BlackBerry PlayBook 16GB placed on the “to be discontinued” list


  • Nonov Yurbizzness

    This only means they won’t carry it at Telus… does not mean it will be discontinued?

  • Wow!

    “owners are still waiting for native email, calendar and contacts” Professional grade huh?

    • TeknoBug

      I much prefer accessing email and calendar via bridge from my phone, no need for a second device to have the same stuff my phone has, and in case I leave the PB laying around or lose it, it won’t compromise my private stuff.

  • TeknoBug

    This doesn’t make much sense since 16GB of most tablets sell the most, 16GB PB sells more than 32 and 64GB, 16GB Asus Transformer sells more than 32 and 64GB, 16GB iPad 2 sells more than 32 and 64GB (same goes for iPhone and iPod touch), and so on. Only reason I can think of is to force more sales on the higher storage models.

    • bob

      as seen with the xoom, this is a dangerous strategy since people were comparing it to the 16GB iPad

  • Peter B

    Picking one up just incase a firesale gets announced in the next two weeks. If not I’ll just refund the tablet back to the store.

  • Jonesy1966

    It does seen odd that the 16GB model will be dropped as it’s the volume unit, selling at least 75% of PlayBook totals. I’m guessing this is a Telus only decision to guide people toward the 4G/LTE units launching soon.

    Besides, through BT Bridge, I have full email, BBM, contacts, BT browser,and more functionality than any other tablet out there.

  • kenypowa

    Come on RIM, how hard is it to release a native email client?

    Your future depends on QNX yet the only QNX product is a major flop. If even you don’t buy into your own hype, why would others?

    • Shipmentvssales

      Worry not; according to RIM the native mail application for QNX is coming up ” This Summer”

  • Alex Perrier

    This document is further proof that Big 3 carriers discontinue products in this fashion:
    1. They really want to get postpaid subscribers, so the product is only available on postpaid first, then;
    2. They have sold (or not) the product well on postpaid, but/and now have surplus stock, so they sell it in prepaid bundles, and finally;
    3. They offer several discounts on the prepaid products before discontinuing them altogether.

    Case in point: the postpaid LG Madison is now discontinued, but it is still available at an affordable cost on prepaid. The LG Optimus One will soon be unavailable as a postpaid product, but customers can still buy it in a prepaid bundle at a so-so cost. Koodo sold it for as low at $50 net. Three-year for a basic phone? No thanks.

    Have you seen Bell’s many Android smartphones, plus one with Windows, all sold for under $100 on prepaid? The LG Optimus Chic, the Samsung Galaxy 550/551/Gio, the LG Optimus Quantum, and so on. Many people i know want a physical keyboard, so the 551 would be perfect for them. Bell is not selling their cells very well…

  • Shipmentvssales

    There are NO GOOD NEWS at all about the Playbook. I want it to succeed but the table need the Completed QNX OS and unless they get it ready this week AND reduce the price of the Playbook, they will miss the Holidays in the tablet market just as in the phone market.
    (who would buy a dated-the day QNX arrives – 9900 at $600 when you could buy an Android or even an iphone, due to reselling value?)

  • marc

    I would be surprised if there is not anything new for the x-mass season.

  • LC

    It’s simple. There is no margin for the mobile carriers to be selling this product. Why? Because after the intial sale, the customer provides NO revenue to them because it’s a WIFI unit. Lets face it, 99.9% if not 100% of PB sales are to blackberry users. Blackberries don’t suck up data like coke addict. Therefore, no upgraded data plans.

    That’s the reason why they don’t want to carry it anymore.

    • Shipmentvssales

      Or BB is only taking the 16GB models back forcing retailers to keep the higher end ones.

  • Judy Arena

    Is this compatible with Adobe player and I phone 4

  • Dan Levy

    I must admit that on my own 16GB PlayBook I do often find when loading it with video that 16GB is not even nearly enough. I would assume that is the reason why RIM is discontinuing it (customer feedback)…that and the providers/RIM want people to buy the more expensive product.

  • kevin

    Could be the 32GB becomes the base model going forward?

  • Brijesh

    Just love my PB and the fact what it can do..Other tablets are good, but can’t have all of i have the best with me 🙂

    Heard native client and other features should be on the way…i too am waiting for the same to come. But don’t really mind it in its current form too. I use Phone remote app which is really cool and replicates my phone onto the playbook, allowing me to also make calls.

    Best in India, I use internet tethering as we’ve unlimited data plans @ approx $ 200 per month…so my PB is connected @ all times and i access every bit of info on it. Only the app world does notwork, if they can fix that to work on tethering, it will be fantastic…Would grab the first piece of the 2.0 as well when it gets launched.


  • MrLemon

    Seriously people? They are just realigning the price structure to make room for the LTE/4G models. Most likely the 32gig will be at the price point of the discontinued 16GB model. There may even be a permanent price drop to $399cdn which i always thought should have been the price of the 16GB model.

  • add me on FB anurag

    WTH ppl in ma skwl r mad 4 playbook but still de price is 2 high