Galaxy Nexus up for pre-order at Future Shop on Monday


  • Shiko Timo Bimo

    Will they allow ppl to buy it outright without contracts or even signing a MTM plan just to get this phone

    • Proud Candadian

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    • Lee

      hey everyone,

      I just got back from my two local future shops, unfortunately both of them have said that even if you pre order the nexus you HAVE TO SIGN A CONTRACT, you cannot, I REPEAT CAN NOT, buy this phone outright, and they have no idea if they are getting the 16gb and/or 32gb and they dont know if it will be the LTE or the HSPA+ or if the phone will have both frequencies. I am allowed to say this cuz I worked there before myself, as per usual no one at future shop knows all that much, only that you will have to sign a contract.

      I am just as disapointed as you are so it looks like online stores are our only chance to get one.

  • Dion

    So would this be an unlocked version? Or would it require I be on Bell to buy it?

    • Joe Mama

      With the Galaxy S II Bell was requiring that you be on a plan to buy it (even at the no-contract price). However, you could buy it online from retailers like Best Buy and The Source without having to be on a plan. Not sure what they’ll do with the Galaxy Nexus but worst case I assume it would be similar to the Galaxy S II.

    • Dion

      The difference is that the Galaxy Nexus is a “vanilla” Google phone, while the Galaxy S II is a Samsung phone. I’d hope that Google require it be unlocked. I don’t really have a problem paying the off-contract price so long as I can get ride of this HTC Hero asap.

    • Mathieu

      All Nexus phones are unlocked.

      If you sign a contract with a carrier, it’s your problem but the phone will still be unlocked.

  • Joe Mama

    Will this be the 32 gb version???

  • al

    Will this come with a pressure tactic to buy a 3-year warrantee?

    • Joe Mama

      The Future Shop “warranty” is crap. It costs a fortune and when you try to claim under it they do everything possible to deny it. The sales person will tell you it covers everything under the sun but there are lots of exclusions and loopholes.

    • Kenny

      @ Joe Mama too…

      You just gotta know how to utilize that extended warranty properly.

      I bought the HTC Hero years ago with the Best Buy Product Replacement Protection Plan, $10/mth for 3 yrs, and it gives me a free replacement phone in the event of something happening to my Hero.

      Well, I’ve already made that money back. I just tell the Best Buy reps my phone suffered a “power surge” while it was recharging due to the old wiring of my building, and since that’s covered under the plan, I got a new phone… 4 times… at 4 month intervals… weird eh? 😉

  • highpants=P

    Thanks for sharing that Graham. Was a good and well informed read.

  • RichieRich

    Prices damn it!! Still waiting on prices!!

  • Mathieu

    There are no spyware on Nexus phones.

  • Jim

    Ridiculous the way pricing is being kept a BIG SECRET. Like you’ll never need to know.

    Ah well… I guess they’re avoiding the negative press until you’ve clicked the magic “per-order” button then say “To Hell with it! I’m buying it anyway!” when the price is revealed.

    • chris

      well I just read the the UK has the nexus “from free on a $57 USD (38 pound) per month 2 year contract”. So how expensive could it be? The contest google ran on twitter last week also hinted at an approx. $500 usd value. I think it’ll be very close. Still cheaper than its iphone competitor, and oh yeah… better…

  • Graham J

    Oh? Did Bell tell you that?

  • hyoo82

    So wait.. the blurb says they’ll be releasing it early December as well! yay! Only 3 things left to know:

    1) Define “Early December”
    2) can we buy it outright?
    3) pricing.

  • Dalex

    If I wanted to buy one outright I would just not go with the ones offered at Future Shop. I have a bad feeling about them, especially after Graham’s post.

    Might be different on a Nexus phone, but my friend just bought a SGS2 from future shop and its filled with bell’s crap as well as stuck on 2.3.3. I just bought an international unlocked version and its with 2.3.4. out of the box and no crapware.

    • Wen

      @Dalex: Which online retailer did you get your SGS2 from?


  • Ivan

    All phones are “SIM locked” when sold by a carrier, even the Nexus. They will likely be unlocked or unlockable in terms of bootloader only. If the rom flashing community would learn to make the distinction expicit it would save a lot of people who are not as well versed a great deal of frustration. While I would like to put the onus on the person asking the question, the truth is, the people asking don’t always know there is difference. The casual cellphone user reading the above is likely to assume they can buy it from Bell and go straight to another carrier.

  • Dalex


    I got it from Ultra fast processing and delivery. I originally went with newegg, but their order processing is very slow now and on backorder. Could not be happier coming from HTC Desire. It is worlds apart.

  • aviking

    I hope that when it states:

    Future Shop, Canada’s largest retailer and etailer of consumer electronics, offers the device for pre-order at ALL 150 stores across the country.

    It really means all stores because we don’t have Bell in Manitoba and the last time I tried to buy something that was a Bell exclusive the stores in MB could not ship them to a Manitoba address. It simply said ‘not available in Manitoba’

  • Me Ted

    Old news. Besides this sort of thing exists on all platforms.

  • mike

    @joemama I signed up for the future shop warranty as well. Yes it’s costly, I tried to think if I should really get it. $180~ a year for the warranty or something like that. I just stopped buying starbucks coffees to pay for it. I traded in my iphone4 the other day for galaxy s2 LTE for free with this. Yes I was there for 1 hour and yes they checked the phone 400 times and the manager kept giving me shady looks but I got the phone for free no problems.

    The error was the microphone wasnt working in speaker mode. Not a big problem but still enough to get a new phone.

    • iEtthy

      yesss…Some of the reps at FS are fools. I bought a 2 year warranty for a product 4 years ago. everytime i go they renew my warranty and so it never expires. I make sure i go at elast once a year to renew it yearly. has been amazing. I<3FS

  • Gab


    sounds like you just don’t know. the nexus S was unlocked from every carrier…

  • boojay

    I hope they had the foresight to make these phones jizz-proof

  • hey


  • james

    RE:Ivans dumb comment

    Every nexus phone so far has been unlocked. get some knowledge before posting 🙂

    This one will be no difference

    • Cdawg

      Of course they will be unlock. Products never ever change from line to line.

  • james

    I bought the nexus on koodoo and used it on bell without having to unlock it! forgot to add that in the last post

  • StarTAC

    Are they all (including the carriers) selling the indentical, unlocked model?

  • StarTAC

    ….sorry…identical, unlocked and penta-band (so that I can switch between all carriers with ease and their their version of high speed data)

    • Nexy

      There are ONLY two Galaxy Nexus models for the whole world. One is CDMA/LTE and ONLY works on Verizon in the US. The other is petaband HSPA+ 21 Mbps and will work on just about any other network. The HSPA+ model is SIM-unlocked and untouched by the carrier, running stock Android with no spyware or crapware from either Samsung or the carrier. This is what a Nexus phone and the “pure Google experience” (as they call it) is all about and it’s why I only ever have Nexus phones.

  • lewis

    ive never purchased a unlocked phone before and i might buy the galaxy nexus and use it on telus. I would like to make sure i actually know how you do that. Soo do you just buy the Galaxy Nexus on a no term contract and then put my telus sim card in, go through the settings on the phone screen and then everythings ready to go? Or will i need to change some of my Telus account settings? B/c when i go on my telus account it tells me what my phone is so would it update it? or would it leave it the same and not matter what it shows? btw i have about 10 months left in my contract and was going to use an anytime upgrade to get the nexus if it was on telus sooner.

    • Charles-A.

      All you have to do is:
      1. Put your simcard in, boot the phone. It should connect to the network right away (phone calls and SMS will work)
      2. You might have to set the APN settings manually. Juste take a note on what is on your current phone or google it (ex “Telus APN settings”.
      3. ???
      4. Profit!

      As for the Telus website when I did that with Rogers my phone was marked as unknowned or something like that.

    • Copolii

      For the past 7 years I’ve only bought unlocked phones. It’s this easy:

      1- Buy phone
      2- remove battery
      3- insert your sim
      4- put battery back
      5- turn on the phone
      6- kick a*s


  • Thas

    This might be a stupid question, but I’ll ask it anyway since I want to make sure before I spend this much money. I just wanted to know if Canada is getting both versions or just the HSPA+ version on release. Which one is Bell getting in December is basically what I’m trying to ask.

    Thanks in advance.

    • theonlyone

      Just the HSPA+ version.

      Verizon in the US, IS THE ONLY CARRIER that’s getting the LTE version.

  • ehscooper

    If I can buy it outright I’ll be getting it from Futureshop instead of Rogers.

  • dr phil

    Lol At Lewis… you can’t wait for a month ..(bell being in déc and telus) january… i mean how old are you?

  • Copolii

    This is NOT a samsung phone. It’s a GOOGLE phone. Samsung makes it.
    There is no bloatware or spyware on the Nexus. Pure vanilla Android.
    quit scaremongering you douche.

  • Rahil Sondhi

    Went to Future Shop this morning. Sales associate was clueless and didn’t have any information or SKU for the phone. Fantastic! This phone launch is pathetic.

  • Ryan

    They do now, I pre-ordered last night at FS.