Samsung Canada says part of their upcoming Super Bowl ad was shot with the Galaxy Note


  • Mike

    such a sweet device!!!

    • SAM



    It might be just me, but because I’ve been using the Galaxy Note since November, I’m not THAT excited about this release. Although the commercial should bring the mainstream isheep’s attention away from Apple.

    I want to see Galaxy SIII And Galaxy Tab 11.6 😀

  • Jay Jay

    Samsung, we love you 😉

  • lukeiphone

    Actually, Blackberry is better!

  • shamu

    Can’t wait to see it.. Samsung, looking forward to the ICS upgrade as well..anyone know the timing?

  • Andre Avigdor

    I ordered my Note 2 months ago from the UK and have been using it on Rogers ever since… Honestly, this is the ultimate smart phone… I had a GS2 before this and after 48 hours the phone feels like the perfect size… My wife just traded in her I4 for a Nexus after seeing Android in action!!

  • whocares

    Who cares? Its too big to be a phone, and too small to be a phone.

  • whocares

    **tablet is what was meant lmao.

  • c

    because its a multimedia device with full gsm capabilities? no need to pinch to zoom to read text on fully formatted websites?
    nice camera
    nice processor[eu version at least]

    there’s a lot to care about if it suits you, and if you don’t care.. well who cares about what you care about.

  • tbr

    Never again Samsung. Watch them stop updating the phone in a year like they did with the galaxy. It’s Google next time.