HTC Super Tool unlocks bootloader, de-Senses Sensation, Amaze and others

We post a lot of innovative things from the intrepid folks at XDA-Developers. If you have an Android phone that can be tinkered with, it’s usually there you’ll find step-by-step guides how to get it done. But even with those rather handy guides, the whole unlocking/rooting/modding aspect of Android can be quite intimidating.

Enter the HTC Super Tool. For someone with a HTC Sensation, Amaze, Wildfire, Desire Z or Desire HD (in Canada, at least) the tool will help you unlock your phone’s bootloader and completely remove the Sense UI by merely pressing Enter a couple times at a command prompt. It’s a remarkable and welcome addition to the HTC developer scene, which opened to the public earlier this year at HTCDev.com.

Now, there is no magic here: the tool merely does the work of finding and plugging in your unique key from HTC’s own developer portal for you, but the magic behind removing Sense is all its own. For compatible devices, like the Desire Z, the tool will also SIM unlock the device making it usable on networks other than its native one. And if you’re worried about root? It does it too.

Check out the full thread over at XDA-Developers and get tweaking!

Source: The Verge