Goodbye 2011… Hello 2012!


  • Nishant Bhatt

    I just hope that 2012 is a good year for Blackberry, and thus, for Canada’s economy. And I hope that 2012 brings many accomplishments for everyone and Mobilesyrup.

    I wish everyone a great and prosperous new year.

    • cybik

      I hope RIM dies this year. They don’t deserve to survive.

    • Jim R

      RIM may deserve to die, but I, for one, sure hope it pulls a rabbit out of the hat and survives and prospers.

    • 0defaced


      Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure RIM employees (as well as users like myself) wish the same for you. Sit down kiddo.

    • cybik

      @0defaced: please separate RIM the Corporate Entity, from RIM the Employee Entity. I wish the employees well on their future endavours and I wish well to the good souls who made RIM what it is today; without their expertise and brains, telecom wouldn’t be where it is today.

      But I have no pity nor appreciation for the Management “team” [I.E. the ones defining the Corporate Identity] who put RIM in such a predicament. Their corporate way should DIAF and they should be forced into retirement. RIM as the Employee Entity deserves better management, but until they grow some balls and kick the management OUT, RIM [as the sum of all its parts] is doomed.

    • Doobie Sisters

      Rim is died.

      Knock, knock.
      Who’s there?
      Rim who?

      Hahaha good riddance to Canadian crapola.

  • Sean

    This has been a really awesome writeup i think everyone i their comments should say the one thing that they think 2011 gave to the 2012 world of mobile.

    2011 brought to 2012 a world of thin and light

  • cybik – dummy

    Why would you want RIM to die? You want people to be put out of a JOB? maybe you should lose yours before you wish it upon others.

    • cybik

      they had so many chances of “correcting” their game, of getting better, and instead they just continued churning out the same stuff, over and over, only with a bit more polish each time.I’m sorry, but RIM doesn’t deserve to contribute to mobility anymore.

      And quit that bullshit about jobs, they’ll get acquired and absorbed into some other corporation and that’s IT. There’s too much potential greatness in RIM to not get acquired.

  • David

    @cybik Why would you even say something like that? Do you not think before you type your nonsense? RIM is a Canadian Company, assuming your Canadian, Why would you not want something that has a chance to be something really big for the Canadian economy to prosper? Or is it just b/c you don’t like their phones and just b/c you don’t appreciate it, it shouldn’t prosper?

    • cybik

      Yes I’m Canadian. So what? A failure is a failure. I don’t give a flippin’ /expletive/ about whether it’s Canadian or not.

      They wasted SO MANY opportunities and made Canada’s telecom expertise look /expletive/ing silly in the process.

  • deltatux

    RIM seriously need a shake-up, I’m in an agreement that they churn out the same boring products every quarter. However, I do not wish anyone to be fired except the ouster of the co-CEOs, they’re doing almost nothing to save the company.

    As for 2012, I hope to see a lot more enhancements to come, ARM is definitely on the offensive and I really hope to see what the Cortex A15 brings. Sure there’s performance boost, but how much in real world scenario? Maybe in 2012, the next Nexus phone would be built by Motorola (though I like Samsung hardware a lot more, their firmware is buggy, but that wouldn’t matter since Nexus runs on stock Android)?

    Also for 2012, I hope judges start being smart and realize that Apple’s frivolous lawsuits are becoming an annoyance and are detrimental to the entire mobile industry.

  • Theblob


    So you’re saying Blackberry doesn’t deserve one last chance to redeem themselves?

    I have high hopes for Blackberry 10. I do realize however, that it could be their savior or their demise. Hopefully it’s the former that results.


    an Android user.

    • cybik

      One more? They got enough. BBX is the only one they’re going to get, and if they blow that one, well, they’re doomed.

      And if the CoCEOs do as they always do… We all know where this is going.

  • freestaterocker

    Oh, and there was this *other* platform, WP7, that saw the mango rollout go off more or less without a hitch, got to 50,000+ apps at just over a year old, and climbed into the 3rd spot for market share. Well behind android and iPhone, but still impressive for just out of the gate. (and just becoming a complete mobile OS with mango, if I’m being honest…)

  • Alex Perrier

    (Comment system is silly. Here’s part one:)

    For one, i’d like to see more sources for your statements. For example, saying the Torches, Curve 9380 and Bold 9790 aren’t profitable. Do you have Nielsen, BBM Canada (LOL) or other sales records? Did you ask the stores, providers or RIM itself? Was there a fire sale, like for the PlayBook or (sort of) the Curve 9300?

    There are several points missing in your post. Too much about devices, too little about service. Hey, you’re lucky if any reader can afford one high-end device outright, let alone two or more. The trend is usually those “tempting” contracts, expensive plans, and the Canadian population’s general ignorance of the wireless industry.

    What about service, then? Mobilicity is the lowest, while WIND’s “Pay Your Way” plans are interestingly low too. Neither Public nor Mobilicity have expanded, while WIND has grown a LOT. Value can’t be the only thing to encourage new subscribers. There needs to be good quality devices, a growing and reliable network, friendly customer services in person, by phone and online, and many more important details that make all the difference. Which leads to…

    • Alex Perrier

      (part two:)

      [Solo-related paragraph deleted due to glitchy comment system.]

      2012 will hopefully be a better year for Syrup. More timely reporting on various important aspects, instead of just drooling over phones or saying the BlackBerry’s in white. A better comment system with login support and anti-spam, and with fair guidelines instead of just a free-for-all. Please do more surveys and ask people what they want on Syrup. Otherwise, if it’s just Ian H.’s website, people will lose interest and slow down or stop reading.

  • XER

    2012 – Rogers goes belly up!

    • Accophox

      If only. 🙁

  • Josten

    Guys,let’s put it that way.Rim is a carbon copy with Canadian society and Canadian politics .
    We think we’re better,we think we’re smarter than others just because we are living north of the US.
    We .

    We don’t listen even when the rest of the world is on a different trend . Take example of our government in international politic . The world has changed ,do the path of money flow . Harper stubbornly continue doing old politic with Europe ,USA ,Japan and Israel when the money isnt in those part of the world like before . The bric countries like Russia ,china and brazil have shortcuted the traditional economic system . Don’t judge Rim,they are simply too Canadian and stobborn .

  • Slype

    What a succinct and well written summary Ian. I remember when MobSyr started up and it had a smattering of articles. I was pining for a website devoted to the Canadian market and then you appeared.

    Thank you for all the articles, reviews and posts. That goes for the other writers as well

    I wish you continued success and I will continue to visit the site 5-6 times a day.

    Kudos and Happy New Years!

  • crimsona

    Pinning everything on a LTE chipset seems misguided for bbx

    Samsung may very well have separate variants for each major feature of the galaxy s3, there’s no reason why rim had to push back everything, people could easily live on HSPA

  • Larry

    My prediction is one of the new providers will go under or be sold,They could be bought/taken over buy Shaw.2012 should see LTE get a hole lot bigger coverage/devices.Rim will survive but could be broken up.Rogers may merge with Shaw.Bell and Telus may merge,The mergers depend mostly on political will/direction.

  • boojay

    “365 days of carriers losing and winning customers.”

    Sorry, just had to LOL at that line.

    • boojay

      ….and to clarify, I originally thought it meant carriers were losing and customers were winning…, but after a second read, I realize it meant carriers were gaining customers and losing customers.

  • astudent

    stupid Canadian carriers…show some wp7 love

  • Mike

    I think Public Mobile is working on something…. Pick up Mobi Before Wind ? And become national

  • Todd Klein

    The coolest app I found this year for mobile payments was CSI globalVCard. It’s the safest app on the market to make B2B mobile payments. Best part is- you can get it now on blackberry, itunes and android no need to wait for cell phone carriers to catch up to mobile payment technology!

  • gorn

    “it might be Pubic Mobile that gets gobbled”

    This made me lulz.

    HNY, MobSyr & readers!