Hands-on with the Nokia Lumia 710: mid-range Windows Phone on the cheap


  • Terry

    Pffft. Who needs NFC, like most new technologies, it’ll be the norm 5-7 years after it’s the norm in every other country.

  • mukrenol

    so the battery cover cannot come off? for the lumia 800?

  • greg

    the white looks so sexy. I just hope that koodo mobile gets this phone and in white, and I’d get it in a heart beat.

  • astudent

    This well definitely be a good competitor for low range android devices, 270 Euro is not bad at all for a phone off contract

  • hugh

    does anyone know if koodo mobile will be getting this? cause if so I will be getting this

  • Erik

    If this or the 800 had pentaband I’d have bought one. Unfortunately they don’t (and hence don’t work on WIND.) :/

  • sp

    wait a second…i talked to someone at Wind last night and they said Tmobile phones work on the Wind network.

    Tmobile is offering the Nokia 710 on their network.

    Can someone please confirm if this will work because if so Im going to get my gf to send me one from Cali on the Tmobile network.