Nissan self-healing iPhone case is tremendously cool

A few years ago, Nissan introduced a form of self-healing car paint that would, over time, mend small scratches and scrapes to the outer layer.

Nissan has now introduced an iPhone case painted with the same polyrotaxane material where “the chemical structure is able to react to change back to its original shape and fill the gap – ‘healing’ the blemish.” Bad scratches can take a week to heal, but most small blemishes are gone within a couple hours.

The case itself is made from high-grade ABS plastic which is more rigid and harder to snap than traditional polycarbonate-based materials.

Right now Nissan is beta testing the material in Europe, and has allowed NTT Docomo to outfit their phones with it, with a view to affixing it on more devices if the trial is successful.

Can you imagine a Gorilla Glass 2/Nissan Scratch Shield combo? The future looks, and feels, good.

Source: Nissan
Via: The Verge