Bell releases their first LTE tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9


  • Nate

    uhhh, why so much $$$

    • Dimitri K.

      Have you seen how much the HTC jetsteam from Rogers is? its 749.99. LTE Tablets will cost a lot. I do not know why but my bet its because of the LTE chip. I could be wrong tho.

  • Mr marquis

    I hope the line ups are not to long.

  • Allan

    Yes, the LTE chips would certainly cost more. And I’m guessing that they probably needed to launch new satellites into space for the LTE network?

  • sickens

    I was really excited for this product to come to market, though now I’m feeling slightly under-whelmed with next-gen devices on the horizon.

    8.9 is an ideal size.

  • Ben Dover

    Too expensive. Wait until January.

    Anyone know what the latency is like on LTE? Is it always 100ms. As for faster raw download speeds, HSPA+ is fine for most people and it’s easier on the battery.

  • Croak

    Best thing about the 8.9 LTE is that it’s not Tegra 2. I’d ALMOST retire my 32Gb Tab 10.1 WiFi for it just to get away from Tegra.

    What’s holding me back (besides the high sticker price) is that it only comes in a 16Gb model. Which isn’t enough storage for me.

  • say uncle

    Wow, only $650! Now I know what it feels like to be well loved in prison.

  • Spike

    I got this today from Bell. It really smokes on LTE. Great performance all around. Was gonna get the Transformer prime, but the form factor, weight and LTE of this 8.9 tablet were more important that a quad core processor and just wifi.

    I must say, the rest of the mfg’s should wake up. I have tried almost every tablet out there and an 8.9″ is practically the perfect size for all situations….my 2 cents.

  • Croak

    I broke down and bought one today. Anyone want a good deal on a well-loved 32Gb Tab 10.1 WiFi? 🙂

    Only issue I have with it is how low-volume this is going to be, even with AT&T carrying it as well. For instance, it’s been out in the US for a month now, and nobody has figured out how to root it yet. That’s mostly a function of low exposure, methinks, rather than difficulty.