BBC brings its iPlayer iPad app to Canada for $8.99/month, free content until December 31st


  • laridae

    Hopefully they will come out with an Android version soon.

    And make Doc Martin available.

  • Vineet

    Way too expensive!!!

  • Kid_Canada

    No thanks, I’ll use canadians media services where its free like CTV and have most of my fav shows and as well as netflix for movies which is cheaper than this.

  • chall2k5

    no web app for a browser? BBC i’m disappointed

  • Lee

    Have been waiting for this forever – since they trialled it in Australia during the summer.
    @Kid_Canada it’s only $1 more than Netflix and has significantly more quality content. Also, your ‘canadians media services’ is essentially repacked US stuff.
    @laridae would also prefer the app for the PS3

  • Hammad

    British shows ftw! 😀

  • greybat

    Not available in desktop format in Canada, as far as I can tell. Web player will install but not run anything.

  • mr bob

    Or better yet, just use a proxy server with a uk dns and use the iplayer for free, da!