Nissan self-healing iPhone case is tremendously cool


  • Wia

    Wish my car and phone had that. 🙁

  • Al

    Make one for Galaxy Nexus too please!

  • Mattprime86

    Outstanding. Humans are too damn smart. Go us!

  • Drock

    Wow, i’ll take 3 right now please (2x4s and 1x3gs). They look they they would be perfect for me.

  • t

    Good invention, but it is just a case. If it scratches, I just get another one.

  • Jerry

    Paint my phone in polyrotaxane and I don’t need a case.

  • I forgot my meds

    Yes, make it for the androidiots. They are clumsy.

    • Sage

      Dont know if you noticed, but this case is for iphone users, ya f*****g moron…

  • NienorGT

    Cool technology, but the case isn’t good looking at all.

  • Master

    IT’S ALIVE!!

  • EAK47

    Pretty useless according to me, for a car it’s great, but for a phone that people usually keeps for a couple of years what’s the point?

    It will probably sell for over 75$ if it ever comes to retail, you can buy a lot of cases with 75$ if one scratches…

    If I had to keep a phone for 10 years, OK good.. but seriously, for 2 years, who’s gonna buy that?

  • Keith

    I suspect there has to be some potent chemicals and off-gassing behind that so I’ll take pass.

  • Alpha

    Imagine the outcry of sellers of screen protectors and phone cases when GG2 & polyrotaxane are considered standard equipment.

  • Studystand

    Why wouldn’t they make use this for cellphone housing instead of a case?

  • eww

    I want no JUKE =_=
    I would buy if it was GTR =_=