Cloud sync solution Sugarsync brings batch photo uploads to iOS app, auto video uploads to Android


  • TinkleMyDinkle

    hooray for sugar!

  • Slype

    FolderSync does so much more and sync’s with a lot of the online services. It will also do FTP, WebDav, Samba and a ton more. You can also have it sync your pictures immediately (as you take them) and then sync your videos (which are quite a bit larger) when you are connected to your home wifi network at 1am and only if you are currently charging. You can turn these options on/off at will. I’ve tried about 10 different cloud sync’ing tools and this one was ahead of even DropBox and Syncplicity’s basis offerings.

    And before someone jumps in and says “This is my product”.. it is not. I am just a very happy customer who found the perfect app to suit my needs. The kicker for me was that it ties in with Tasker!

  • Jbiz

    SugarSync is my primary cloud program. I like it so much better than Dropbox or