Is your Galaxy Nexus experiencing random reboots?


  • Doorknob

    Yes it is.

    • I forgot my meds

      Get a life. Get a iPhone.

    • Yeria

      @I forgot my meds: You forgot your meds.

  • wer

    My iPhone doesn’t.

    • Dimitri k.

      Funny you say that because my iPhone 4 / 4S had random reboots when either i was watching a movie or playing games.

    • SAM


    • beh

      My iphone 4s’ battery is so bad that it wont last 15 hours, no kidding. I would always accept a constantly rebooting phone over a phone which does not last 15 hours.

  • Tyler

    I’ve had a few issues, no pattern that I’ve been able to tell, and some only once or twice.

    One time I had the phone tell me it couldn’t connect to the camera. That was only once, and a reboot fixed it.

    I’ve also had occasional issues with audio not playing for music or podcasts when in vibrate mode. It is like it toggles media off as well. Again a reboot fixes it.

    I haven’t had any actual random reboots during use though.

  • Ryan Lindsey

    Yeah, I’ve had times where the phone reboots itself.

    Once I chalked it up to something demanding the phone was doing, but another couple of times were very random, and not when the phone was doing anything too taxing.

  • Chris

    So far I’ve had no problems at all with my phone. But I did only get it last thursday. After suffering through a BB Bold 9000 for 40 months, I really hope there arent hardware problems with the Galaxy Nexus.

    • TheTigerTek

      I don’t use mine too often… its my back up phone but I haven’t had any problem.

  • Mark

    3 weeks and I’ve had no issues.

  • Joseph

    Yes this has happened to me.

  • ELNY

    None whatsoever but then again, I’m rooted and have AOKP ROM 4.0.3 installed.

    • KnightFire

      Cool! Is it Canadian? Bell? Rogers/Telus? You should give us noobs a walk-thru on what you’ve done.

  • alfred

    Yeah I’ve experienced this several times. Once the phone rebooted and wouldn’t get to the home screen no matter how many times i pulled the battery or tried doing a cold reboot. In the end, thesource exchanged my phone for me because they couldn’t fix the issue either.

    I hope Google fixes this.

  • Apple4Life

    So tipical of android.

  • LtDan


  • Justin

    no issues here, running a custom ROM so this could help the issue

  • Jimramk

    It happens more often than I’d like it to. Also Sleep of Death.

  • mather

    Have had mine for a bit over a month, it’s only rebooted itself once.

  • Big 3

    thats why you dont buy phones just released. its always buggy. wait a few months till phone gets an update that fixes them

    people bragging around with their new phones are just asking for it

  • Aaron

    Nothing for me yet, but I’ve only had it for 3 days.

  • deltatux

    This happens on the Nexus S with Android 4.0.3 (Stock OTA, no root) as well but it doesn’t reboot all that often, happens once in a blue moon while idling.

    However, no issues other than that.

    • JedDGed

      My AWS Nexus S (ICS, stock OTA but *with root* and unlocked bootloader) has had no rebooting or crashing issues while idle or otherwise. It’s been rock-solid.

      I’ve installed *several* apps, but none of them are sketchy. Facebook, Skype, and Voodoo Sound (w/ su permission) should be the only non-stock apps running constantly when idling.

  • Carl

    Mine is perfectly fine since i got it the dec 19. No rebbot at all.

    Im using Android Revolution HD rom with James Bond Kernel with OC 1.35ghz with alot of undervolt.

    • KnightFire

      Er… ah… cool.

      Ah… I’m such a noob I can’t tell if you’re joking or not. If it’s Canadian, Bell I’d assume from the date you mentioned, why not give us a walk-thru on what you’ve done.

    • Nathan

      I have a feeling it’s only occurs with stock because I haven’t had a problem. The first thing I did was unlock the boot loader and flashed CM9. I only had it since last Thursday so I’ll keep a look out to see if anything happens.

  • Nik

    Had mine for about a week now and no reboots yet. Apps do randomly force close more often than I’d like (atleast 1 occurrence of an app force closing a day…) and not just 3rd party apps, the people app and contacts app will force close too!

    Anyone else having this problem?

  • GN User

    Yes it is

  • cass_m

    nope Bell version acquired on release day.

  • Brendon

    No problems here,
    although I am using a 3rd party rom

    Check out AOKP if your looking for a great rom 🙂

  • Paul

    Other night, phone randomly rebooted once every few minutes for 3 or 4 times. After I shut it down and turned it back on myself, it was stuck on the boot-screen loop -only way to stop it is removing the battery. Then, booting it again, gets it stuck on the same loop. Upon fully charging, while still doing the loop, the phone returns to normal.

    Hope the issue gets fixed, but if you are experiencing it, fully charge the device while its stuck on the boot loop.

  • Ec

    i have 4 of these and none of them reboot randomly, 1 froze after a crappy app install tho………

  • Mello

    I had it self reboot i think about three or four times now.
    I also do believe its lightflow…but what do i know? heh
    Im okay with these self reboots, it needs to refresh the ram anyways.

  • Alex

    None, using rogers nexus for 5 days.i also have gosms and 130 apps, no problems. I use light flow to

  • Jesse

    I’ve had a random reboot also. My bigger issue with it is the screen not responding properly and registering multiple presses that aren’t happening. Wish I could get a video of it. I have to turn the screen off and then back on to fix it.

  • Preacher

    Had no issues with mine. hope i just dint jinx it.

  • Anthony Gossner

    Since I’ve installed light flow I have had a few random reboots.

  • Urmom


  • Ben

    not at all cause rogers wants to make me pay an arm and a leg for the phone -_____-

  • Tod L

    I’ve had it since the release by Bell and no problems whatsoever.

  • daguy

    No reboots for me yet. I’m running a source-built 4.0.3 ROM though, rather than the stock ROM.

  • Brett

    Nope, fine here! On Telus.

    • KnightFire

      What does the model number on the bottom of your Telus Samsung Galaxy Nexus say? GT-I9250….

  • monsterduc1000

    My Nexus S is experiencing a lack of unbuggy ICS…

  • nobody

    I have had this about 3 times in the last 2 weeks. Nexus S with official ICS. Had ICS since the rollout, almost a month now. Problem only started 2 weeks ago.

  • D

    I have this random reboots on my Galaxy Note. about 1-2/ month

  • RiceCake

    No issues what so ever. Love the phone, got it from Rogers a week ago.

  • SAAB

    I have had a few crashes; USB charging and using a voice recorder app. Still better than my 3S that the GNexus replaced.

  • chasiu

    This happened to me once a few weeks ago. During an overnight charge, I woke up to find my phone in an unbreakable reboot cycle (I had to perform a hard-reset, formatting my phone). I looked online and couldn’t find much info, but it DID happen the same night after I installed Lightflow. I’m not sure if that’s the cause, since I’ve been using it without issue since. But after reading this post and it mentioning Lightflow specifically, I’ve disabled it until we know more.

  • Dirtychoncho

    I’ve had a couple reboots, also the phone has froze a couple times requiring a battery pull, and it has also had the issue of not waking after asleep this also required a battery pull.

  • Brian

    Yes i am having the same issue more now.since i updated to 4.0.2 GSM GALAXY NEXUS

  • Yarekg

    No reboot. but airplane mode is a b***h on/off alone -_-

  • Evan

    I got the phone on Wednesday and so far it’s happed once (that I know of) I was using talk and it rebooted. This is the first time I’ve witnessed it. I do use lightflow but that was one of the first apps I installed on it.

    • hd1

      I’ve seen no change in reboot requency after uninstalling Lightflow.

  • Dom

    I have an ICS 4.0.3 ROM on my SGS2 and have had random reboots.

  • Wilson

    Never. Only reboots i had were manually done.

    Perfect phone. Possibly bad apps.

  • Guest

    I also have ICS 4.0.3 ROM on my SGS2, and have no random reboots, and no other problem for daily use, as its stil in alpha mode, beta version.
    am usind XXLP1.

    So i guess, for Galaxy Nexus users, maybe its some or the other popular app or background process which might be doing it.

  • Marc

    No issues so far. I’m still on 4.0.1 ROM

  • Daniel AJ

    I’ve had random reboots on many a phones. I don’t own a Galaxy Nexus but it wouldn’t surprise me.

    I’d rather have random reboots than random freezes.

  • Roger

    No, I’ve never experienced random reboots on my Galaxy Nexus since I have it (acquired on release day). I’m running the 4.0.1 stock version of ICS (Virgin Mobile).

  • rich

    Hasn’t happened to me once. I’m running a UK GSM Galaxy Nexus on an official 4.0.2.

  • Peter

    Yes it is, going to return it today.

  • Kevin

    5 weeks in and no sign of reboots for me.

  • j18

    Another reason to get the Galaxy Note

  • tremSr

    Not once! Even with stock 4.0.1.!!

    Now it is smoother than ever, and getting 1 day, 15 hours, 51 minutes and 43s on a single charge.
    AOKP 4.0.3 (Team Kang rom) & Faux123 kernel.

  • Ribbys

    No issues on stock 4.0.1 or a custom 4.0.3 ROM.

  • justITguy

    This just happened to me today when charging at work. While charging I was checking my messages and it was a blank screen with just the wallpaper, everything else froze and I had to do a battery pull to get it back to normal. Hopefully this is resolved as soon as possible, I’m still stuck at 4.0.1 🙁

  • king_of_nature

    I had the same issue with ICS 4.0.3 on my Nexus S. The random reboots happens when I have MMS waiting. It is a known bug that MMS only works over WiFi.

    How I solved the problem was to turn on WiFi, download all MMS, and then delete them. I hadn’t had a single reboot for over 3 weeks.

  • noldz

    Got mine on Saturday from Best Buy Mobile on Rogers. I had one random reboot when chatting with a friend on Google Talk since I got it.

    • noldz

      My GNex rebooted 3 times today while sitting on my desk doing nothing. Many times the screen would not respond to unlock swipe and have to power it down. Also experiencing dropped calls with this phone.

  • ste

    none, but I am running a 4.0.2 yakju build

    • Warren

      How did you go about updating yours to 4.0.2? Did you root it first? Picking up my Galaxy Nexus soon and would like to do some research on manually updating so that I don’t brick it.

  • cheenachatze

    I’m on my fourth Android: Samsung, 2 Motorolas and now LG. They all freeze, reboot randomly and have terrible battery life. This platform is still in beta. In comparison, I also have a Nokia C7. Works several days on a single charge, never freezes, never reboots. It may not be as smart as Android, but it’s much more useful as a phone.

  • DP

    Mine’s on Virgin, (Bell) and hasn’t randomly rebooted but has frozen a few times so I’ve had to pull the battery. I thought I was done battery pulling after ditching my blackberry lol. Btw I still don’t have 4.0.2, anyone on virgin/bell have it?

  • andy

    Not yet. Got it last Friday

  • Avrus

    Got my phone early Friday, have been using it non-stop. No reboots or any of the other sound issues or screen issues that were reported.

  • Dave

    My SG2 LTE just started rebooting whenever plugged in to my laptop via USB for charging. It reboots every minute when WiFi is on. Once every hour or two when WiFi is off. Just started doing it.

  • George

    mine is on virgin, still on 4.0.1 and had 4 or 5 random reboot over the last 4 weeks.

  • Gregory

    so far i have only had one reboot…

  • John C

    The moment I got the device I updated to 4.0.2 , had it for a few days and have yet to see a random reboot.

  • FoxmanFX

    Yes – a couple of times now. With Virgin in Calgary. got it dec 26

  • Mike

    I have a GS2 that’s rebooting at least 3x’s a day..

  • tweeker

    yup, i have the one from Virgin and after about a month i had a huge reboot where it’d loop from the google logo and no matter what it didn’t fix until i reset the whole thing from recovery.
    since then it’s restarted randomly once, i wonder if it’s something to do with NFC? after i did a bump the night of my phone got messed.

  • milesclarence

    it has happened several times. it just randomly happens and never during a taxing task. it just did it now while the screen was locked and the only recently used app was text messaging.

  • Terry

    Once… had it since the week Bell/Virgin started selling them, but on Rogers. Running stock ICS.

    I am having occasional wifi issues. That’s the only problem so far.

  • Varroa

    Wow, this is strange, I have had mine since almost day one on Bell and have no reboots at all. The only issue I have is occasional the txt client won’t register your input and I have to kill it and open it again and then it work. That has happened maybe 3 – 4 times but that is it! I love this phone!

  • zenzone

    I’ve been after Samsung and Bell from day one about week signal strength and dropped data connection. They both claim there is no problem with the phone. Now (occassionally) my signal strength meter and wifi meter turn white and I lose data connection. I need to power down the phone to get the meters to turn blue and get the connection back. I also find that my radio connection turns off when the screen goes into sleep mode. Not impressed.

    • Val

      Same things happening for me and my GF. Losing signal, grayed out, or VERY weak signal. BELL says they have no problem with their network (as if they would say anything else). Reboots randomly as well, but those reboots are rare, maybe 3 over the last 6 weeks…

  • Chris

    1 Month, and no reboot issue at all. I’m lucky I guess? And I use light flow, and goSMS. been on 4.0.2 for over a week too.

  • expensivetroll

    no wp7 reboot here.. Just sayin’

  • Thas

    It’s not something that happens constantly, but it has happened to me at least four times before.

  • Obscura

    Had mine since Bell’s release date and I’ve never had it reboot itself. Actually, I haven’t had any issues with it whatsoever. Works fantastic.

  • mmmGadgets

    no problems

  • roman129

    Had it for almost a month, no random reboots. All stock.

  • Domingo

    “Paul” is a useless mouth piece who NEVER does anything other than offer info that’s already out there. I was going to wait anyway as they screwed up the nexus s with the search bug and keyboard going heywire for no reason while texting. This pretty much guarantees they STILL haven’t fixed their internal problems that would allow this to happen. I’m out, no sale.

  • craig

    nothing yet

  • AllanVS

    I’m a large man (obese…) who prefers a holster instead of putting my phones in my pockets. When I used the Samsung Galaxy Infuse, the case I used + the body fat, would often put the phone into “boot mode” because the vol + power buttons were pressed. I have yet to have that issue with an HTC device, mainly, because HTC is smart enough to have the power button on top.

  • Colin

    It pains me to hear this since it sounds like the Nexus S search bug all over again. The Google forum for that, which “Paul” was commenting on, is now 9 months old and we still have no resolution. I wish all you Galaxy Nexus users the best of luck on this one.

  • jeffa

    No problems here.

  • rebelhead

    Bell with stock OTA updates.
    I DID have my phone crash when charging & running video skype.(overheating)

  • cc_25

    No reboots, no hangs, rock solid so far.
    Telus running stock 4.0.1

  • freestaterocker

    Man I’m glad I’m one of the 5 people who bought an HD7… No problems of any kind since purchase, other than people telling me I should’ve bought an android or iPhone cuz they’re “more stable”…

  • Mar

    omg.. this is the main reason I wanna ditch my old Milestone, it power cycles and drives me batsh*t. If I bought a Nexus and it *still* happened I would hit the effing roof. HTC Amaze, come to mamma.

  • Trevor

    Carrier: Telus
    Location: Edmonton, AB Canada
    Version: 4.0.1
    Build Number: ITL41F.I9250UGKL1

    Had the phone 1 week, and have experienced 6 reboots already. Everytime I was using the ICS Browser. 4 crashes while using the browser with Desktop user agent, and twice in Android mode. I have crashed once while using Google translate in Desktop mode, one crash in Google Reader using the mobile site, and 3 crashes while using Facebook in desktop mode, while one crash using Facebook in Android user agent mode.

  • Warren

    Randomly re-booted 2wice since Monday. Running Google stock 4.0.2 yakju on my Rogers Galaxy Nexus

  • Nixon

    I had some reboots two weeks ago, but none recently. Will have to watch what application is causing this. Otherwise I am quite happy with the phone.

  • Wally

    Yes, mine is spontaneously rebooting itself 1 – 3 times a day. Doesn’t seem to be connected to any special kind of use.

  • Can’t take it anymore

    This was posted in January, we are now August and I’m still experiencing random reboots. Even with the new OS update. I hate to say this but I’m now considering an iPhone. I’ve had a very bad experience with Android since I decided to trade in my Black Berry. Ya my BB didn’t have as much potential as my Nexus but at least it didn’t crash. I can’t see myself spending money on another Andriod considering that I can’t be fully confident that I won’t have a repeat experience. iPhone 5, you’re next up to bat.