Greenpois0n untethered jailbreak released for iPhone 4S, iPad 2


  • Arran

    …. it works

  • Kyle Harriss

    It worked but can’t connect to the data base for the final info!!!!! HELP

  • Nigel

    Thanks a lot for the jailbreak…i tried it on my ipad 2 but i was unsuccessful..can someone please help..thanks

  • Daniel Bader

    @Kyle, pod2g suggests: “If the Absinthe webclip shows “Error establishing a database connection”, please go to Settings, turn on VPN and wait instead.”

    Try that.

    • Kyle Harriss

      It says a configuration error occurred!

  • Kev

    I can’t connect to database either. Oh no can’t believe it..

  • Kay

    Please give us a link for the Windows version.

    Thank you

  • Reece

    The Windows version hasn’t been released yet. It’s always released for Mac first, then the others.

    Still waiting though. Hope they release it by no later than Sunday! I may just die 🙂

  • anthony

    just did it to mine, the green poison icon appears on the iPad, click it, “database connection error”, just go turn on VPN and it will take care of the rest itself. DONE AND WORKING =D

    btw, the jailbreak is for mac osx users only…

  • Landers

    Would someone be able to possibly help me with this? i have an Iphone 3GS jailbroken with greenpois0n and am currently using ios 4.2.1 can i upgrade with this update or is it only for a5 devices any help would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

    • Reece

      Unless you suddenly took your iPhone apart and replaced the A4 chip with an A5 chip, no…

    • bob

      there was an a4 jailbreak for ios 5.0.1 released about 2 weeks ago,

    • Gvose

      Update to ios5 then use redsn0w jailbreak. This jailbreak is for A5 devices. You have an A4 device

  • Landers

    ok thanks, but is there any way i can update mine to ios 5? like do i have to change to redsn0w or some other jailbreak?

    • Gvose

      Just update iTunes to latest version, hook up iPhone and do the software update. This will upgrade device to ios5. It will also remove the existing jailbreak. Once done you will jailbreak it again with redsn0w. I would do a backup prior. Of course all Cydia apps will have to be reinstalled and reconfigured.

  • zoomsteak

    Thanks a lot for your good job!!!!
    but same error “error etablishing a database connection”

  • zoomsteak

    Nice job its a mistake it work!!!!!

  • Jai

    @pod2g and @MuscleNerd_ and all HaCkErS…. Congrats for your excellent work.. It helped me a lot… Works perfectly fine sir.

  • Kyle Harriss

    Jailbreak doesn’t show up on the homescreen on my iphone 4S. I have downloaded the latest software!!

  • shaggyskunk

    And who says that iPhone owners can’t think independently… F L A M E …HA, HA.

  • Cae’s

    No it is just like “anthony” posted. Go to settings and turn on you VPN and even though it will say “Configuration Error Occur”, don’t touch it and it will correct itself, complete the jailbreak and turn the jailbreak button into Cydia!! Long awaited…THANKS!

    • Kyle Harriss

      AHHHHHHH it worked!!!! thanks!!!!!

    • LeeD

      Please see below my question about turning on VPN. Thanks.

  • @ Kev

    It worked after I turned of my WiFi!
    with 3G only

  • flood

    It worked after I turned of my WiFi!
    with 3G only


  • djnigel

    I cant get the jailbreak to work i leave it at the config error occurred screen for a while and it still doesn’t work

  • usher

    thanks, ipad2 works after turning on VPN. donate to these guys if you can, even $1

    • Usher

      Finally got iPhone 4S to work.
      1- backup phone
      2- restore
      3- setup as new device
      4- run jailbreak
      5- jailbreak successful.
      6- iTunes restore from backup

  • LeeD

    @ Cae’s- I’m new to jailbreaking. When I go to settings and turn on my VPN, it wants me to configure or enter servers, account, passwords and more. What do I enter in the VPN to have it stay on?


  • patrick

    where do i go to download the jailbreak??????

  • michael

    how long does the jailbreak take… i’ve been watching the blue line go nowhere for 30 min..

  • BeRadGz

    TOOO many frickin people are on lmao

  • Glen

    I have had no luck with this JB. It keeps saying Error establishing a database connection. I have followed the instruction of going to setting and turning on vpn but there is an error message there to. I have even tried resetting my iPad and nothing.

    • BeRadGz

      @Glen read the guide

  • BeRadGz

    somebody who knows what there doing needs to open a fresh page to download from the server. It will help with loading time for pages, even though it won’t help the bandwidth or dl speed i know, but something. cmon

  • rdg

    until the greenpois0n site comes back online, this jailbreak wont complete.
    too much traffic, their servers are down, wait a few hours then try again



  • hoosierodi

    it wont register my iphone 4s when i plug it in…it worked with my ipad 2 but wont with my 4s. what do i do?

  • nathan

    is there a greepois0n jailbreak yet for iphone 3gs 5.0.1.
    please help cheers

  • Jeff

    I try and turn on my VPN and it just says VPN Connection A configuration error occurred. What next?

  • Dan

    turn on my VPN but it says (Connection A configuration error)

  • Mohammad

    @Jeff if you are getting “error establishing a database connection” go to Setting > VPN > On. The VPN connection will give an error and your iPhone 4S or iPad 2 should reboot shortly after. After it is done try rebooting the Absinthe Webclip again.

  • jp

    after the jailbreak my icon (cydia) was gone stupid jailbreak

  • jeison

    my vpn didnt work and i turned it off and on and off and on and it still didnt work

  • jeison

    the link is not working

  • brenodo

    “sorry the attached device is not supported” iPhone 4 iOS 5.0.1 (9A405)

    • leanne pena

      did u get it to work? mine keeps saying the same i’ve got the iphone 4s

  • jeison


  • picks

    I’ll download this from mega…. Wait.. a … Second… Don’t need to I’m on an android that takes 2 lines of code to jailbreak

    • Crude

      That is because it is an unsecured platform. Then go ahead and load a new ROM because the heavily skinned piece of junk that came with the phone stinks.

  • YesSir!!


  • Gvose

    Thanks for the cache link, worked like a champ. Enabled VPN and then Cydia installed in about 2 minutes, reboot and now jailbroken. Awesome thanks to all the developers. Great job!

  • 3ric

    Can someone please tell me what case that is in the picture? The silver case, looks like a bumper, let me know!!! Daniel is that yours??? THX in advance gents

  • rolynn719

    when i open absinthe the jailbreak button is greyed out, any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • Danny

    lloll look at all the isheeps run to be free of Apple’s restrictions…..aka ANDROID!!! why do you by a phone and then want to be free of Apple…..just get an android we get customization out of the box!

    • Rio

      and by out of the box you mean, having to root it and install custom roms. yeah ok

  • isk

    i have installed with no problem on my ipad2 – when i did it to my 4s, everything went OK until i clicked on the absinthe on my spingboard – it didnt give me the connection error but nothing happens – i have tried several times with the same result.
    any ideas?

  • Monchompa

    same issue, I have an ipad 2 on 5.0 and an iphone 4 on 5.1, both devices say “sorry the attached device is not supported” PLEASEEEEEEEEE if you have ever seen this, reply with a fix. I cant find any info on this error >:(