and decoding, never mind having first rate games, and there is no reason to have graphically intense web pages load smoothly. Why? Because it’s a phone and the OS runs super smooth and is so much better than Android (again leaving out any reference to iPhone the current number 2 in market share) and did we tell you how smooth the OS is? Because it’s smooth alright! Who cares it the capabilities are less than every other offering on the market! Android is laggy and sucks!

    WP8 announced/leaked.

    WP7 Fan Tomorrow:
    I can’t wait to get my hands on the new dual core (or more) super phones! Now Android is really going to suck! Wait until they see my 1080p capable phone and all the sweet games it has! NFC is going to revolutionize how cell phones work! I’m so glad that I don’t have a laggy Android phone (that will undoubtedly have better specs but is still somehow inferior)!

    • Jesse

      Comparing WP7/iOS to Android is like comparing a light, speedy Porsche to a Semi truck.

      The semi truck NEEDS a big, powerful engine, otherwise it will go nowhere, or get to where you need to go incredibly slow for that matter. With a beefier engine, it can do what it needs to do properly.

      With the Porsche, you can stick a V6 in it and it will still go like stink. Yes, on paper the V6 isn’t as powerful as the big semi engine, but the car itself is lighter so it can compensate for a less-powerful engine. Not to mention, a V6 is far more fuel efficient than a V8 or V10.

      Now, if you stick a V10 in a Porsche, even better. It’ll make it go FAR faster and you’ll get quite a kick out of it, but you can still settle for less if you want to and go really stinking fast.

      Does that make sense? We certainly don’t need phones with beefier specs, but it’s a certain luxury we can enjoy when it is made available. (I’ve also never noticed one difference between 720p recording and 1080p recording, it more depends on what you’re actually filming it through.)

    • ruddias

      I agree with you wholeheartedly. I myself am a WP7 user, but its getting ridiculous. All they are trying to do is justify their purchase by telling themselves they don’t need 1080p or dual cores, and when it’s available for them the realize how much it would improve their phone. I myself don’t need 1080p, because I have only recorded 1 video on my phone in 4 months. Dual core would be nice however. 🙂

      Really though, you can’t deny it is a very smooth OS.

    • gggggreat

      That’s exactly what I was trying to convey.

  • Simon

    What I want to know if these first gen WP7 devices by Nokia will support WP8.

    • gwydionjhr

      Simon, no one knows for sure, we’re all hopeful that MS will make WP8 backward compatible to current devices. However, Paul Thurrott on Windows Weekly today speculated that current devices will not brought up to WP8.

      Personally, I think it might be little from column “A” and little from column “B”. IE The software upgrades seen in Apollo might also come as an update to the older devices; things like the new way of syncing with your computer (replacing Zune). Most of the items listed about Apollo are hardware related and wouldn’t effect current devices anyway.

  • B

    And what the hell did you mean about the fuel mileage? WP7 and Android both get whooped by iOS. And it totally breaks your analogy. The v10 sports car gets the best gas mileage?

  • B

    Not sure if my other post disappeared?

    But yes Jesse, I get your analogy and to some extent I agree. To keep in that analogy, your v6 porsche will get you around town, but it is unable to merge onto the fast moving busy freeway without being completely out of place.
    To break out of that analogy, while WP7 is serviceable but to pretend that a dual core is unneeded or that the current phones compete against the best of the rest is false.

    Like I said, I actually like WP7 and hope it does well. It will just bother me to no end that when these dual core phones come out, WP7 fans will no longer be going on about “no one needs dual core” and will pretend like they were never behind. Ala everything Apple brings to market after someone else and their fanboys pretend like it was just invented.

    And what the hell did you mean about the fuel mileage? WP7 and Android both get whooped by iOS. And it totally breaks your analogy. The v10 sports car gets the best gas mileage?

    • Jesse

      The V6 gets better mileage than the V10s is what I meant….

      It’s not to me about who brings it out first. I frankly couldn’t care less about that. It’s what a company does to better use that hardware. For instance, the Atrix was the first dual-core phone to come out, but the GSII was the best phone to utilize that hardware.

  • andy c

    hardware spec wise this will put windows phone on par with android today.

    i can’t see any major hardware features down the road short of 1080p and bigger screens. NFC has not been adopted by the mainstream in Canada as of yet and 3D is way to gimmicky.

    if Nokia sells well in the Americas and Asia i think the 100k app mark before year end is realistic

    i guess there still is a horse out in Redmond

  • EvanK

    Give me true multitasking and full flash support, and I’ll be first in line to sign up!

  • Jer

    I’m curious to learn more about those windows phones. I heard they run smooth and are a refreshing experience.

    • David

      You won’t be disappointed. I was a little sceptical at first, but can’t tell you how impressed I was once I started to use my Samsung Focus. And after a year and a half, I’m still having a great time with my Focus with WP7.5 Mango.

  • Mickey

    The Big Question is will Apollo (Windows Phone 8) run
    on 1st or 2nd Gen Devices i.e Samsung Focus.

    • TheCyberKnight

      Not confirmed yet but HIGHLY probable. It is very unlikely Microsoft can ignore the installed base and restart from zero. Also, considering the time frame between the versions, the original hardware should be enough to run it.

    • DonSod

      There is NO WAY they can afford to lose the few customers they have aquired. This would be suicide. Some features such as integrated Skype might not be fully compatible due to lack of front facing cameras however.

  • David

    I heard the 900 is coming to Rogers too! That’s my desired next WP. I think WP7 is simply amazing and has lots of potentials. It’s the most user-friendly smartphone device for me to date. Although there are of course not as many apps as Apple and Android, considering that it’s a rather new platform, I managed to own 350+ apps and games installed on my phone and have much fun with all of them!

  • FrankieSab

    WP7.5 and WP8 will not share the same kernel. To say that WP7.5 do not need dual core is true TODAY. But I bet WP8 will need a beefier hardware tu run well because it will be based on the same kernel as the Windows 8 OS Intead of a modified Windows CE as we are using now. I just hope WP8 will not follow Android route, and not be as smooth even on powerful CPU.

  • Mike_B

    I just want to see a landscape qwerty slider like the E7 or the TP2 with all of these amazing hardware capabilities running an OS that is fluid and is consistent. I am using a Samsung Galaxy S right now which is OK, but it does lag and freeze up sometimes.

    I’m pretty psyched for the possibility of expandable storage in WP8.

    • freestaterocker

      I recommend trying out a WP7 software keyboard before holding out for a qwerty. It’s spectacularly accurate and fast, and the prediction/correction is second to none. I was a qwerty addict until my HD7. Seriously, if you’re wanting to switch over you owe it to yourself to try it out. Hop down to a Rogers and ask to try out a Lumia 710. I say Rogers because they have a mango device NOW, versus TELUS’ 800 which is still “coming soon”.

  • Mark

    And here we have the fandroids crying again because something other than android seems to be getting the press.