Bell re-launches the Early Hardware Upgrade Program


  • chall2k5

    aren’t Bell the only ones to base offers on monthly bills?

    thats ridiculous

    • 2yrcontract

      This doesn’t make sense one sense or another becuase there are 3 yr contracts!
      If the longest contract were 2 yrs, then a cheme like this to replace your phone once the first yr has passed ( and the warrianty expired) it would make sense, but having to pay HUP fees AND having to sign into another 3 yr contract just doesn’t make any sense.

      People HAVE to realize that the phone they are buying is not worth $50 or $99; it’s worth $500-$600 and they will pay it one way or another. Most people can’t afford a phone at this price and still they have them, they only find out the real price of the phone once it breaks.

      $100 doscount on a TWO yr plan over retail price and $450-$550 on a 3 yr plan?? that should be illegal!

    • crimsona

      In Europe and Asia if you want a high end free phone on a 2 year contract, your bill needs to be higher per month. If you choose one of the lower monthly plans, you pay a portion of the phone cost upfront instead.

      I see no problem with it. High spenders should get more loyalty perks, similar to how airline and hotel loyalty programs are catered to frequent flyers and frequent travelers who achieve certain thresholds

  • Lonita

    Koodo and Wind have their respective tab programs as well. Bell’s been very schizophrenic when it comes to this program – now you see it, now you don’t, year after year.

  • XER

    How is that so special? You are paying $15 a month… No thanks.

    Buy your unlocked phone on newegg, sign up with Koodo. For $35, you get unlimited local talk and SMS and data is optional. But just say you are using 1GB, that costs you only $20. You save a lot more in a long haul. For $55, you get a lot more than those rip off MY10 plans which over $70.

    You save $15 a month * 36 = $540. Good enough for a smart phone outright purchase.

    • ToniCipriani

      And don’t forget that’s a FEE charged on top to make you eligible for another 3-year contract.

      No thanks.

    • Dimitri k

      Yes because everyone has $650+ to buy a phone outright? I agree that getting a phone for free & paying 1000$ for 3 years a bit much but to people that do not have $650 upfront find the 2 / 3 year term better for them. I guess you guys are rich & do not care buying $650 phones…

      I rather spend that $650 upfront on something more interesting then a phone..

    • Andrew

      $35 is city only

      $45 out of city
      Virgin has the same offer with $35city/$45 not city

      plus they have flex-data. 0$ for 0 usage, $5 for 25mb, $10 for 100mb, $15 for 300mb, $20 for 1gb, $30 for 3gb, $10/gigabyte after.

      WAY better plan… plus no activation fee… plus if you dont need unlimited canada-wide talk, you can use one of the other plans, like a $20 50 minute unlimited text.

      Virgin’s flexidata is insanely good right now…

    • Orillian

      I’m on one of those ripoff My10 plans, with unlimited talk and text to my ten, unlimited texting nation wide as well as 1GB data and I pay $55 not sure where your getting the $70 amount?

  • math

    My 10 is 60$

    • Jesse

      the my 10 was at a promotational rate of 55 for almost 4 months. I have the 55$ version as well.

      Everyone who complains about their bill should call and see what discounts they are elidgeable for. Or see if there is a better price plan available. I call in every month or two, and speak to them for about 20 minutes. i usually manage either a % off my bill or some free features.

      You can buy the nexus outright from bell stores and source stores.

      People need to do their research before complaining. Not just walking into a Best Buy, hearing no you cant and walking out.

      Companies like best buy mobile “specialists” dont know much about the phones or the companies they sell the phones for. You may get the odd person who does, but 98% of the time they just want to make a new customer because of the commission they make off it. You can see this easily by asking them basic specs of the phones and seeing them fumble to figure it out. Their job is based on sales and numbers, not knowledge and suiting the phone to the customer.
      I used to work for companies like this, so I know how the training works, and I know what the companies focus on.

      I have been with bell and pay usually 50$ a month for double what most people get. You just have to do your homework, and call them to ask for discounts.

  • raj


  • Rich

    Hardware upgrade fee cannot be waived
    — LAME


    Wow what a wonderful upgrade option. Words F*$% you Bell come to mind!

  • Hungry Ghost

    {Snorting coffee through my nose}

    Not the best option I’ve ever seen, but hey Bell, it’s too late. You don’t allow **existing customers who’ve been with you for 5 years** to purchase the GN outright, fine, I go elsewhere to get the phone. Your loss.

    There should be an alternative (not necc. replacement) of the existing subsidized phone on contract system. Phones should be sold unlocked, and we should be able to move freely between companies – this way companies can differentiate themselves by providing good and fair service.

    • jer

      What are you talking about?

      I went to the Bell store and bought a GN outright last friday, no questions asked. All they cared about was that I had an existing Bell account.

    • Matt

      If the Bell kiosk is being a dick, go to a source store or somewhere else that dels with Bell. As long as you have a bell account you should be fine.

    • ToniCipriani


      Did they try to charge you an “activation fee” for putting the SIM card in yours?

      I know my local Bell store insists all phones leaving the store must be activated, so they can charge it, even if you’re already on HSPA an it’s a matter of taking your SIM out and putting it in the new one.

  • eguia

    I will just go online and buy unlock smartphone like iPhone, Android, and BB.

  • bob

    No thanks.