Rogers launches the “BlackBerry SmartBuilder” tool


  • SAM


    • Dimitri

      Sam for the love of god can you not read? Also are you a kid or something that needs to type in caps in order to make her / him self look cool? Yet over your self.

      The galaxy note will be released sometime soon. Rogers will not say anything until they are ready. If you are a Rogers costumer Sam you should know this by now.

  • Ding Chavez

    RIM is saved!

  • mark

    Another service from a carrier that gonna fall in the abbyss.

  • Eric V.

    Sounds like an attempt to gather more customer information and ditch the garbage that’s been sitting in their warehouse collecting dust.

    • Dimitri

      I doubt you even work at Rogers to know BUT since i do work for a Rogers plus store i can tell you that undetneath the iPhone 4S & the Gnexus then bold 9900 & the both torch 9860 & 9810 are still a fav. We sell blackberries like no tomorrow so i see no where that its in the warehouse just sitting.

  • idonkey

    “Rogers will show you the custom built solution with a recommended device(s), recommended apps, accessories.”

    What a joke and a half, how hard would it be between a Curve and a Bold. “recommended apps” What’s app? “accessories” What’s accessories?