BlackBerry app updates: UberSocial, App World (beta), BBM (beta)

A couple BlackBerry app updates for you this morning.

UberSocial, the most popular Twitter application for BlackBerry devices, has been updated to version 1.3. Along with the requisite bug fixes comes one of the most sought-after feature additions: BBM integration. You can set the app to update your BBM status whenever you send a tweet. Might be a bit noisy if you update as often as I do, but for the average user it’s nice to have.

Other features include:

– You can save and restore draft tweets from the compose screen.
– Reworked the login mechanism with Twitter to avoid some issues.
– Added the ability to turn off the global ‘Uber Tweet’ menu item
– Fixed bug in mypict.me upload which could cause the app to lock up.
– Fixed bug in keyword muting where you couldn’t include a ‘#’ at the beginning of the keyword.
– Fixed bug where UberChannel background images were getting their corners rounded.
– Changed the link color in the red and pink themes to be more readable.

Download the app

BlackBerry Messenger has also seen an update to version in the BlackBerry Beta Zone, and App World has been updated to version in the Beta Zone, too. We can’t link to them because they’re specific to your particular device, but check out the Beta Zone portal for more information.

Source: N4BB, CrackBerry (2)