BlackBerry Bold 9790 launching in November with redesigned buttons?


  • jeff


    • F__ACT F__INDER

      F__ACT: The keyboard on this POS is bigger than the screen.
      Thank you and enjoy this 50th release of this POS from RIM when it comes out.

    • Peter

      I am going to trade in my iPhone 4S for the the 9790. Those buttons look AMAZING!

    • Mr. Market

      RIM is getting pumped hard BABY!

      This company is a joke, they have become a comedic routine of epic proportions!

  • Richard

    Wow this is a huge step back from the flush buttons of the 9700/9780.

  • cody

    Another step backwards for RIM.

  • khush

    that looks like a step backwards…whats rims business plan hey were already behind the competition lets step back some more and see what happens

  • phoneguy

    lmao whats Blackberry?


    Nothing like a blurry picture to get people excited…

  • KidCanada

    I’m a BB fan and I also got shocked when I saw those raised buttons. WTF is up with that ish RIM??!! o.O

  • Matt

    I guess these need a reason to introduce yet ANOTHER Blackberry… As with every Blackberry released within the last 3 years they all do the same crap just designed differently. Lame.

  • ELNY

    Oh look! It’s the NEW blackberry from 4 years ago

  • Skrutor

    That photo could use some lovin from Adobes new anti blur algorithm. Whoa, what would happen to the tech blogging world once blurrycam shots no longer exist? No more wild supposition, just boring focused pics? Booooo.

  • JJ

    must have been taken from a BB camera

  • tdee

    really wish rim would work on their designs. i like the 9900’s design but they still need a solid phone with a wide screen and killer resolution. they need to pay attention to the consumers wants and not just do as they wish. i really hope they can fix themselves.

  • Delchev

    Man, RIM just keeps releasing the same old thing over and over. This ending ain’t gonna be pretty.

  • Matt

    RIM, you just don’t get it. Stop making 3 models of the exact same phone, it’s confusing as hell and totally unnecessary. Instead, make one model in each line that IS GOOD.

  • CG

    Eww. They released the smooth and sleek 9900 which was a very nice phone. Now they ruin it with the raised buttons??
    I know you need to be able to cater to different audiences (business and tech. savvy vs. tech inept yet up-to-date) but now the phone looks like a toy phone! It looks silly and it is definitely a step backwards.

  • jb

    Keyboard looks good. Honestly though if you want flush buttons go buy a 9900. Done

  • jeff

    actually- look at the pic closer- it is actually a 9900 with photoshopped buttons. look at the right side of the button pane- there is a clear ending point to a background vs the screen and different light refraction. this is easily a very early prototype or a photoshop job

  • dk

    you guys are seeing this wrong…its taken from a blackberry with a 3d camera!!

  • John

    Honestly, who cares. I just want a Blackberry that I can go to the internet with! I switched to an iphone, then i realized how much I miss BB. BB 9790, WE ARE WAITING! WE DONT CARE ABOUT YOUR UGLY BUTTONS!

    Also, does anyone know if the first BBX will be touch screen or with a qwerty?

  • Frederick

    Odd, I seem to be the only person who’d like to have that keypad.

  • stace

    seems like everyone was looking forward to something smaller and similar to 9900 but when the news about the button came out, everyone i know who was looking forward to the new bold 9790 showed disappointment.