Samsung and Google postpone the Nexus Prime event


  • Nobel

    If it’s for the funeral of Steve Jobs, then I don’t have any complain. RIP Steve Jobs.

  • Gabber

    It gotta be for the funeral of Steve Jobs! Classy from Google and Samsung!

  • Taylor

    Understandable (if that’s the case re: the funeral) but still irritating.

  • MARS

    damn it.

  • Stefan

    It could also be because they don’t feel as threatened by the iPhone 4S as they might of by the iPhone 5. They were clearly rushing to push out ICS. Their event was scheduled for the day before the release of the iphone. Maybe they will just take their time now.

  • kardi

    A show of respect on Samsung/Google’s part. Nicely Done!
    Steve Jobs’ memory deserves that.

  • RabidRotty

    Steve, you f*ck3d me yet again.

    Great pr move for Sammy n Googs though.

  • Colin

    BS, there are other reasons why they won’t go ahead with this announcement, the Jobs funeral is just the excuse. They just don’t want the funeral to trump their announcement.

  • Richard

    siri, can you tell me when I can get a real phone, not some 18 month old brick with a big outdated button in the middle?

  • Jim

    Class act. Good for them.

  • EmperumanV

    Hmm if its because of the funeral of Steve Jobs then its fine. If not then WTF Samsung and Google.

  • Bri

    So curious to what those three circles are on the side of the device in the picture… anybody know what it is? camera button? some kind of sensors??

  • matthew young

    if i had to guess its the charge port

  • W B

    If the delay is in fact due to the recent events at Apple, it doesn’t seem to have stopped Apple from going forward with 4S pre-orders. I guess business as usual is taboo for the competition, and expected from Apple? For me, it’s just another reason to respect and like Samsung and Google.

    • Stuntman

      Starting pre-orders of a product is a smaller event than announcing a new product. Apple had already announced their product the day before Jobs’ passing.

      Had Jobs passed away the week before and his funeral were to fall on or near the original scheduled date for the iPhone announcement, Apple may have moved their event as well.

  • Stuntman

    I didn’t want to say anything at the time, but when news broke of Jobs’ passing, I did wonder how it would affect the Google Nexus phone announcement. Now we know. As much as it is respectful for Google/Samsung to postpone the announcement, I do feel that it is also a wise business decision to move the annoucement. Jobs’ passing is going to dominate the headlines for some time. The announcement would get better coverage at a later time when it does not have to compete with news of Jobs’ passing and funeral. No disrespect to Google/Samsung. It is the right thing to do for more than just one reason.

  • Jay

    Samsung Google are class. Apple could use more chlorine.

  • John Lee

    Android Central: Google explained why the delay… “We believe this is not the right time to announce a new product as the world expresses tribute to Steve Jobs’s passing.”

  • Alex K,

    Bad move, by the time they schedule a new time, everything about the new phone and OS will be leaked, perhaps even OS itself will be available for nexus S owners.

    If they delayed it for Steve Jobs, they should be asking themselves if Steve would have done the same…the guy seemed one of those people who would sue a dead guy.