BlackBerry Bold 9790 en route to Virgin Mobile


  • Mike

    First!! Yeahhh

  • Tboy

    Why do they even bother

  • Sean

    Ok at $500 that’s almost high end smartphone territory… like really you can get a SII for what 550 right

  • Silly String

    VGA video camera are you serious?!?!?!?!?!

    • Canadian Resident

      Haha. That gave me a chuckle 😛

  • Silly String

    Pretty much what RIM did was take a Curve 9360, morph the keys together and add a touchscreen.

    • Lazed

      I’d say they shrunk down the 9900 and gave it a better camera.

  • Steelepunk

    Finally! This is the phone I have been waiting all these years for, good luck Samsung and your so called “smartphones”.

  • dc2000

    The Bold 9790 has a 2.45-inch “TOUCHSCREEN” display, full physical QWERTY keyboard with optical trackpad, 1GHz processor, 5MP camera with VGA video recording, Wi-Fi, 1230 mAh battery and overall dimensions are 10 x 2.36 x 11.4 mm with a weight of 107 grams.

    Kinda forgot to add the Touchscreen part for the display, otherwise this would be a slightly beefed up 9780, oh wait… it still is, HAHA.

  • Matt

    Why would you want this over a 9900? UGH.

  • MARS

    Can’t see how these Blackberry fanatics can open up the box and get excited over their products. Looks just like every other Blackberry that came out over the past 3 years.

    • Pahech

      Can’t see how Apple fans can get excited over new iPhones when there’s a design change every 2 years.

      But apparently they lined up for a phone that looks EXACTLY (not just similar) the same. This argument doesn’t really work for a lot of people, because they are familiar and like a certain design.

      The BBs such as the 9780 (the ones you critisize that looks the same) are for fans of BB that wants the general BB design. I know some female friends that criticize the Bold 9900 as too big/masculine, and apparently they have small hands and prefer the smaller keyboard.

      You want a different sort of BB? Try the Torches. They certainly don’t look the same.

  • Daniel Martin

    BlackBerry – successful businessman.
    IPhone – overprivileged douche.
    Android – virgin geek.

    Which group do you fall under, my friend?

    • Lazed

      @Daniel Martin …Really? I see more 15 year olds and douches with BlackBerrys than successful businessmen. Stupid generalizations.

  • Jimmy

    Pair of c***s

  • Jimmy

    Count minus o. I’m smart mhahaha. C*unt

  • BB4Life

    Another solid BB from RIM. This will please all 97XX fans + touch screen. camera is better than 9900 and battery life will get a boost too since the processor is 1GHz vs. 1.2GHz and screen is a bit smaller. If I didn’t have my 9900 I would consider this as a solid qwerty option.