Windows Phone Tango to bring Live Tile grouping, tweaked homescreen music controls

We’ve heard bits and pieces about the upcoming Tango update for Windows Phones, but mainly that it’s going to add support for lower-priced smartphones. If a new rumour is to be believed, Tango will also give the main Windows Phone home screen a minor facelift.

With iOS 5 and Android 4 bringing easy-to-initiate folders to the table, it would only make sense for the next version of Windows Phone to do the same. It seems that Tango will add “Live Tile grouping” whereby several tiles can co-exist, within a larger folder, but still maintain their “alive” independence. The idea is interesting, but it would certainly disrupt much of the 2D uniformity of the current setup.

The other rumour pegs updated music controls for the home screen, something we’ve come to really enjoy as we’ve used Rdio and Zune Pass on our various Windows Phone tester devices. There have been criticisms that the music controls take up too much space on the screen, and have been scaled back to show more of whatever else is happening on the screen.

Live Tile grouping is already available on “jailbroken” Windows Phones running custom ROMs, but the community is much smaller than the equivalent Android or iPhone. Nevertheless, we know that Tango is coming, and that Microsoft is not sitting on its laurels waiting for Google and Apple to surpass it with new features.

Source: My Microsoft Life
Via: WPCentral