TELUS releases the BlackBerry Curve 9380


  • Alex Perrier

    Love the idea of a physical keyboard, which this doesn’t have, so what does this do that my HTC Wildfire S/LG Optimus One/Chic/Samsung Galaxy 551/Gio doesn’t?

    • lengend

      Last time I checked, it doesn’t have BBM? *rolls eyes*

    • Craig

      It has BBM, it is even on the screen of the display phone. 2’nd row of icons on the right.

  • TP

    $370 for this + monthly BIS fee, or $350 for Nexus S? Answer is obvious to me.

    • Andrew

      TP the Crackberry fans will try to tell you that the Curve is a better phone…lol.

  • FranzJoseph

    Ya get the BlackBerry!