Android camera face-off compares Galaxy Nexus to Galaxy S II and others


  • Jay Jay

    HTC = amazing!

  • Phil

    HTC can’t even get their hardware right. Their amaze radio will crash and reboot randomly. go figure!

    • Phil

      not to mention the bad bluetooth range and connection!

    • Me

      People seem to b***h about HTC, but I have never had 1 problem with my HTC.

    • Zeusus

      IF you have a custom kernel installed…

      We shouldn’t blame HTC for OTHER people tinkering with their software.

      My Amaze works just fine.

    • Tom

      I don’t buy HTC because of Sense, but I bought a Nexus One and thought it was a very high quality phone. I’d had many phones and had never encountered a GPS nearly as fast and accurate as the one on the N1.

    • Boojay

      HTC is everything that Apple claims they are….except it’s true.

  • Trevor

    Phil, your Amaze is faulty. I have an Amaze, no reboots and great Bluetooth range, solid phone though sadly locked down!
    I have a Galaxy Nexus and HTC Amaze, even though the Amaze takes far better pictures (most of the time) its also more likely to washout with its dual LED flash.

  • Trevor

    Can’t load a kernel or rom with a locked boot loader. My Amaze is completely stock, don’t get me wrong its an amazing phone with great camera, just saying like my HTC Inspire in a select environment the flash can be abit much.

    Would I still take an HTC camera over any other cell phone, sure thing!

  • Candyman

    If you guys are going to do a camera shoot out in the future…please add the Nokia N8 as the benchmark compared to the others.

  • Thas

    HTC is the best, but based on what you hear around the internet, you’d think that there was an astronomical difference between them. Even the Galaxy Nexus holds its own against the others.

  • Ramy

    Yaaay, my Xperia Arc came second 😀 So proud of my choice 🙂

  • cody

    The Nexus and Sensation would be fighting for #1