Best Buy and Future Shop start taking iPhone 4S pre-orders

If you’re having trouble reserving the iPhone 4S through any of the carriers, both Best Buy and Future Shop have started to take pre-orders. Here are the details we received from both retailers:

Best Buy:
“Visit your local Best Buy or Best Buy Mobile store and place a $50 deposit down. As of 8am on October 14th when the iPhone 4S is available you can come in-store and pick up your pre-ordered device. *All iPhone 4S pre-orders must be redeemed in-store prior to 10am on October 14th.”

Future Shop:
“All 149 Future Shop stores are accepting pre-orders for the new iPhone 4S from Rogers, Telus, Bell Fido, Virgin or Koodo. Pre-orders are only available for from October 8-10 only. To pre-order, customers are to visit our cellular department and put down a $50 deposit”.

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