Rumour: New specs leak of the BBX-powered BlackBerry Colt, comes with a mock up


  • jb

    Looks incredible!

    Hope it contains a dual core though. But other then that it looks awesome.

    • Rick

      Where is the actual device? Where is a demo model? Oh doesn’t exist right?

      I can draw a nice picture of a time machine, but it doesn’t mean f*** all unless it actually exists lol

      All they did was photoshop the ugly RIM logo onto a touchscreen android base lol

      If the phone was even close to being ready Lizard would have shown it off at devcon

    • Jake

      RIM have already confirmed that it will have dual core processor.
      Shaping up to be a pretty sweet phone.

  • Al

    sounds good. Still disappointed that it’ll be a single core though. A underclocked or slightly weaker duel core will run faster and consume less of the battery right?

    • Jake

      RIM have made it clear that the new phone will definitely be dual core.
      They have said that BBX will not run on current phones due to the single core.

  • iPwn

    Single core = better battery life, with the way QNX/BBX is supposed to run (much like Wp7.5) I dont think anything more than a single core is overly needed. What I would like to see is larger storage size, similar to the 16GB/32GB/64GB sizes for applications as droid and iphayl phones.

    • Jake

      It will NOT be single core.
      BBX cannot run on single core processor.

  • ruaman

    C’mon RIM…!!! No one wants a Single Core processor when the up coming era is Quad Core…!!!

  • kad

    good camera please…

  • Nick

    Thing is ugly.

    Might be competitive if it were release for holiday season, but in spring 2012 quadcore devices will be announced…

  • jb

    It will be a dual core…..bgr was the info on the core specs….and they also said it would be out by December lmfao. They’re very unreliable.

  • Jim

    Swipe bezel sounds awesome. Love it on my Playbook. Still, by next year the device will be playing catch-up …. As usual with RIM

  • Tom@BBM

    All the 12 year old wannabe mobile i****s are gonna come on here and say “RIM is dead, RIM is going nowhere, etc” but after watching DEVCON, which im sure none of the aforementioned i****s bothered to do, i have aLOT of faith in the BBX platform, which makes development of apps easy, cheap and straightforward. Look for BBX to include alot of the same premium and popular apps that Android currently carries, even if the app player doesnt pan out. There is a bright future for business as well with CITRIX platform integration.

    True, RIM is dead in the water as they are but if they can keep a schedule, if they can bang out some good apps and not focus so much on beating Android and iOS hardware specs, then we have a ballgame. Still, these phones need an underclocked dual core or something along those lines. Single cores have proven with the 9900 that they cannot handle what i want them to do and im an average power user.

    Will not suffice. Device looks sick, BBX looks sick and the future looks bright. If you are an investor, i would buy some dirt cheap RIM stocks now and wait for a huge catapult early in Q1 2012.

  • Greedy

    Problem is, Tom, if the i****s don’t purchase the devices, the developers don’t make apps for the ecosystem. They’re quite powerful, those i****s.

    • Jake

      70 million current BlackBerry users.
      That’s a lot of potential customers for app developers.

    • bob

      developers will never develop for BlackBerry.
      RIM announced that they will support Android apps. So why would a developer loose time in writing 2 apps instead of 1?

  • Greedy

    I like the look of the mockup (I know it probably means nothing) and the slenderness swipe bezel, and all touch interface are all thoroughly modern. If we get an 8mp autofocus camera, 1080p video, and a dual core processor, RIM will have basically caught up to the market, at least for a few months. Anything less and it’ll be trouble.

    Hope they can get this right and win back some customers.

  • theallseeingeye


  • dc

    What’s with the single core?

  • sammy

    I like the design.
    RIM just needs to hurry the hell up and give us a solid, real world prototype.

  • Angus

    Once again, too little too late. I sugest RIM outsource their phone development to HTC or Samsung, then their hardware will be competitive.

  • cody

    Single core + 2012 = set up just to fail regardless of the usability of the OS.

  • vee

    God I love bbm, but I hate the way that RIM rounds out the edges on their phones.

  • brando

    sweet im in if the specs increase just slightly besides that seems perfect to me

  • Jason

    Am I the only one disappointed there’s no keyboard?

    • Dennis

      Why are you surprised about the lack of a keyboard, RIM’s been clear from the start that the first BBX phone will be all touchscreen. If and when they get the Colt out the door, Bold and Curves running BBX will follow.

  • Justin

    Ooh! This will be awesome if/when it releases!
    Hopefully its atleast a 6 to 8mp camera…need to compete here…
    and hopefully the dual-core…again to compete, all new phones are coming with this now mostly!

  • Slype

    >70 million current BlackBerry users.
    >That’s a lot of potential customers for app developers.

    Yeah but when RIM makes you jump through 30 burning hoops, how many developers want to develop for them? It’s like they want to drive devs away or something.

    • Jake

      You obviously weren’t paying attention during the Developers Conference this year.
      RIM has released a lot of nice tools for devs to work on the new OS.
      The tide is turning.

  • icyhotonmynuts

    BB doesnt need more than a single core guys, their most powerful game is Poynt anyways. More HD space? No. More application installation space. I can expand the hd you to 32gb with an external sd card for all media and junk, but if there’s only 512mb (or less) for place to install apps then what’s the point? Sure their apps are small (in the tune of under 1mb for a LOT of apps) but if you want devs to take advantage of the hardware you have to give them more room. I don’t know about you, but frankly im fed up with only bring able to install 10 apps on my device. What is this? 2000? I had more apps I stalled on my old sony ericsson s710!

  • TheTigerTek

    BBX phones won’t be single core.. QNX’s micro kernel runs well on dual-core processor i.e. on PlayBook.. These rumors align with previous rumors that prototype phones are being tested on single core. Imagine if they get it work on single core processor how fast and responsive it will be on a dual core processor. I can’t wait for this phone.

  • Jonathan

    Dual cores are easy to get now and quad cores are in construction. If the phone needs it, they’ll put it with as many cores as it needs, although cores do sacrifice battery power so single core is much better if that is all it needs. What you want is more computer power from less electrical power and multiple cores don’t help.

    What do you want to bet that they didn’t show off the phone because they know they are leapfrogging the competition. This transition has to be perfect, and if they were going to launch a revolutionary product you wouldn’t show it off at DevCon only to find out that 6 months later the competition has copied you. You want to go in under the radar.

    I think they’ve been working on this phone for over a year. What concerns me most is BES. Can they integrate the new OS with it? I also am scared that BBM is being put aside for PlayBook 2.0 although it could be because RIM’s BBM team is totally dedicated to BBX phone implementation.

    I’m very hopeful. Although I love the PlayBook and can’t get over why everyone is so critical of it. I think its fantastic – way better than the iPad (PB 2.0 not required).