Day 7 of 10c Android apps brings Doodle Jump, Flight Control


  • TK

    SoundHound is being offered again as well

  • Dhurr

    Too many games, not enough actual apps that people can get some use out of imo

  • EmperumanV

    I agree with you Dhurr plus they’re also apps for kids or rather games for them. I believe that the age gap of most Android users is probably between the ages of 16 – 26/27? Then again I bet that people who are above that age gap probably use an Android device and do have kids.

  • yesiconcur

    Agreed. As much as I love all the 10cent apps and have bought most of them (skipped on the really kiddy ones), I would rather see some actual apps like productivity apps, financial apps, etc.

  • FrankP

    Queue the complaining.

    Thanks Google for the offers!

    • Adam

      No kidding eh?

      Would be nice if they had some productivity apps, but comeon, it’s a sale for $0.10 paid apps. You’re not entitled to anything, just get what you’re interested in and quit complaining.

      I’ve bought almost every app that’s on sale, even if I only use it a handful of times, I can always download it again later on if I don’t need it right away. With the exception of the really kiddy games.

      Thanks Google!

  • Alpha

    Picked up Flight Control (HD) for iOS yesterday for free. I wonder if I need another copy for a dime…

  • Alex Perrier

    i’m all for having unique apps and non-game apps. If Google wanted everyone to spend $10 (10¢ x 100 unique apps = $10), then they should include a greater and better selection of special apps.

    The experience for me has been rather glitchy. Sometimes, yesterday’s apps still showed up as 10¢, and that’s not including the repeats. i got a refund for Beautiful Widgets, which excluded anything really useful. For Shazam Encore, i had to buy it, get a refund, then buy it again to get it to install and work properly. Annoying, but oh well!

    Here are some “Compliments of BlackBerry” apps which were available for 10¢ each on Android:

    – SimCity Deluxe ~ sadly couldn’t get it :'( *
    – Shazam Encore
    – The Sims 3
    * because the LG Optimus One/Chic doesn’t support it.

    Overall, i just wish that there would be no repeats, especially ho hum ones like “Beautiful” Widgets. This is still a generous offer from Google, and it goes way beyond RIM’s “Compliments” apps: 12 free BB apps versus 80 to 95 Android apps at 10¢ each. 😀

  • nick m

    People still find things to b***h about.

  • Chase

    They could have just not done it at all. But people always find something to complain about.

  • Hammam

    I love people that b!tch about people that b!tch…the irony!