HTC Super Tool unlocks bootloader, de-Senses Sensation, Amaze and others


  • Barry

    like a boss

  • marion

    I got my HTC because of the sense UI..I don’t want to rid of it …but tis makes it soo easy

  • kenypowa

    This is awesome. While I don’t mind sense most of the time, it can be bothersome just like every other skin.

  • DrCarmody

    Once again, don’t bother if you have an Amaze, apparently our phones are exceptions to the open bootloader policy.

    • Daniel Bader


      I can confirm that the HTC Amaze is supported by as I have unlocked a Telus device there myself. Where did you get the information that it isn’t supported?


  • picks

    wonder if it voids warrenty… checking the included warrenty info now…

  • saffant

    So basically this is just for convenience and nothing ground breaking, right?

    Not trying to be sarcastic, but just wondering; it’s helpful anyways.

  • lukas

    this is great news. i’ve always wanted the Wildfire S but I’m with Fido. Now I can get one.

  • Trevor

    The Telus HTC Amaze was on htcdev and has since been removed. Like many other Amaze owners i have been back and forth with htc regarding this and most recently been advised to speak with Telus to push they to allow the device to be unlocked.
    As of yesterday I am no longer a HTC user, switched to the Galaxy Nexus which was easily unlocked and rooted.

  • Zeusus

    I was one of the lucky ones. I managed to get my Amaze unlocked before the htcdev site stopped supporting the Telus variant.

  • snowblossom

    Oh wow, this tool would have been useful last night! I got cracking on the Wind HTC Amaze that I bought yesterday as soon as I arrived home, but if I had waited a day, it would’ve been easy mode!

  • Michael

    This makes it much easier to digest grabbing an htc amaze.

  • Jake

    Having issue saying device not found? anyone know a reason why that is, new to this

    • Jake

      using sensation

  • Max

    Quick question

    Does this work for Mobilicity phones, specially HTC Desire.

    Thank you

  • Max

    Sorry i meant HTC Panache

  • Bob

    will this work with the sensation XE too?