Rogers Q4 sales push offers discounted handsets, 1-year free incoming calls and 1-month free service


  • hd1

    Free incoming calls! They’re so generous!

    Canada’s telecom sector is still pathetic.

  • shaggyskunk

    what good is having Broad Band available for ALL Canadians, if the price for consumers, still keeps it out of reach for too many?

    • Hum?

      You can’t afford $30 a month / $1 a day for a monthly term?

  • TC

    This is how they suck you in, 3 year deal, give you a feature free for one year and screw you for the last 2 years and jack up your monthly bill. They want you to get comfortable with the free feature to the point you can’t live without it and in the end you will pay dearly.

  • NT Rogers

    Why is the MY10 plan needs any commitment to start with if my have my own device?

    Rogers is still the worst.

  • Milpool

    No offer will get me to go back to the Big 3. I live in the core of Toronto so I’m free of their shackles.

  • math

    People here are weird. If you can’t afford a cell, don’t get one or go with the small shitty carriers…and pay 500$ for your phone AND stay (even without a contract) with them for a long time…but oh its so much better to not be on a contract! This way I can pay my phone full price and go and see a carrier anyway and probably stay for almost three years with them anyway!!

    • TP

      @math: I thought the ones who can’t afford a cell are those who sign up their soul for 3 years to pay less for the phone they want.

    • hd1

      For a guy called math, you’re terrible at math. You end up paying MUCH more over the course of a 3-yr contract, even if you account for the initial device subsidy.

    • Big 3

      @Math. I only pay $35 for unlimited talk(16 cents to roam), text(10 cents to roam), call id, vm, 5GB data and it’s not from the Big 3. What do you get for your plan and you much do you pay?

      $350 phone + ($35 x 36 months) = $1610 with no termination fee

      Free phone + $35 activation + ($60 x 36 months) = $2195 and termination fee can apply

    • Nobel

      LOL. I have a friend like the “math” guy here. He used to love Robbers so much for their free phone on 3 yrs contract. Then, after getting a overcharged bill of $200, he had to fight 2 hrs with the CSR to fix his bill. However, the very next month the robbers sent him another $200 plus $200 from the last month (plus interest of course) bill that he fixed. Then it did not take an hour for him to switch to a pre pay service with the new entrants. He is the happiest person now.

  • math

    But I am talking more in Quebec because of.the law 60

  • DJM

    More like the big red r****d.

  • LOL

    All everyone does is complain…when these companies take away a feature…*cry*…when they give stuff for free…*cry*. Holy crap ppl, we’re almost in 2012, pricing for cell phones have been like this for over a decade, why are you complaining? It’s called inflation, s**t in the world costs MONEY, stop asking for FREE stuff and REDUCED pricing from a business that is in there to make money just as much as YOU are making money from your personal businesses or job. Retards.

    • hd1

      You’re quite the shill. Canada has among the highest mobile pricing on earth. Higher than any number of third world countries. This is measured in terms of service offered vs price.

      People like you are part of the problem. You just accept it and keep paying thinking you’re getting a good deal while telecom CEOs laugh their asses off.

    • Yeria

      I guess you haven’t stepped out of NA for the last decade.

      My girlfriend recently went back to South Korea to finish off her degree. She signed a 2-year contract that got her Galaxy S2 for free in September. The plan includes 300 minutes outgoing anywhere in the country, unlimited international calling to selected countries, unlimited incoming calls/text messages and unlimited data and tethering. Do you know what she pays? Korean equivalence of roughly $50.00 CAD a month.

      So who’s the r****d again?

    • Big 3

      Did you know outside your small world, mobile companies include free call id and vm to all of their plans without negotiations?Why wouldn’t they make money off that too?

  • Yeria

    1-year free incoming call and 1-month free service is considered a big push. LOL.

    I just paid Rogers $180 for their service. That would have been covered with $45 on Wind. Now my contract is coming off in 2 months and NO ONE IS LETTING ME BUY GALAXY NEXUS OFF-CONTRACT! Is it really a choice if I can’t take advantage of that option?

    • TP

      Not to mention that also includes signal in P4 level garage and subway tunnel that is better than our ‘so-great-compared-to-shitty-smaller-companies’ signals from Big 3.
      Not to mention that if you complain about the signal in your location (not talking about ‘no bars’, talking about just complaining for not getting full bars), they will come NEXT DAY and install a signal repeater free of charge.
      When I stayed in Korea last summer, I was paying about $50 including tax for unlimited data@4-5Mbps average EVERYWHERE. Giving 6GB for $30 EXTRA is pathetic, it’s like offering a half-broken candy for $10 to kids who never tasted sweet treats.
      People who say ‘if you can’t afford this price, just don’t use it and don’t complain’ are truly blind and they are just making the CEOs happy.

  • TelusOmnia7

    any word if Telus is doing anything to combat this? I noticed the Galaxy SII X is on promo for $49.99 on a 3yr, but that was before Rogers bumped it down even further. The RAZR is free on a 3yr at Future Shop….craziness.

  • math

    Big3 you are with wich compagny? Seems weird that you would be the only one paying that in Canada no? So spit out the real info. And for people that consider that I suck at maths, its really funny cause I say that with or without a contract you still pay every freaking month!!! Watever the carrier YOU PAY ANYWAY. and for people with contracts, they can stop, pay the balance of the phone and thats it. Kerp on crying babies, you rule at that!

    • TP

      @math: People here are not talking about ‘contract/no contract’ option. We are talking about cheaper alternative options available, that you call ‘crappy’ but your beloved Big 3 will never be able to match against. We can save more money by buying the phone outright and using it with the cheaper plans. In the end of the 3-year time, this way will save us more, and it has been proven by many people. If you want to keep saying ‘I am talking about in Quebec’, then simply don’t say anything and move on. I am sure most of us here are not in Quebec and I don’t get your point of saying ‘people here are weird’. I know there are quite a few people here from Quebec, but at the same time the majority of us are NOT. And I am saying one more time. If someone can’t afford a cell, he/she is likely to sign up a multi-year contract to pay only $100 for his $500 phone. What people who can actually afford a cell do is to pay $500 for a $500 phone.

  • math

    Hey Nobel, thats not how it works anymore buddy so your example does not work! Second of all, honest, I dont care if you guys like to cry your asses of and stay with small carriers! I just like to show you that you aint always right and that people like me can actually say that we are satisfied and that we would never go with a pre paid crappy plan!

    • Nobel

      @math: LOL. Tell your so much beloved big 3 to match one of those crappy pre pay plan from new entrants. Best of luck with that!!!

  • al2k

    “These offers are not available on:
    – EPP
    – Corporate plans and Business Pricing Renewal (BPR) price plans”

  • math

    By the way… Im talking in Quebec. You dont have no more fees here in Quebec!

  • esteban sustacha

    Hi I want to know were can I get more official information about this promotion because I took it and suddenly they are saying that the 1 year of free incoming calls doesn’t apply to me, so they are charging me for those and I want to show them more proof of this “false promotion”