Grand Theft Auto 3 for Android adds Galaxy Nexus support, gets cross-platform discount


  • Sean

    They are punishing the early adopters of the game. If I bought a game at full price i’d be pissed

  • Lou

    Gotta say, I am kind of disappointed that I paid full price and wasn’t able to play it until the other day on my Galaxy SII because it continuously crashed at the first sign of movement. Now they’re saying “everyone who waited.. have a discount. All you other suckers? Too bad”. I’m not usually one to complain about this stuff but that’s pretty annoying.

  • Jeff Goebel

    I bought it for My Sensation, and played a week, although I never could quite grasp driving. Today I upgraded with an XDA Ice Cream Sandwich mod. Love it… but sadly the game is now gone from my market. Oh well.

  • nick m

    It happens. I bought Portal 2 off Steam for $30 and a week later it was on sale for $15. Luck of the draw.

  • Joe Shmo

    It’s $2.00 difference, that’s a cup of coffee, quit complaining.

  • djino

    Awesome. I did purchase it for my Galaxy Nexus at the $4.99 price and noticed it crashed , but was able to get it refunded during the refund time frame. I guess I’ll give it another try for $2.99. 🙂

  • holiday infogrphics

    Wait, I just bought this on my g2x but I can’t dl and play it yet. Are you telling me it’s not going to work?

  • MrMastodonFarm

    Nexus S….. soon?

  • saffant

    POS game; works first time you try it, but won’t there on afterwards – have to reinstall.

  • max

    Why can I not find it in my market? N1

  • othbert

    R* are well known for pulling this kind of behaviour, think yourself lucky it’s only a couple bucks…

    I bought each DLC for gta4 as soon as it was released, and my reward for supporting the game? no bonus radio station that was supplied in the episodes from liberty city multi-pack that came out later, for less than the cost of both DLCs.

    money is one thing, i’m not gonna miss two bucks, but losing out on content… SUCKS.