WIND launching $65/month “Sharing the Love” plan – gives two Unlimited talk, text & data plans, plus two free Curve 9360s


  • EvanK

    Gotta love Wind! Can’t wait until they in Manitoba later this year!

  • Gus83

    Is this really a “new” promo? I shared the love on my holiday miracle plan at w for $75….

  • Gus83

    * “two”

  • guest23

    current promo is $29 with same features. if you get 2 lines, its going to cost $58. How this new plan is cheaper?

    • hoo dat

      The current plan ends after a year, this plan is permanent.

  • briggs

    curve is $299, assuming it’s a 198$ discount, that would bring the curves down to 200$ each…

  • Alex Perrier

    At least it’s not $69! 😉

    Now is it a regular WINDtab or a WINDtab+? Seems like someone forgot to write the + at the end.

    But anyway, it’s an interesting deal. Only advantage is the subsidy, as then plan itself is regular price.

  • moinko

    so i can sign up for this for a month and then leave and get the phones for free? no contract with wind, right?

    • Radar

      Yes you can – but you will need to pay the phones.

  • moinko

    so for $65 for one month, i get service for two devices PLUS two devices, then I can go to another provider (with aws) and use those phones?

    not a bad deal at all!

    • Rogers CEO

      You are stupid moinko. It say 100 times the phones are with WINDtab! Yes, you can leave after you pay your WINDtab you moron!

  • Joy

    Almost clicked “thumb down”, but then I actually read the post. You sneaky bastard you!

  • iBerry

    Mobilicity had a better couples plan last year and they will probably have it this year! Wind stop following Mobilicity! Be creative!

  • RoccoStiffReddi

    Yes I am sneaky! I want to fool you all.. Who cares about no warranty, I mean really wind will take care of us!! come to the wind forum and see all my lies! I am the one on there complaining about all the reception issues! I am the one who is posting day in day out the problems! Wind is perfect! T1MB1T knows this to be true! We take turns making up all the feel good stories!

  • RoccoStiffReddi

    So just got a call from tony. Sad news his momy washed his shiny suit in hot water again. I know she is getting old and wanted to get his tighty whities nice and skid mark free and ruined the suit! Oh well.. on a lighter note no warranty means wind can sell you gray market phones. The jabroni crew have all called in and been told no warranty and it has them all angry. Nexus? warranty? well called in today and sad to say no. Samsung has said they will not, do not, can not service a phone from wind. SO since wind buys them at a reduced price what will they sell them for? oh wait.. you jabroni’s are paying top dollar for a good phone, on a terrible network, with no warranty? good on you fools.

    jaaa broni

    outsourced, contracted, crying like a little girl, sold, and still no warranty..

  • Paul

    Sure Rocco, please keep reminding us about how wonderful the big 3 are.

    Try taking a broken phone into Robbers. Or better yet, call them about a lost phone. They’ll be more than happy to sell you a new one and lock you into 3 more years of misery. Why fix a broken phone when you can have a shiny new early upgrade right?

    Oh, and if you’re lucky enough to have lasted through all 3 years of hell and are month to month, yeah, you can go right ahead and pay full price for your new phone and fabulous 3 year contract. The rotting corpse of Uncle Ted’s got your back.

  • Rocco StiffReddi

    If I wasn’t so busy being a troll on winds site I could have been first on here telling lies. So blah blah blah warranty blah blah jabroni blah blah. I get much more attention on winds site, and thats all my handlers want, meaningless, unsubstantiated lies, untruths, and meaningless bogeyman scare tactics. None of it has to be true, I get paid by the post.

  • Rocco StiffReddi

    Yes, I am the one who trolls wind incessantly. I bump threads daily, whenever someone else has a problem, you will notice that its never me with the problems. I just like to dog pile, its part of the mob mentality that my sub-par intelligence easily succumbs to. I can never back up my lies, but why would I need to? I am a cross dresser, and every post I make is bought and paid for by rogers, my handlers.

  • Omid

    Customer service SUCKS big time.tried to transfer from Windtab to WinTab+ got b**lsh*t from CS,unexpectedly old customers,better to say loyal customers are not allowed to transfer from Windtab to WinTab+.It’s like your mom doesn’t like u anymore.