RIM showing off Porsche Design BlackBerry “Knight” October 27th, probably never coming to Canada


  • Barry

    RIM is failing little by little, day by day

    • tbr

      Big fail. This ridiculous thing just screams Porsche. Why would anyone care if a phone is made to resemble a car?

  • Joe

    what an ugly looking thing – can’t imagine anyone who would even want it

  • Joomz

    This looks like the old Moto Q.

  • Nicholas

    Interesting. I swore off BB a couple years ago when I picked up my Droid, but this think looks slick! Too bad it’s still a BB. Even sadder is that it took Porsche to design an attractive model. What’s wrong with the RIM in house design team?

  • ELNY

    Happy that’s not coming to Canada….that’s a disgrace to Canadian technology. That thing looks like garbage

  • G

    Unbelievable, what is the point. Is it just a skin?

  • Graham

    Remember when Homer designed a car? This reminds me of that. Powerful, like a gorilla, yet soft like a Nerf ball.

  • kenypowa

    Is this what Jim meant that RIM products will “leapfrog” competition in ugliness?

  • TeknoBug

    GOOD, keep that out of Canada!

  • leobg

    At first it looks shocking, because nobody is used to see a blackberry that looks a little bit different from all the other blackberry models. I guess the idea is something similar to “VERTU” of Nokia.

    So that “PROCESSOING” is simply a scramble of letters for “PORSCHE” 🙂

    • staeit

      Proceeding. Learn to read.

    • leobg

      You learn to read – it says “PORSCHE DESIGN” 😉


    All I can think of is all the lint that those grooves will collect. Although car designers don’t really think about day to day use, just cool sexy look.

    who ever said Porsche had a car that looks dated, eh?

  • Matt

    Rim, stop releasing more new OS7 models allready! You’re released enough .. how’s about getting us ONE new QNX/BBX phone with a feature complete OS instead. Focus on new stuff people may want rather than old crufty stuff.

  • Peter B

    Looks like someone’s time machine worked and went went straight to April 1st for an early April fools joke 🙂

  • E

    To be honest, if it was all black or one colour it wouldn’t look all so bad. The conflicting colours just gives it a retro feel, which may be cool to some I guess.

  • Justin

    How stupid do you have to be to buy a device that spells “Processing” wrong….why would you want to have a phone that says “processing” in the first place!

    • Gab


    • Ryan

      Ha! @Justin, FAIL!

    • Justin

      Yup, cause “proceeding” is any better…

    • shawn

      it spells processing like you read the actual word on the phone “proceeding”

      good stuff….

    • E

      You’re right Justin. It doesn’t make it any better, but it still doesn’t take away from your fail.

    • Justin

      The text is so poorly written, that it’s difficult to even tell what it says. So it’s not really a fail on my part, it’s more a failure on theirs.

  • Gab

    Wow, so the rumours weren’t lies. Who got the first scoop on the rumours?


      F; I did.

  • shawn

    rim will keep failing until they scrap the physical keyboard and increase screen real estate. Yes many ppl will be dismayed and shocked but if they want to keep up with IOS and Android heck even WP7+ they need 4inch touch screens to compete.

  • TheTigerTek

    I kind want one. I love my 9900 but this looks cool. I migh t pick up one on eBay if the price is right.

  • Wildspin

    Such an eyesore … I’m glad it’s not comin’ to Canada. That would be shameful on RIM’s home turf.

  • nick

    my first thought was that it was so hideous that it would bomb, and to charge MORE for it was ridiculous… then I saw it was for sale in Dubai and realized they will sell every single one of them.

    Dubai is the world capital for people with too much money wanting to have something noone else does. its why they sell entire storeys of skyscrapers which haven’t even been built yet and which are only designed to be usable for 10 years. seriously, the world sand islands are sinking (look it up) and the first wave of skyscrapers is falling apart and people just keep buying more.

  • Lisa

    what’s under the hood?

  • roman129

    How about a RIM Design Porsche?
    It’ll have best in class door knobs, but the windows will be small. It’ll have good range, but you will have to restart the engine when you want to change the music. It has a very small selection of music that it can play, mostly obscure genres no one cares about. It’ll have a good security system, but occasionally all the functions stop working for 3 days for no apparent reason.

  • e823

    BlackBerry should give up their OS. A BlackBerry device with Android OS would be perfect!

  • DERP

    I WANT IT !!!!

  • DERP

    I MUST GET !!!

  • steve

    thank god its only avilable to people with more money thern brains!

  • kbarakat

    That looks like a Porsche after a serious accident.

  • Cave Johnson


  • freezerburnt

    Sooo…. just how much acid WERE they doing when they brain-stormed this piece of crap??? This looks more like something from an 80’s sci-fi movie than anything that I’d expect them to come up with. FAIL

  • Josh

    Maybe it’ll look better in a photoshopped PR release. But even if it did, I wouldn’t take that even if it was free.

    Note the dress code: Smart-elegant or National Dress. Why should people waste their time styling up when RIM and Porsche want to showcase something so unstylish?

    I like the curve and the new bold 9900. Those are steps in the right direction for the QWERTY company. This design partnership with Porsche is not.

  • razzco


  • TheMaisha

    Although it’s great it isn’t coming to Canada, how can it not, Blackberry is Canadian -_-

  • Jake

    The “Knight”?
    They should have David Hasselhoff aka Michael Knight at the launch.

  • EsKiS

    I think its AWESOME !!!

  • Amar

    For some reason the “Proceeding” stamped on the top makes me think of Bi-Winning.

  • ggal

    sometimes high tech products sold to a specific target group in the market is not necessarily flashily but still its high tech

  • Spear

    the os7 phones are really nice. this phone is hideous. blaming rim for this is unfair.
    a porsche phone sounds like a smart idea, because business asses will eat it up …in theory.
    however when in the hands of porsche they designed a horrid looking phone. it happens, this is a mean nothing product. and will be treated as such.

    who cares, bold 9900 is a great looking phone.

  • JH

    I like the look of that phone.

  • Pacoup

    O_O, I’m really surprised by the comments, I actually thought this was one of the coolest looking devices in a while. Or is it simply too avant-gardist.

  • insider

    Ah so this is why os 2.0 for playbook is not out

  • mrs potato head

    I think its really flat the blackberry is not available have canada because I would like to have one like it … I think that should be apareils siponibles everywhere they are accessible to everyone!